Book cover of “Ex-Husband Goes, Money Comes“ by Yvonne Zabielski

Ex-Husband Goes, Money Comes

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yvonne Zabielski
  • Uploaded by user815717
Viola Zumthor had once imagined that sacrificing her own dreams to become a devoted housewife would lead to a happy, fulfilling marriage. However, after three years of selfless dedication, she discovered the bitter truth: her husband, Orlando Caffrey, harbored feelings for another woman. Feeling betrayed and unvalued, Viola's heart shattered, pushi... 

Chapter 1 No More Crap, Just Divorce

It was night.

Viola didn't sleep well.

She felt like she was being pressed down by someone and almost couldn't breathe.

There was also heavy and rapid breathing in her ear, and then, she felt a sharp pain in her body.

Viola realized something. She opened her eyes in horror and vaguely saw a man above her.

"Orlando, is that ... you?"

The man let out a soft voice, "Em." Then he didn't say anything more. Viola could smell alcohol on his body.

Viola breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the familiar voice. With Orlando's actions, she was also turned on and unconsciously let out a charming sound.

Orlando was getting fiercer and fiercer. Viola gritted her teeth and endured the pain. She was immersed in the sexual enjoyment he brought her and felt she was in the clouds.

Orlando was finally willing to have sex with her after three years of marriage!

Orlando's grandfather forced him to marry her back then, so he never treated her nicely.

This time, no matter why, he entered her room.

And she was very happy about that!

Two hours later, accompanied by a heavy groan, Orlando lay on her body tiredly. The moonlight outside the French window outlined his perfect figure proportions.

Viola listened to his fast heartbeat. It was so real, but it was like a dream.

If it was really a dream, she would rather never wake up.

She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck with an obsessed expression and gasped after the intense sex, "Orlando... Orlando, I really..."

She wanted to say "I really love you." Before she could say these words, she heard Orlando mutter in a low voice.


Viola froze on the spot.

The tip of her heart trembled. She felt all the blood in her body flow backward.

Anaya's full name was Anaya Callis. She was Orlando's first love. She had been abroad because of Orlando's grandfather.

But just yesterday, Anaya returned.

Moreover, Anaya sent Viola a provocative message.

"Viola, I'm back. You have no place in the Caffrey family.

"Orlando and I grew up together. Do you really think that you can replace me with these few years? Get lost and go back to the orphanage. That's where you should stay.

"You don't know how much Orlando loves me, right? Even if he lies on your bed, he will definitely call me by my name. And you only deserve to be my substitute. Viola, does this feel good?"


Viola was the granddaughter-in-law chosen by Orlando's grandfather, the legitimate Mrs. Caffrey. She was not anyone's substitute!

Beside her ear, Orlando was still muttering, "Anaya, Anaya."

The sarcastic text messages kept echoing in her mind, showing how much she deceived herself!

Tears suddenly flowed out uncontrollably. Viola clenched her fists tightly, her entire body trembling from the pressure.

All these years, she had been careful and obedient. She quit her job and wholeheartedly played the role of Orlando's perfect wife.

Viola's mother-in-law and sister-in-law disdained her unknown background. They preferred girls from rich families and always humiliated Viola. In case she brought Orlando any trouble, she bore all these by herself.

Wasn't she humble enough? Just to get his love?

Why did he have to ruthlessly tear and trample on the last bit of her self-esteem?

The night was exceptionally long.

Viola opened her eyes and didn't sleep for the whole night.


The next morning, Orlando was awakened by the dazzling sunlight outside the floor-to-ceiling window.

He rubbed his eyebrows and opened his eyes to see Viola sitting in front of the dressing table with her back to him.

The absurd thing from last night suddenly flashed through his mind. He realized something. He frowned deeply, and anger appeared in his heart.

Although Viola had her back to him, she could clearly feel Orlando's anger.

She continued to apply skincare products as if nothing had happened, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed, and she was pulled up.

The skincare products in her hands fell to the ground, the glass bottle was smashed into pieces, and the white cream sprinkled all over the ground.

Viola raised her head and glared at Orlando angrily, but when she met Orlando's furious and disgusted eyes, her heart trembled uncontrollably.

"You used such a despicable method like drugging me to let me sleep with you. Do you think you can become the real Mrs. Caffrey by doing this?"

Orlando looked down from above, gnashing his teeth as he glared at her. Not only did he not let go of her hand, but he also clenched it even harder.

His handsome face was shocking with the ruthless expression.

Drugging him?

"Am I that kind of woman in your eyes?" Viola asked with a forced smile on her pale face.

The corners of Orlando's lips curled into a mocking smile, and his eyes were filled with intense disgust. "Back then, didn't you use tricks to fool Grandfather? And you let him force me to marry you. Why are you pretending to be innocent now?

"An ignoble woman like you can never be compared with Anaya!"

Ignoble, pretending to be innocent...

It turned out that in his heart, she was so unbearable.

As for the method of drugging, if she really wanted to, she would have done it a long time ago. Why would she wait until now? Orlando really did not understand her at all!

What a joke! The effort she put in in these three years was nothing!

Since that was the case, there was no need to insist.

Viola endured the pain from his grip. She gritted her teeth and pushed his hand away.

Then, she raised her head and spoke with a firm tone.

"Orlando, let's get a divorce."

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