Book cover of “Eternal Life Begins with Saving My Clan“ by _EverSmile

Eternal Life Begins with Saving My Clan

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: _EverSmile
  • Uploaded by user309971
When Su Yen transmigrated to the Lotus World with dreams of domination, his newfound system and eternal life seemed like the perfect tools. But his ambitions quickly crumbled when he discovered his system was nothing but a pathetic knockoff. "Who created this useless system?" he lamented. Resigning himself to a life of eternal leisure, Su Yen's hop... 

The new clan master.... Exo What?!

Eastern Barren Land.

"Long live the clan master!"

Today, the Su sacred clan was coronating a new clan master, causing upheaval throughout Cloudweaver City.

Who is the new clan master of the Su sacred clan?

Seated on the main throne was a handsome young man, commanding attention amidst the grandeur of the Su sacred clan's main hall.

Radiating an aura of both confidence and humility, he effortlessly held the room's focus.

His long black hair cascaded down his back like a river of silk, a stark contrast against the pristine white robe he wore.

The robe's fabric seemed to flow around him as if it were an extension of his very being, billowing gently with every breath he took.

Its purity only served to emphasize the undeniable elegance that emanated from him.

His features were finely chiseled, a testament to his noble lineage.

Almond-shaped eyes, as dark as a moonless night, held an enigmatic depth that hinted at wisdom beyond his years.

Strong brows framed those eyes, adding a touch of intensity to his otherwise serene countenance.

A straight nose and a determined jawline further added to the allure of his appearance.

As he sat, his posture exuded regal poise, his back straight and his shoulders relaxed—a testament to his upbringing and the weight of responsibility he carried.

Though his expression remained composed, a spark of unwavering determination glimmered within his eyes, a reflection of the ambitions and dreams that drove him forward.

This was Su Yen.

It had been twenty years since his transmigration from Earth into this new world.

For the past two decades, he had kept a low profile, but today marked a change in everything.

Observing Su Yen from the main seat, a middle-aged man on the left took a deep breath and stepped forward.

"As the new clan master, you need to address the pressing matter facing the clan," Su Jie began slowly.

Witnessing Su Jie's entrance, the bright smiles on the faces of those inside the main hall shifted instantly.

On this joyous day, why introduce such a depressing subject?

Even the previous clan master couldn't resolve it.

Why burden the new clan master with solving the issue?

Moreover, Su Yen was considered too young to handle such a complicated matter.

Opposite Su Jie stood two identical young people, Su Yen's elder brother and sister—Su Ming and Su Lan.

They exchanged glances, a knowing look passing between them before they resumed their tranquil expressions.

Selecting Su Yen as the new clan master wasn't a hasty decision.

Hence, they chose to allow him to deal with the issue.

Observing the dissatisfaction etched on the faces of the attendees, Su Jie remained unperturbed and continued.

"As you know, we have been battling the beast tide for the past several months. We require a concrete solution to address this menace," he stated.

"If we don't manage this crisis carefully, it may mark the end of Cloudweaver City before its annihilation."

Although Cloudweaver was a sprawling city, housing millions, it was common knowledge that it fell under the control of the Su sacred clan.

And if Cloudweaver were to fall, so too would the Su sacred clan.

In other words, Cloudweaver City was synonymous with the Su sacred clan.

Upon hearing this revelation, the hall plunged into a sudden silence.

Despite their potential disagreements with Su Jie's straightforward approach, the rampaging beast tide had been a constant thorn in the flesh of the Su clan.

Now, the situation was spiraling into dangerous and uncontrollable territories.

Numerous citizens had already migrated from the city upon witnessing its unstable security situation.

Furthermore, the reputation of the Su clan had plummeted to an all-time low—few now trusted the clan for safety.

As the varied gazes converged on him, Su Yen neither panicked nor exhibited any change in his composed expression.

He understood that his uncle had no ill intentions toward him.

Su Jie was undoubtedly one of the clan's most dedicated defenders, valuing the clan's welfare above his own life.

"Thank you, Uncle. I will address the situation immediately," Su Yen began slowly, his voice crisp and clear.

