Book cover of “Falling For My Mysterious Wife“ by Cassidy Alfaro

Falling For My Mysterious Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Cassidy Alfaro
  • Uploaded by user805472
Elaina Gainsford, a woman of extraordinary talents and an even more exceptional life, found herself in a marriage that was more a footnote than a headline in her storied existence. Married to Jalen Halton, a man more present in the public eye than in his own home, their relationship was one of distance and disconnection, defined by his appearances ... 

Chapter 1

Elaina came out of the local court with the divorce certificate that she had just obtained.

"Mrs. Halton... No, sorry. Ms. Gainsford." Takvor Rigdon, the housekeeper, looked a little embarrassed. "Mr. Nitzan wants you to take this."

Nitzan Halton was Jalen's grandfather. After finishing speaking, Takvor handed over a bank card. The implication was obvious.

Elaina was stunned for a second before saying, "No need. Thank him for me. He has been taking care of me for the past two years, and for that, I'm grateful."

After saying that, she walked straight to the street and sat in the black Maybach that had been parked there for a long time.

Inside the black Maybach, Elaina looked at the two men and felt a little helpless. "Theodore, Andrew, it's just a divorce. Do you have to be this nervous?"

"Ella, did you divorce him?" Andrew Chapman, the driver, looked back at her and still found it hard to believe.

Elaina nodded and said with a smile, "See? The divorce certificate is right here. I just got it."

Then she took out the divorce certificate from her bag and waved it in front of them.

"Good for you!" Andrew grinned. "You should have divorced him a long time ago.

"No, wait. Let me rephrase. You shouldn't have married him from the beginning!" he said.

Elaina glanced at Andrew and quickly said, "Andrew, focus on driving, OK? I just have a fresh start. I don't want it to end so soon.

"Besides, what's so good about getting a divorce? Why are you so happy?"

She thought, don't others always want a couple to patch things up? Why do I have the feeling that Andrew and Theodore want me to get a divorce?

"Of course, I am happy."

Andrew nodded and looked at the man in the back seat who had been silent the whole time. "And I'm not the only one who is happy. Theodore is happy as well."

Sensing that Elaina was looking at him, Theodore Murphy nodded. "Andrew is right. You shouldn't have married him in the first place."

Elaina sighed and felt a little helpless, "Grandpa wanted this. You know it. I wouldn't go against his will."

At the mention of their grandpa, both Andrew and Theodore fell silent for a moment. Then Andrew said with a bit of bitterness, "What was Grandpa thinking? Why did he want you to marry Jalen, that bastard?

"You were married for two years. He completely ignored you. What an asshole!"

If Elaina hadn't stopped him, he would have already taught Jalen a lesson.

Compared with Andrew, Elaina was much calmer. "It was fine. Our roads have never crossed these years. He has never been to the Halton's Residence. I don't think he even knows what I look like."

She thought, come to think of it, it's kind of funny. We were married for two years, and we should have been the most intimate people in the world. Yet we never saw each other. Other women would have found it unacceptable.

Well, not me. We didn't marry because of love. I was to fulfill my grandpa's last wish, and he was forced by his grandpa. Neither of us was happy.

"If I had known that he was such a bastard, I wouldn't have let you marry him no matter what," Andrew complained again. He was obviously very angry with Jalen.

"I blame Grandpa. If he really wanted you to marry someone, why couldn't that someone be me?" he smiled. Then he said, "Or Theodore could also do the trick. Any of us is better than that bastard Jalen."

Elaina was speechless for a second.

Then she said helplessly, "Andrew, stop teasing me, OK? How can someone marry her brother?" What was Andrew thinking?

Andrew did not care, however. "We are not related by blood. Why can't we get married?"

Elaina rolled her eyes at him. Although Andrew and Theodore were adopted by her grandpa, they grew up together. Both of them, for her, were her brothers. It had nothing to do with blood relations.

"Stop messing around, Andrew. You will always be my brothers."

Andrew was joking, and Elaina did not take it seriously. Neither of them noticed Theodore, who had remained silent in the back seat.

When Andrew joked about marrying Elaina to Theodore, Theodore's eyes flickered slightly, and he unconsciously looked at Elaina, who was beside him.

After Elaina finished speaking, his eyes dimmed a lot. Yet soon they went back to normal.

He hid his emotions perfectly. For so many years, neither Andrew nor Elaina noticed anything.

"Enough about that. You are divorced now, and that's what matters. What are your plans for the future?" Theodore spoke in a slightly magnetic voice that was like the warm sun in winter, making people feel particularly comfortable.

"Back then, you chose to step down after getting married. You lived incognito for two years. Your fans went crazy looking for you."

Elaina sighed. She missed the days from before. "I've been gone for too long. I wonder if anyone still remembers Dr. Gainsford."

"Of course."

Theodore looked at Elaina, his eyes obscure. "You are one of the world's most famous neurosurgeons. No matter how long you disappear, you will never be completely forgotten."

"Really?" Elaina smiled. Her eyes were full of eagerness. "Then congratulate me on returning to the operating table."

The next day arrived.

Jalen was in the CEO's office in the Halton Group.

Jalen's assistant, Graham Reilly, hung up the phone and turned to look at Jalen, who was busy sitting behind the desk.

"Mr. Halton, Takvor called from the Halton's Residence. Mrs. Halton has already gone through the procedures and taken the divorce certificate away."

Jalen was still busy. He did not even pause. "I see. How much did she ask for?"

"Takvor said that she did not demand anything," Graham replied.

Hearing that, Jalen instantly frowned. "Not even a cent?"

"No. Takvor said that your grandfather did intend to give her some money, but she declined."

Even Graham was surprised.

He thought, I heard that she is from the countryside. She must have needed money. How come she didn't want anything?

Jalen stopped flipping through the documents and said after a moment of silence, "Find her and give her the place in the west."

Elaina didn't make a scene or cause any trouble for Jalen these years, and she divorced him decisively. Of course, he wouldn't treat her unfairly.

Graham nodded and put Jalen's words down, but after that, he didn't leave.

"Anything else?" Seeing that, Jalen frowned and asked.


Being stared at by Jalen, Graham was nervous. A cold sweat broke out on his back uncontrollably. He hurriedly said, "I just got word that Dr. Gainsford, who disappeared for two years, seems to have reappeared."

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