Book cover of “Endless Love: My One And Only CEO“ by Novelovercutie

Endless Love: My One And Only CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Novelovercutie
  • Uploaded by user517004
Clara's life, marked by a series of measured aspirations—to secure a steady job, find true love, and achieve personal happiness—takes a dramatic turn when she lands a position at a prominent corporation. There, she meets the CEO, a man known for his icy demeanor yet surprisingly kind-hearted beneath his frosty exterior. This enigmatic figure become... 


It was 6 am when Clara woke up to the sound of the alarm. Sitting on her bed and rubbing her eyes she looked around her messy apartment before standing up and heading to the shower.

After coming out of the shower, she wore her newly bought white blouse and black skirt with heels. She applied light makeup and looked in the mirror "ooo... ain't I the cutest" she said while pinching her cheeks and smiling widely showing her two cute dimples.

It was her first day of work. After graduating from college one year ago she had been working at a coffee job until a week ago when she received an email from ' Cha Software Corporation ' one of the largest software companies in Country Z that she had been employed as a software engineer, her major in college. She was so ecstatic and called her parents who were living in a small town near the city and informed them about her new job and also took her best friend Maya to the bar together with her coworkers from the coffee shop to celebrate.

'Now that I have achieved my dreams and landed a new job it's time to fall in love ' she thought happily " What am I thinking " she broke out of her reverie and realized that she had been standing in front of the mirror for one hour.

she rushed into the kitchen and made herself an omelet and coffee which she ate with bread and quickly ran out of her apartment knowing that she was almost late.

When she reached the bus stop she saw that the bus was about to leave. She increased her speed and hurried inside the bus. " Phew so close.. I can't believe I spent one hour standing in front of a mirror " she scolded herself and checked her wristwatch again.


She reached the company and gasped at the tall skyscraper in front of her " Wow... I can't believe I'm going to start working here from now on " she muttered and admired the view without sensing that someone was standing behind her.

" Are you going in or not miss?" said the voice. She turned around and wanted to say ' is this how you talk to ladies? but her jaw dropped when she saw the person standing behind her.

With her eyes wide and mouth agape " Oh.... my god " she exclaimed, for she had never seen any man so beautiful, with exquisite facial features, beautiful eyes, skin as fair and smooth like a woman's, long lashes, straight nose, and thin lips which were as pink as strawberries ' I think I'm dreaming ' she thought to herself.

Seeing the woman standing in front of him not responding and looking at him like she has seen a ghost, he frowned and looked at her closely. She was very beautiful with a cute face and round eyes, her skin was very fair and her dumbstruck look added more to her cuteness.

He normally got this kind of stare from women which irritates him but he was surprised that he was finding her cute ' what is wrong with me ' he thought to himself.

Before he could say another word his assistant ran toward their direction and said to him

" Sir.. everything's been taken care of, miss is on her way back " . It was after he finished talking that he realized that someone was standing in front of his boss.

Hearing what his assistant said, took his eyes off her and replied " Mm" before he brushed past her and strode inside the company leaving his assistant behind.

The assistant waved his hand in front of the dumbstruck woman and chuckled " Another victim.. ha boss is such a heartless man, how can he be so handsome like that ". He noticed that the woman was still absent-minded he said " miss... Are you alright...??? " he asked her while suppressing his laughter. It was fun to see these women's reactions when they saw his boss, there was a time that a lady even fainted.

Clara snapped back to reality and looked at the person standing in front of her ' where did he go, was I hallucinating..??' she thought.

Without answering the assistant she took a look at her wristwatch and realized that she was five minutes late " Oh no...not on my first day of work.. I'm doomed " she said with a grim expression and quickly ran inside without turning back.

" What a weird lady " the assistant laughed before following inside.

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