Book cover of “Extremity. Books 1&2“ by Failia_Baighaan

Extremity. Books 1&2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Failia_Baighaan
Passionate hearts can break every limit for the one they love. This sentiment perfectly encapsulates Rayan's story, as he hid the intense feelings he had for Irsa. However, before he could make a move, it was too late — Isra was getting married. Rayan tried to move on, but things didn't go as planned. They say lost time can't be regained again, ... 

Book 1. Chapter 1. Belle of the Event

Rayan was sitting in front of the fireplace, holding his glass of whiskey in a tight grip, deluged in unfathomable clouds of agony. The buttons of his shirt were opened, revealing his toned chest, watching the fire with the passion same as his heart along with a fiery spark of fury which caused him to tighten his grip on the glass, growling. Scattered hairs, heavy breaths, shattered heart- a complete mess.

Closing his eyes momentarily, he ignored the tear which rolled down his cheek reflecting his devastation, Deep in thoughts.

‘...Sometimes it requires a moment to raze and forge things. What, when, and how things change, we lose track of it and by the time we realize its importance, things disperse more quickly than we could imagine..’

A sad smile came to his lips, thinking about talks familiar to the condition of his heart, continuing,

‘Same thing occurred to me; it crumbled. Before I could perceive or rescue the fallen thread I lost the person for whom my heart was untamed... but…’

‘...It was nothing but the extremity of my love…’

~ 1 Year Ago ~

In a prestigious household, the preparation for the Mehendi function was being done. Things were going smoothly, lively as the beautifully embellished home was getting ready for Hoor's wedding. Everyone was busy with their work, trying to prepare things so everything would be flawless, and an enthusiastic atmosphere was spread in the home.

Hoorain was looking for her elder brother who came home early and right after returning, was talking to their event planner on the phone furiously with Zain standing beside him, amused.

Coat rested on the chair while his sleeves were rolled upward roughly along with the loose tie, his back facing everyone.

"Bhai!" Hoorain's voice came, getting down from stairs, Zain motioned Rayan about her sister but he was busy on the call.

"Hoor Api left with Mama, how am I supposed to go now?" She asked sadly, looking down. Rayan gestured to Zain to check up on her, walking away.

Chuckling, Zain spoke up.

"Leave Rayan, Hoorain. He is preparing to fall on my sister's head for being late."

Sighing, she held her forehead.

"It's not a new thing. Isra API is always late. Hoor api left. Papa is busy and Emraz bhai didn't even bother to come home!" She argued, getting infuriated by each passing moment.

"Okay, okay, don't be tense-" She cut him off.

"How can I not?!" Rolling her eyes, she mumbled, "If I am the youngest that doesn't mean I am not allowed to get ready." But then she looked at him expectantly, "Can you take me with Isra api?"

Zain chuckled nervously, "I don't think she will even have time to go to the parlor. It will be late, but I can drop you off if you are fine with it?" He offered her politely. Her face lit up in glee, "Really?"

"Sure, come." He smiled softly.

"Rayan! I am taking Hoorain to the parlor!" Zain told him and he waved his hand to tell him.

‘Okay fine' and they left.

Without turning his face, Rayan ruffled his pitch-black hairs, a hissing sound came, "If you didn't come in next ten minutes-" Before he could speak another voice joined the conversation. "Why ten minutes? I am here now-" Isra came holding a box with one hand and phone glued to her ears with the other, bumped into Rayan as the box fell from her hand. Whining, she stumbled but didn't fall. Setting the strand of dark brown hairs, Isra looked up with her hazel gaze only to meet a pair of sapphire gems staring at her with a dark aura.

Narrowing his eyes at her, Rayan taunted, "So you finally gained time to come, Miss Bukhari?"

"I am so sorry, Rayan." She smiled faintly, apologetic. "I am your client right now." His frown deepened at her casual way of talking.

"Yeah.. Sorry, Rayan." She mumbled, getting down to gather the stuff fallen.

Sighing, he asked, not helping her. "What's that?"

Panting, she removed her hair, smiling while looking up at him.

