Book cover of “Ero Meter“ by roll_the_music

Ero Meter

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: roll_the_music
  • Uploaded by user635152
Ignored by his childhood crush for years, Jack finds himself teetering on the brink of depression. His life feels devoid of hope, a monotonous existence defined by longing and unfulfilled dreams. But everything changes when Jack encounters the Ero Meter, a mysterious device that grants him the ability to win the affection of any girl effortlessly. ... 


In a huge class sat approximately two hundred students, each with a different dress and different appearance.

All of them were focusing on the lady in front, she looked beautiful and charming in her red one-piece.

Flat Glasses were resting on her nose and she was moving her hands gently, teaching economics to the class.

Girls looked at her figure with envy, whereas one could see many boys drooling with lust.

Even the top students looked at her with admiration.

"Miss Elma, she is so beautiful. I am so jealous."

A girl sitting at the back of the class said with admiration flashing in her eyes.

Jack looked at the girl and sighed.

"Casie, you are beautiful too." He said with a smile.

The girl turned her head around and looked at the average-looking boy.

"I know that, but she is so much better." The girl looked at Elma's boobs and then at hers.

"She is so much bigger than me." Her eyes then darted around and landed on a handsome guy sitting at the front desk. Her heart skipped a beat as her face turned red.

She was in love with Ron, he was a blond-haired dude with sharp facial features and a chiseled body.

However, Ron was also mesmerized by Elma's body.

Casie was jealous because of that, she has previously tried to talk with Ron but received no reciprocation from him, it was like he didn't even see her as a woman.

Jack looked at her jealous expression and moved his head in disappointment.

Casie was his childhood friend and he tried many times to turn her into his girlfriend, however, he never succeeded.

He has average looks with black hair and black eyes, he knew that if not for him being her childhood friend he wouldn't even qualify to talk to Casie.

Sighing he turned his head around and started looking at the teacher again.

He has already given up on Cassie, as he could tell that she had no interest in him.


Soon enough the class finished and everyone looked at Elma's swaying back, even Ron looked at them with his cheeks flashing red.

Jack stood up and started packing his things in his bag, he knew that he had no chance with Elma so he didn't even bother looking at her, as it would only fuel his depression.

He was still a virgin because he gets very scared talking to a girl, and the only girl he could talk to has no interest in him.

Placing his laptop in his bag, he looked at Casie, who was currently staring at Ron with love-filled eyes.

He wanted to ask her out to dinner today, however seeing that she was interested in Ron, he just placed his bag on his back and started moving.

"Aye, Jack where are you leaving without me?" Casie's voice sounded from behind as she quickly packed her bag and ran towards him.

As they were childhood friends, they rented rooms in the same apartment complex, and they always went home together.

Jack looked at her running towards him, his eyes emotionless. "Home." He said monotonously.

Cassie squinted her eyes, "Are you ok? You seem a little off." She came near him, her big blossoms waving under her white shirt, Jack could even see her red bra through her shirt, as he was close to her.

Her perfume attacked her nose, as she placed her hand on his shoulder. "Why didn't you wait for me?" She asked with a tone of worry.

She could tell that Jack was acting depressed today.

"I was gonna wait for you in the parking, as I didn't want to interrupt your peeking session at Ron."

"You!" Casie quickly placed her soft hand on his mouth to shut him up, she then looked around to see if anyone has noticed.

It was a secret that she liked Ron and only Jack knew about it.

As she saw that no one noticed she sighed in relief and then looked at Jack with her eyes squinted, anger appearing on her cheeks.

Her fist turned round and she hit him on the head. "You stupid! How many times do I have to tell you to keep it a secret?" She whispered.

Jack rolled his eyes at her words. "Come on, no one even noticed."

"Still!" She glared her eyes at him.

"Ok, Let's go now, you wanna go home or not?" He moved her hand from his shoulder and turned around to leave.

Cassie looked at his nonchalance and stumped her leg on the floor. "Humpph" she pouted and moved with him.

Both of them reached the parking lot of the college.

"Jack, look, it's Ron." Cassie pointed at a figure moving towards them.

Jack raised his head and his eyes landed on two figures moving toward a blue BMW X5. One of them was Ron and the other figure with him was a girl.

When Cassie looked at the other girl her body stopped at the place she was standing, her fists balled up in frustration as her face turned red in anger and envy.

Jack looked at the girl with his mouth open.

"He is taking Susan home with him," Jack murmured.

Susan was the class beauty, coming in the top five with Cassie. And now Ron was taking her home with him.

Both of them were smiling and giggling making everyone present in the parking lot envious.

Jack then turned his head around and looked at Cassie and he got the reaction he expected.

She was fuming with envy and soon enough her back drooped down in sadness.

Jack placed his right hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, you will get someone better." He tried to make her feel better.

Cassie looked at him, with her brown eyes turning misty, she has tried her best in the past to get Ron's attention, she even completed his assignment for him and now he was going out with someone else.

"Jack, you don't understand, how I feel!" She shook his hands from her shoulder.

Jack looked at her and turned silent. "I do." He whispered under his breath.

"Let's go back," Jack said and moved towards his Honda CBR Bike.

Cassie followed behind him, with her hands and back dropping and one could tell that her soul had already left her body.

Moving his bike back Jack moved his bag in front and placed the helmet over his head, he then handed another black helmet to Cassie.

Wearing the helmet she adjusted her skirt and took a seat on the back seat her hands resting over his shoulder.

This was the time Jack looked most forward in his day, this was also one of the reasons he even attended this college regularly.

He loved the fact that Cassie sat behind him as they traveled to college and back to their apartments. This was the only intimate moment with her.

However today he was unhappy with the situation, he has already had enough. He loved Cassie, however, she was in love with someone else.

He decided this morning to be absent from college, however, Cassie forced him to come, and now he could see from her reaction that she was feeling heartbreak, which means she was in love with Ron.

Clicking his tongue he, ignited the engine, and his bike moved towards their apartment.

On their way, Cassie rested her head on his back and Jack could tell that she was crying. However, he choose to ignore her, because he knew the more he tried the more he will get hurt.

He wanted this vicious cycle to end. "I have to focus on something else." He thought and accelerated his bike.


Fifteen minutes later both of them reached in front of a ten-story apartment complex, Moving his bike to the underground parking both of them stepped down from the bike.

Jack took his helmet from her and could see black marks under her eyes, it was her mascara, ruined from her tears.

He wanted to help her, however, controlled his impulses. 'It's enough, I don't wanna be friend-zoned forever and bear this pain.'

"Let's go." He said and moved towards the lift.

Cassie looked at him and grabbed his shirt from the back, "Stop." She said in a low voice.

Jack stopped in his path and turned around, "What?"

"Can you buy me some drinks, I ran out of money yesterday and I really need some booze now."

Jack looked at her for a few seconds, his brain wanted to turn her down, however, his heart can't bear to see her like this.

'This is the last favor I will be doing to her.' He thought and nodded.

"Ok, go back to your room, I will be there in an hour with some beer," Jack said and both of them moved inside the lift.

Silence filled the air as Jack didn't want to say anything and Cassie was not in the mood.

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