Book cover of “Even After Death I Will Return to You“ by SweetPeace21

Even After Death I Will Return to You

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: SweetPeace21
  • Uploaded by user406170
Ethan was just an ordinary high school student, preparing for the college entrance exams. Though average in most things, he possessed an extraordinary talent for painting and an unearthly beautiful face, often leading strangers to mistake him for a girl. Ethan endured these misunderstandings with patience. One night, his life took a bizarre turn. A... 

Chapter 1

It was a shining bright long corridor. On it's both sides several luminescent crystals were embedded in the wall at a certain distance, making the dark night totally retreat from it's invasion. Through the brightly lit pathway of the long corridor a loud footstep could be heard, approaching hurriedly, breaking the abnormal silence.

Soon the owner of the footsteps appeared at the end of the long corridor. As the bright yellow light fell upon the almost 190 cm tall figure, the man's unique features could then be seen clearly. The man had golden brown pupils, thin lips, long nose bridge, almost oval shaped face that was geometrically completely symmetrical. The man's whole face was as if a sculptor's lifelong perseverance, that could make even the heaven jealous.

But at this moment the man's face was dyed with the colour of anxiety. His broad shoulders could be perceived through the thick long black robe that was kissing the ground as it's owner was not paying much attention to it. His usually snow white face had undergone a transformation of a abnormal shade of pale white. His eyes were red and in them a trace of helplessness and extreme panic could be clearly perceived. The man's long light golden hair was in a complete mess. Under the robe his fists were clenched so tightly that his nails were digging into the flesh.

At last the man stopped in front of a huge double leafed door on the right side of the corridor. This door was very different from the other double leafed doors in the corridor. The double door was decorated with exquisite blue gemstones. When light reflected on it, the door could give you a feeling of having sunk into deep blue ocean. It was simply beautiful. But the man didn't care for it's beauty and forcefully opened the door. The room inside was completely blue. The curtains, bedcover everything was dyed in the ocean blue colour.

The women inside the room were startled by the man's sudden intrusion. The man didn't gave them the time to recover and asked directly, " How's the queen?" His voice trembled slightly at the end of the sentence. The women finally recovered from the shock but avoided his gaze. Some of them even directly kneeled on the floor and started to sob. The man froze, then with very difficulty turned his eyes to the bedside. The light blue canopy curtains hanging from the bedposts blocked his view to the inner person. He spoke with a hoarse voice, his lonely back facing the women, " leave ".

The women silently left the room. As the door closed behind him, the man remained rooted on the spot for a while. Then he took his almost numb legs towards the bed. When he reached the bed he sat on stool placed beside it very naturally as if he had done this action hundreds of times. His trembling hand touched the curtains and he slowly moved it.

In the bed a gorgeous woman in her early twenties was sleeping quietly, so quietly that there wasn't even any sound of breath coming from her. Her chest wasn't moving. She was like a painting which would come into life at any moment. The woman had long,silky light blue hair matching the ocean that was scattered haphazardly on the bed, sometimes almost blending with the blue bedcover. Her dense blue eyelashes were like a blue brush on her closed eyes. Her face and lips were extremely pale. She could be depicted as a fragile beauty. But as the man lowered her gaze he was greeted with the dark red stain on the light blue blanket. His heart almost was caught in his throat. His trembling hands caught the still warm hand of the woman which with every passing second was gradually turning cold. The man gently kissed the hand. Silent tears fell from his eyes and soaked the woman's hand. He muttered under his unsteady breath,

"We have crossed so many obstacles....we were finally together at can you leave me now...."

"This life is all because of I have no reason to can I live without you?"

"My Echo... don't go... please.... don't go..... don't leave me alone...we have planned so many could I..."

"Echo... open your eyes please...."

The room gradually became full of very soft sobs. This man, Lucius Anluan who was the sole king of the largest empire of Zolan continent, who was described as the 'death god' by the enemy empires, was broken into pieces because of his queen's death.

Zolan, It was the sole continent in the planet Aqua. As the name suggested this planet contained 97 percentage of blue ocean. Only three percentage contained land. Aqua was a magical planet. There were abundant of mana particles in the air or water. In the land the humans ruled and in the ocean ruled the seaman. A year ago, the seaman princess, the most beautiful mermaid, Echo married the human king, Lucius of the largest yirian empire, after ending the eternal feud between the two species. But due to the difficulty during birth she died with the unborn child. It had been five days since then.