"Oh, it has Gajre, Rose petals and some things for the function." She told him, taking the box and getting up.

"Is that why you are late?" He asked, intrigued.

Just then Emraz came with his hand in his pocket, entering in his dashing style, perfectly combed black hairs and similar eyes, humming while telling him monotonously.

"She is late because I stopped her and offered her to come with me." He stopped, looking around.

"Where is Hoorain? She was bursting over the phone for me to come, she must be furious." He fully turned to Rayan.

"She was, but just left with Zain for the parlor." He replied and he mumbled 'shit' knowing she won't talk to him now.

"Oh no, did she take her dress along?" Isra asked, vexed.

"I don't know because I was waiting for someone who was too late." He said, giving her an indirect glare. "I told you, Rayan." Emraz tried to defend Isra.

"Oh leave it bhai. This woman was always late." He ridiculed her again. "But, I am here now." She shrugged. "Then get to work." He told her, steps retreating and walking out while using his phone.

Making a sour face at his rude behavior, Isra clicked her tongue at him, growling. Emraz couldn't help but to chuckle. Resting his coat in his hand, folded neatly, he walked to Isra who was glaring in Rayan's direction and told her in a low tone.

"I think you should get to work, Isra."

Gasping at his words, Isra turned to him, "Oh my, you scared me, Sir." Exhaling, she shook her head, "Okay, okay." With a deep breath, Isra tied her hair in a bun, took the clipboard from the box and began to work, checking up on the setting of the function which was going to take place at their home.

Decorating the place, it took her hours to check on everything.

Finally gaining time three hours before the ceremony, Isra sighed deeply, plopping on the couch, closing her eyes to relax a bit.

Emraz, who was watching her with admiration for being engrossed in work, smiled widely. He sat on the armrest, looked around the exquisitely adorned mansion and praised. "Nice work, Isra."

Opening her eyes, she smiled, "Thanks Sir."

"Great thing we hired you." He said to himself but she heard it.

"I have been working here for a while now, I am used to it." She told him casually. "It's a big day." He smiled. "It is." She smiled back. They talked for a while and soon Rayan came.

"Oh, Rayan, look everything is ready." Emraz told him. "Hmm. It's fine." His remark pissed Isra off, how dare he call her hard work where she poured her heart into just fine. "If you wanted it to be fine, then why hire me?" She mocked, rolling her eyes.

"Hey, I hired you." He reminded her. "Be grateful."

"Boss, look at him." Isra complained, "Come on, Don't tease her Rayan, she is just finished."

"Oh from tease I remember, Rayan take me to the parlor please." Isra requested. "No, I am taking Sateesha." He told her, talking about his girlfriend. "I will tell Aunt, you know she doesn't like it." Isra blackmailed. "Tell Bhai, I am busy." he scoffed.

"Boss is tired, you are just walking around the house, do this and go take her." Isra reasoned. Groaning at her persistence, he hissed.

"Fine, come." Grinning, Isra took hers and Hoorain's dress as they left.

The drive was silent, they didn't talk. Isra just kept looking out and asked after a while, "Is Sateesha coming to the ceremony as well?"

"Yeah," He hummed. "Wouldn't Aunt be angry?"

He chuckled dryly, "She was furious when we got into a relationship, it's still an invitation to the function."

"Hmm. Yeah... Why don't you talk to her parents? It's been more than a year." She asked, turning her face to him. "Does it matter?" He asked, stopping the car at the red signal, turning his face to her, the smirk wiped as a deadpan expression enhanced his sharp features.

"What do you mean?" She asked in perplexity.

Sighing, he shook his head, "No, nothing. Leave it." He sighed, turning his head to the road again.

"You're weird." She mumbled. "Less than you." He retorted. "By the way, Isra..." He called her. She hummed, looking out again.

"Are you wearing the golden dress today?"

"Nope, it's for the wedding day. Why?" She opened her mouth but a realization hit her.

"Wait a minute, you even noticed?" She asked in disbelief.

