Book cover of “Extreme Wealth System“ by mobisa

Extreme Wealth System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: mobisa
  • Uploaded by user996376
[Spent 1000 Yuan. 10x Critical Hit. Earned 10,000 Yuan. The money has been transferred to account XXX XXX.] [Spent more than 1000 Yuan in a day. Received 1 lottery ticket. Do you want to use it?] [YES] [NO] Taking a deep breath, Lu Fan clicked on the Yes button. [You have drawn Extreme Luck.] [Extreme Luck: Luck that is beyond the heavens. The host... 

Getting money for spending

Lu Fan looked at the 100 yuan in his hands and steadied his heart.

It was his total wealth and he had decided to treat himself to a satisfactory meal before finding a quiet place to go die.

He had tried but it was no longer worth it. For him, this was a better path.

"Boss, a bowl of fried rice and some fried vegetables."


He waited for a few minutes before a steaming bowl was placed in front of him.

Chopsticks in hand he tried to enjoy every bite as if the last and in a few he cleaned the plate.

Paying the bill, he walked away with resolve.

But it was soon shattered.


[System Binding…. Complete.]

[Detected that the Host has spent 100 Yuan.]

[10x Critical Hit. Earned 1000 Yuan. The money has been transferred to account XXX XXX.]

Lu Fan came to a halt.

He had read about systems and it was not hard to comprehend them. But his system seemed rather… simple.

He did not care much that he had been bound to one. He was ready to die and any change did not affect him much.

He did not give up on life just because of a lack of money.

Money was the least of his problems, and compared with what he had been through over the past few years, not having a meal or two and a roof over his head was trivial.

1000 Yuan did warm his heart but that was all.

The system on the other hand was unexpected.

This system did not even introduce itself. He could not even tell its function.

And calling it out turned out to be useless.

Looking at the message on his broken phone, he decided to spend it and see if he could get a critical hit again.

The money was there. It would be regrettable if he died in these shabby clothes.

It was already late and many shops were closed. He could only settle on some cheap uni-sex clothes from the convenience store.

Entering some alleyway, he looked at the message displayed in front of him with wonder.

[Spent 1000 Yuan. 10x Critical Hit. Earned 10000 Yuan. The money has been transferred to account XXX XXX.]

[Spent more than 1000 yuan in a day. Received 1 lottery ticket. Do you want to use it?]

[YES] [NO]

Taking a deep breath, Lu Fan clicked on the Yes button.

[You have drawn Extreme Luck.]

[Extreme Luck: Luck that is beyond the heavens. The host's luck is way beyond mortal limits.]

Lu Fan did not know what to say.

He had gotten so much that he did not know how to react.

And it was not like there was much to react to.

The Money he had gotten was nothing. To him, it was truly little compared to what he had back then.

He was supposed to be a young master in the Lu family but things did not go well for him and his parents.

It was not a secret that such big families are usually bound by benefits and profits rather than familial love.

He was honestly okay as long as he could live comfortably and was not interested in the inheritance.

But his father had quite the standing in the Lu family.

One could say that the rise of the Lu family was his sole undertaking.

He was a genius working with the government to develop some kind of secret tech, but shit happened and he got killed in a car "accident" after New years.

The whole thing had the uppercase caption SUSPICIOUS all over it but nobody cared much.

Lu Fan himself might not have cared were it his father alone. The thing was that his mother was in the same car.

His father was forever absent so he was not attached much to him. But his mother was another story.

He had transmigrated into her womb and was born naturally. At first, he was pumped but no golden finger came.

And the death of his parents gave him a blow. His love for his mother was the unhealthy kind you see.

Add to that the Lu family kicking him out, he spent most of his time running from some guys who kept chasing him all over the place.

After several encounters, he decided to move away from Qing city, seeking refuge in the streets of Jiangbei.

But even in this place, he could not have peace. Those guys that had killed his dad must have not found what they were looking for.

Just the other day he was running all over the place to avoid them. His cardboard shelter was turned upside down and he could no longer stay in one place.

And then the system appeared.

While he did not know what it was, his heart could no longer keep still after seeing the reward [Extreme Luck].

If all he got was money, he might just get shot before he even had a chance to spend it. But if he could get even such an abstract thing as Extreme Luck, he might get a chance to have his sweet revenge.

A crooked smile formed on his face. It had been years since he could smile. His facial muscles were not used to it yet.

Finding a comfortable spot, he curled up and rested his body. He dared not sleep.

Lu Fan awakened from his drowsy state at around 6:30 a.m. This was the first time he was this defenseless.

One could say that the system gave him a sense of security and made him lose a bit of his guard.

This early was when most shops opened and he did not want to be found sitting there. With a quick look around, Lu Fan departed.

The morning chill was eating away at him and he decided to go shop for some heavier clothes.

Entering a roadside stall, he met up the middle-aged couple cleaning the shop. It was yet time to open but he could not wait.

"Good morning Uncle Auntie. Can I buy a jacket?"

Startled by Lu Fan's voice, the couple sized Lu Fan, and seeing the way he was dressed, they had pitying eyes.

"It is fine, Pick one and I will sell it to you at a discount." The aunt said in a kind tone while her husband watched from the side.

Lu Fan was a little shocked.

These streets were not as calm as they looked. There were gangs collecting protection money all over the place.

If every stall owner was this kind, would they be able to live?

That was why he was shocked.

If he had no money, he would have not dared come near here. But since he did, he decided to support this kind couple.

Looking around, he picked some black sneakers costing 3000 yuan, black trousers costing 2000 yuan, a gray shirt at 500 yuan, and a black hooded cardigan at 3500 yuan.

He bought them on the expensive side because of how kind the store owner treated him

The couple watched silently as Lu Fan headed for the counter.

The man was watching him intently and Lu Fan dared not do anything. He paid the total amount of 9000 yuan via QR.

"Do you have a changing room? I would like to wear them."

Following the woman's directions, Lu Fan found a well-concealed changing closet and started changing. But he could still hear the woman scolding her husband for the way he eyed him.

[You have spent 9000 yuan. 10x Critical Hit. Earned 90000 Yuan. The money has been transferred to account XXX XXX.]

[Spent more than 10000 yuan. Conditions met for system upgrade. Upgrade complete.]

[You have received 9 lottery tickets.]

[You have received 1 Extreme lottery ticket.]

[Do you want to draw?]

[YES] [NO]

Lu Fan was surprised by the many messages floating in front of him but he still continued to change.

He had to get out of the streets before it got too busy.

With a quick thank you to the arguing couple, Lu Fan hastened away from the shop. He did not like the way that man was looking at him.

There was nothing wrong with it, but he could sense that he was dangerous. When you run from people trying to kill you for a whole three years, you pick up some things.

Lu Fan found a small rest hotel a few blocks away and booked a room under some random name. his name was common but he did not want to bet on it.

Locking himself in, he headed for the bathroom.

Washing by the river was fine and all, but man did he miss having a shower.

The warm water washed away his tension and for the first time in a long while he could relax his mind a little.

He could feel his skin rejoice as his pores opened up and his whole body rejoiced. After a few minutes of this, he decided to look over his rewards.

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