Book cover of “Dual Cultivator with a Cultivation System“ by Bloodsniper

Dual Cultivator with a Cultivation System

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Bloodsniper
  • Uploaded by user777526
A man meets an untimely death, only to find himself reincarnated in a mystical world of cultivation, endowed with a powerful system. This unique system grants him points for every woman he engages with in Dual Cultivation, points he can use to acquire treasures, skills, and powerful abilities from the system shop, steadily increasing his strength. ... 


A young man with short black hair who had a frail and skinny body, and a face full of marks and scratches was currently dressed in rags, a body covered in filth and dirt that gave a repulsive odor was looking in front of him with a hopeful gaze

[ System will come online in 3..2..1]

Wang Ming had tears of happiness streaming down his cheeks as he recounted all the events that took place in the span of 18 years

Wang Ming was a Reincarnator who was born on a planet called Earth in the country of China. He was an orphan in his previous and his financial condition was not quite good for that reason, he was often looked down on and had to survive on charity funds

Well, one thing that he had was his good looks, so what did he do? , when he grew up, yep, he targeted lots of rich women who fell into his charms and had a sexual relationship with them and used the money he got from them to live a luxurious life

He had sex with single girls, girls who had boyfriends, married woman, widows , single mothers or any kind of woman who approached him but he never made any moves on them, they approached him first

He was always chased by the angry husbands of the women who he had sex with him but it was not his fault,they approached him and as a man who never rejected beauties who would be willing to fall on his bed, he would have sex with them regardless of the consequences, so yeah, one day he was shot by the husband of a woman he had sex with

When he finally reopened his eyes he found himself in an unfamiliar world with a system that he was familiar with this due to all the light novels he read when he was alone, through the mysterious system he learned that after he died he was reincarnated in a cultivation world where a normal human could become an immortal

He was given the option to abandon the system and live life like a normal mortal in this world or he could accept the system to become the most powerful being in existence that ever lived but the downside was that he had to live a life full of miseries and struggle for a span of 18 years where he could easily die at any given moment and the system will be unavailable for that brief period of time

He decided without any hesitation and picked the second often, as he did not want to be someone ordinary in his second life even though it would be full of hardships in the initial stages, he had the intention to conquer the beauties of this world and thus did not want to die an early death

Finally, the day arrived when he turned 18 and the system became active

[ The Dual Cultivation system has come online ]

[ Analyzing host ]

[ Analyzation complete ]

[ Dual Cultivation system is merging with user's soul ]

[ Merger complete ]

[ User Info ]

[ Name: Wang Ming ]

[ Age: 18 ]

[ Cultivation: None ]

[ Dual Cultivation points: Zero ]

[ Bloodline: None ]

[ Race: Human ]

[ Physique: Primordial physique merging body (Celestial Grade)]

[ Merged physiques: None]

[ Physique skill: None ]

[ Techniques: None ]

[ Dao laws: Locked ]

< System message: Transferring information about the dual cultivation system to the user's brain >

Wang Ming felt a sudden sting inside his head and all sorts of information about the dual cultivation system were being sent to his brain

Wang Ming had a hunch about how the system worked due to his experience with countless light novels he read and now it was confirmed by the system

Apparently, the system grants him dual cultivation points when he engages in any form of sexual activity with a female, and depending on the level of the act he is rewarded with the appropriate amount of points, this made him ecstatic as this was the perfect system for him

The Dual Cultivation points are used to purchase items and cultivation techniques from the system shop which is currently locked and will be unlocked when he becomes a cultivator

Wang Ming looked at his status again and a certain section caught his interest

" System what specialty does the Primordial Merging physique Body have?" he asked the system with curiosity as he knows people who have special physiques are somewhat powerful and have unique abilities which give them an edge over their peers and he is eager to know what advantage does his physique provide him

[ Primordial Physique Merging Body ]

[ Rank: Celestial ]

[ Description: The Primordial Physique Merging Body also known as the strongest physique in existence was formed when creation began. It allows possessors to devour and merge other physiques and gain their abilities and only one being can possess this physique since the beginning of time. It also allows the possessor of the physique to refine impure spiritual energy to pure spiritual energy ]

" Hell, this is overpowered " Wang Ming heard that a person could only have one special physique but with this, he can have more than one physique and abilities

' A person with a single physique is already very powerful and just how powerful will I become ?' he thought to himself with hurried breathing and then a question popped inside his head

Moreover, he learned that absorbing pure spiritual energy is much harder than impure spiritual energy, the more pure spiritual energy a Cultivator possesses the stronger he is compared to other Cultivators of the same realm and can even fight with other Cultivators of higher realms while merging victorious and his Physique allows him to refine impure spiritual energy to pure spiritual energy

" System how powerful is the Celestial Rank? " Wang Ming asked with confusion as he was not a cultivator and did not have much knowledge about the cultivation world like the disciples from sects but had hope that his physique will be very high ranked

[ Detected the user is ignorant, weak, and useless of the Cultivation World, generating a starter pack ]

Wang Ming's mouth started twitching and veins popped in his forehead when he saw the message