"Hmm. I wanted to give one to Sateesha as well, just in a different color, maybe pink or green." He replied.

"I see... I Ordered it online, I will send you the link." She replied. "Great."

"Then what are you wearing?" He asked. Holding her chin she replied.

"If you know, the green and pink frock and tights I wore on Bradon's wedding."

"The one with pink laces or embroidered?" He asked. "With the Laces." Isra wasn't taken aback, Rayan always notices the dress. She considered it as nothing.

"I see... We're here."

"Thanks." She smiled, taking the dress and shoes from it, "Don't forget our deal, you won't tell Mama." He told her sternly, making a cute face, she nodded. She got out and was about to leave but he called her again, "Isra!"


"The embroidered ones suit you better." He told her with a faint smile and left, leaving her baffled about his words. Shrugging her shoulder, she went to the parlor as all the women got ready for the function.

"Today is a big day for you, my love. I shall pray for your happiness, bless you." Hania, the kid's Mother whispered, kissing the bride's forehead while they were going.

"How do I look?" Hoorain asked Isra excitedly. "You look amazing!"

"You should have worn something more fancy." Hoorain told her innocently, chuckling, Isra looked at herself in the mirror. "It's fine."

"If you say so."

"We're going first Mama, you come with Api." Hoorain said and Isra stopped her.

“You are not going, you are also staying with your sister."

Hoor chuckled, "Ah, she is always like this." Hoorain made an almost crying face and looked away.

"There's still time for your wedding, I am not wasting my tears." She said sternly. Isra smiled and left the family, going back.

"Is everything ready, Isra?" Emraz asked, in the dress code for the male, Navy Blue Kurta. "Yeah, Sir." She smiled, checking things for the final time.

Rayan applied his cologne, rolling the sleeves to his elbow neatly, setting his hair perfectly backward. Collar just in an arresting gap with a little space between his neck, appealing to catch every girl's attention. His waistcoat well fitted to his toned chest, wearing his watch, he walked down with a smile, greeting the guests and going to Isra.

"Where is Mama and others?"

"They are almost here." She replied, checking everything for the bride's entry. "Don't forget your dance." She told him sternly, checking time. "I know," He hummed and then went to his girlfriend.

Soon the ceremony started, the girls did the ritual first, entering with Henna placed in a decorated plate, smiling, wearing Gajre, and welcoming.

The whole time Isra held a grin on her face, laughing, talking. From time to time Rayan's eyes stop at her for a moment but it didn't take more than a heartbeat for him to remove his eyes.

"Go Rayan, it's time for dance." Sateesha grinned. Pushing him to the floor and dancing. Smiling everyone gathered, getting in places and began to dance. Soon the sound of cheers filled in the air,

"Woohoo!!" Everyone awed, shouting, great enthusiasm was dispersed in the sky, living into the moment of elation.

After dancing, the boys began to pant. Mixing with crowd, Rayan went to Isra who was talking to the catering guys,

"Make sure it's enough-"

"How was it?" He asked breathlessly from behind, at a fair distance. Smirking, she turned to him, "Ask your Sateesha?"

"You're the one who taught me," he responded. "Hmm. you guys rocked." She laughed a little. "And me? How was I?" He asked.

"You're amazing too. Although I didn't expect it." She replied. "You taught me, how can it not be perfect." He complimented and went back inside. Isra smiled and shook her head, turning back to her but then the time for girls to dance came.

Things went well, dancing, talking, wallowing in amid this vibrant moment.

Rayan stood in the corner, hands closed at his chest, lips slowly curling from one side with his eyes fixed upon Isra's who was dancing, talking. Not paying heed to him, immersed in work. With the unnoticed smile he kept looking at her with ardent, standing in a fixed place to get the better view of her with a wide smile beautifying his face along with racing heartbeats.

Soon Isra noticed his look and asked him from afar what happened but he only smiled and shook his head that it's nothing. Giggling a little at him, Isra smirked faintly and went to his girlfriend and began to talk to her, ignorant of the fact he was looking at her, thinking.

To me, you are the belle of the event.

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