Despite his youth, he was one of the few strongest individuals in the hall—standing at the Body Building realm stage 7.

Only his uncle, Su Jie, and his elder brother, Su Ming, surpassed him, both at the Body Building realm stage 8.

Upon hearing his calm and confident words, everyone within the hall exchanged glances, pondering how Su Yen intended to resolve the clan's insurmountable situation.

All present were aware that the beasts far surpassed humans in strength.

In the Lotus world, the monster beast race reigned supreme.

Ever since the incursion of the Bloodmoon envoys, humanity had found itself at a disadvantage, with the envoys unceremoniously slaughtering the most powerful human cultivators.

The Bloodmoon envoys arrived in the Lotus world at regular intervals of hundred years, whereas the rampage of the monster beasts was far more unpredictable.

Thus, humans had been living in perpetual panic and dread—both the looming threat of the Bloodmoon envoy and the ongoing menace of the monster beasts.

"Bring it in," Su Yen commanded, his gaze fixed on the entrance.


The door swung open, revealing a young man carrying an array of interconnected metallic pieces.

What is this?

Could this peculiar arrangement of metals be the solution the new clan master intends to employ?

Observing the scene, Su Ming and Su Lan exchanged knowing glances, a gleeful smile creeping onto their faces.

Meanwhile, the three supreme elders within the hall donned slight frowns.

"Su—Clan Master, do you intend to assist the clan with these odd-looking metals?" Su Feng inquired with a hint of annoyance.

"Yes," Su Yen affirmed.

"What do you mean by this?! Do you take this pressing situation as a joke?!" His voice rose another octave, veins protruding from his forehead.

Everyone inside the room held their breath, waiting for Su Yen's response.

Su Yen looked at his second uncle and said, "Uncle, you should wait and see what the strange metal can do before you say anything."

"Fine!" Su Fang snorted and retreated to his position.

"Start!" He commanded the young man.

"Yes, clan master," the young man bowed and skillfully began to put on the strange metal onto his body.

The hall was quiet, everyone's gaze fixed on the young man as he adorned the peculiar metal.

After a couple of seconds, the young man was covered with strange-looking metal from the back of his neck to the back of his hands and the soles of his feet.

What is this?

How can this help us?

Everyone was skeptical, their eyes turned to Su Yen.

"Don't tell me this is what you're depending on to save us from the beasts?" Su Feng asked sarcastically.

"Yes," Su Yen nodded and continued, "Why not fight with him?"


"You want me to fight him!" Su Feng was astounded, pointing at the young man who was only at the Body Building realm stage 3.

"Yes," he nodded with a calm smile before looking at the young man and saying, "Go easy on him."


What did the clan master mean by this?

"Are you looking down on me?!" He shouted.

"Just fight with him," Su Yen said, his tone indicating his reluctance to engage in an argument.

Seeing Su Yan's nonchalant expression, Su Feng grew furious, reaching his breaking point, needing an outlet for his anger.

He turned to the young man and shouted, "Get ready."

"Alright, Supreme Elder."

As they looked at the two, everyone held their breath, anticipating what was about to unfold.

Although deep down, they knew the supreme elder would effortlessly defeat the young man.

Without any martial skill, the supreme elder launched a palm strike.

The air twisted, carrying a suffocating power.

Witnessing the impending powerful palm attack, the young man displayed no change in expression, activating the strange-looking metal.

Suddenly, a blue light flashed throughout the peculiar metal, altering the aura around the young man.

"Stone Fist Fury!" he shouted, unleashing a punch.


The attack was too swift for the human eye to follow, resulting in a silhouette hurtling through the air and crashing into the wall.

The supreme elder expelled a mouthful of blood, his expression one of astonishment.

'How is this possible?!' he cried inwardly.

Inside the hall, jaws dropped, eyes widened, and whispers of disbelief filled the air.

What in the world was that?!

Even his elder brother and sister couldn't conceal their astonishment.

"" Su Jie asked, his voice trembling with excitement.

"Exo-Skeleton Armor," Su Yen proudly declared.

Exo what?!


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