< System message: You have received a starter gift pack, do you want open it now? Yes / No >

" Yes, open the starter gift pack " Wang Ming without any hesitation opened the gift pack because he knew that it would help in the initial stages of the journey

< System message: You have received the basic knowledge about the Cultivation world >

< System message: You have received Pure Yang Physique (Rank: Divine) >

< System message: You have received 150,000 dual cultivation points >

< System message: You have received 1000 low-grade spirit stones >

< System message: You have received new clothes >

A wave of information rushed into Wang Ming's brain as his widened in shock when he understood how powerful his physique actually is

All cultivation techniques, abilities, and physiques are ranked starting from Mortal Rank, Earth Rank, Sky Rank, Heaven Rank, Immortal Rank, Ancient Rank, Mythic Rank, Divine Rank, and finally Celestial Rank where Mortal Rank being the weakest and Celestial Rank being the strongest

The Primordial Physique Merging Body is the only Celestial Ranked physique in existence and only divine rank physiques can be absorbed with it

The Divine Ranked physiques are Physiques that can be only possessed by a single person at a time, no second person can possess a Divine Rank Physique if it is already possessed by someone and it can only be possessed by another individual if the current possessor dies

" Hmm, I got another physique from the starter pack and it is of the divine rank!" Wang Ming exclaimed in surprise

[ Pure Yang Physique ]

[ Rank : Divine ]

[ Description: The possessor of the Pure Yang Physique is said to be the most beautiful male in existence. It is the best physique for Dual Cultivation and the semen of the bearer contains the purest Yang Qi]

[ Physique exclusive skills: Hands and Mouth of Ecstasy, Yang Erection, Harem Seal, Yang Aura ]

[ Skill: Hands and Mouth of Ecstasy ]

[ Description: Touch of the possessor's Mouth and Hands sends an intense amount of pleasure to the female body and makes them orgasm within seconds ]

[ Skill: Yang Erection ]

[ Description: The user can freely increase the length of his dick to the preferable size, once a female has tasted the user's dick she won't be satisfied with any other dick ]

[ Skill: Harem Seal ]

[ Description: Place a seal inside the soul of a female and the user can freely teleport to her, wherever she is in the world, it also warns the user when she is dangerous and prevents her from having sex with others ]

[ Skill : Yang Aura ]

[ Description: Release an Aphrodisiac smell which results in the arousal of females ]

" Hehe, this will make me the best female pleasurer and is the most useful to earn Dual Cultivation points " Wang Ming started to grin thinking about all the females he will conquer in the future

< Do you wish to absorb the Pure Yang Physique with your Primordial Physique Merging Body? Yes / No>

" Yes" Wang Ming replied to the system his body was covered in a golden glow and drastic changes were happening to his body

Sounds of bone shattering from inside his body were being heard and new bones were replacing the old ones, Wang Ming gritted his teeth while trying his best to endure the pain that he was feeling

His skin and hair were shedding from his body and head while being replaced with new and white skin, his filthy hair was being replaced with new luscious black hair

After a short span of time passed the pain finally stopped

" Huff...Huff" Wang Ming was panting heavily as his entire body was covered in blood and sweat

< The Pure Yang physique has been completely absorbed and merged with your body >

< You have reached the 1st stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 2nd stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 3rd stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 4th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 5th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 6th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 7th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 8th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 9th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

< You have reached the 10th stage of The Qi gathering realm >

Seeing all the messages popping in front of him his eyes, his eyes widened in shock as he tried to calm down his already hurried breathing

" W-what, I was not even a cultivator a few moments ago and I am already at the 10th order of the Qi gathering realm!!" Wang Ming exclaimed in shock when he recalled the information that he received from the system about the Cultivation world

Each cultivation realm had a total of 12 stages called orders that a cultivator had to surpass to reach the next cultivation realm and it takes years for a cultivator to break through to the next order, on the other, he just did the same thing within a matter of few seconds

" Won't the disciples and elders from those powerful sects cry tears of blood when they learn how easily I have been broken through, maybe they will start to question their existence" Wang Ming muttered with a smirk on his face

" Oh let me check my new appearance," Wang Ming said excitedly as he ran to a nearby river and when he saw his reflection his jaw almost hit the ground

He grew in height and was now 6'3" which was huge growth from his previous dwarf-like height, his face was devoid of any previous scratches and marks, and now he had pure white skin with a sharp jawline that seemed like the epitome of male beauty, his short black hair was now silky and devoid of any form dirt, the most significant change was his body that was now full of muscles, a broad shoulder accompanied by 8 packs in his belly region, it seemed like a body carved by the hands of God and make any women regardless of age drool and lust after him

He was currently devoid of any form of clothing which was destroyed when he absorbed the Pure Yang Physique and if any women came and saw the huge 9-inch monster dangling between his legs, they would instantly drool looking at it

" T-this is me, holy shit" Wang Ming was in a state of disbelieve but quickly gathered his thoughts and cleaned himself of the sweat and blood by using the river

He took out the set of clothes that he received from the system and wore them

< Ding...dong>

< Cultivation shop has been unlocked>

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