Lucius didn't move a muscle while accompanying his queen by the bedside since then. He transformed himself as a carrier and continuously transferred mana from the surrounding to the deceased queen to keep her body warm. So the Queen's body as if had been stopped in time. But on the contrary because of his untiring effort for the five continuous days the king's body was on the verge of collapsing.

The knights outside the room was tensed beyond words. They were immensely worried about their king but didn't dare to open the door against his order. At this time they suddenly heard a loud footstep across the corridor. When they turned to look, they were stupefied. Some low ranking knight even lost strength in their feet in fear. The knights instinctively kneeled on one leg and greeted the person, " Sea.. seaman king!!"

The person in front of the knights was more than six feet tall. He had bulging muscles. His spectacularly curved abdominal muscles were hardly hidden by a loose, long, blue piece of silk cloth which was diagonally revolved around his shoulder from one side to his waistline on the other side. He wore a piece of clothes around his waist which reached until his knee. A belt embedded with blue gemstones was tied alongside it. His long blue slightly curvy hair remained loosely on his shoulder. He wore different types of ornaments on his bronze colored skin, which made him look very nobel. Finally the golden crown above his head made his seaman king look complete.

The seaman king although looked like a man in his early thirties, his cold blue eyes made the knights shiver in fear. He looked at the knights and asked coldly, " Where is your king?"

The head knight stammered and pointed at the door,"In..inside "

The Seaman king then didn't wait for a second and directly kicked the door open. The knights remained outside like a statue, still in the kneeling position. Facing their own king and the Seaman king, these two powerhouses, they really didn't know what to do. So they just waited.

As soon the Seaman king entered the room, he saw his son-in-law was on the verge of collapsing and his own deceased daughter was lying on the bed without any movement. He also noticed the unusual course of mana particles in the room. The seaman king instantly understood the picture. He roared at his tranced son-in-law, " Stop it already!!!! How long are you gonna hold her down?!!"

Lucius woke up from his dream like trance and looked at the seaman king as if he had lost all his wits.

" Fa.. father?!"

The seaman king sighed. He slowly approached the bed. When he reached Lucius's side, he forcefully separated the two tangled hands of his daughter and son-in-law. Lucius protested, " No.. please...." Tears again started to fall from his tired eyes. He thought he couldn't cry anymore. All his tears had been sucked dry in these five days. But he was wrong.

The seaman king patted his shoulder gently and said, " I have never thought I would someday console someone like this.....and the person will be you of all people...You know I have never liked were the cruelest person I had ever met in the whole world...and you still are. But after Echo's death I am convinced that you are the only person in the whole world, who loves her this much.....of course your rank is after me....ha...ha...So don't worry, she will return to you..."

Lucius looked at the Seaman king incredulously. The last few words were still ringing in his ears, ' So don't worry, she will return to you '

Lucius asked as if to confirm, " She..she will return to me?"

Then under his watchful eyes Lucius saw that the Seaman king placed a blue gem on his queen's temple. As soon as the blue gem touched her skin, Lucius saw in horror that his beloved queen's body was transforming into blue mana particles and blending with the air in a speed visible to the naked eye. Lucius panicked, " what..?"

But as he was about to remove the stone the seaman king hold him down in a iron like grip.

" Sit down. Echo is about to reincarnate. Listen carefully now. In our seaman tribe, the mermaids are granted with a special wish by the sea goddess. If a mermaid loves someone purely and her lover also loves her as purely as her then if the mermaid is separated from her lover by any means, the sea goddess will fulfill the mermaid's one wish for her reunion with her lover. It is famous as ' the mermaid's wish ' in our tribe. That day when Echo died, the sea goddess herself delivered a message to Echo's mother's in her dream that Echo will reincarnate in a different realm and then come back when the time is right. The goddess gave us this stone to dissipate Echo's body, as within one realm there can't remain two bodies of the same soul. And when the stone breaks itself then this will indicate her return to this realm. And another good news.... your unborn child will also reincarnate with her. Ah... the goddess is really generous...."

Lucius looked at his father-in-law blankly. He was still digesting the huge information when suddenly both father and son duo heard a slight ' crack ' noise. They turned their heads in unison only to find that Echo's body and blood on the bed had completely evaporated. With that the blue gem stone had also been cracked into pieces.


The Seaman king,"....."

A while later the seaman king spoke, " Huh? She has come back so soon..."

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