Book cover of “Forgive Me, Please“ by Shakti

Forgive Me, Please

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Shakti
He loved her so much that he sacrificed everything he had for her. He thought no matter what, she would be with him forever. But she left him. He doesn’t understand why and goes to her. She insulted him and announced her engagement with her best friend. He was heartbroken and left. But after a few years, he is back. Not for love but for revenge. Sh... 

Chapter 1

Sakshi’s PoV

“As of today, you are dead,” said Randhir, increasing my fear.

“I am sorry, please,” I said.

“I will never forgive you. You are the one who ruined my life. I married you to show you how painful it is to be cheated on by someone you trust,” Randhir said, coming toward me.

“I’ve realised my mistake. Please, trust me,” I said, begging him.

“You deserve to be hated, punished, and thrown away, not to be trusted, loved, or forgiven, my beloved,” came Randhir’s immediate reply.

I moved back even though I knew well that I couldn’t escape him. Randhir was my husband, and no one knew that he had married me for revenge.

“Stop right there. Don’t you dare take even one more step without my permission.”

I stood where I was with fear. My body was sweating. I couldn’t even guess what was going to happen next. Randhir approached me and kissed me on the lips, and the past memories made me shed tears. Suddenly, he bit my lower lip and I opened my mouth making it a deep open mouth kiss. The feeling of desire ignited in me with his one kiss, forgetting his revenge for a while. Slowly, he toppled us both onto the bed, me in his arms.

“Are you ready for the first night or scared of me?”

“You are my husband and I am ready to give you your right,” I said, hiding the fact that I love him.

He then kissed my neck. He slowly trailed kisses down to my shoulder, where he gave a love bite to me. I clutched the bed sheets and bit my lip so I wouldn’t shout when he breaks my virginity. He switched off the lights and consummated our marriage. I accepted him to take me because I love him and I know he loves me. My tears flowed and made my pillow wet remembering the fact that he married me for revenge. I wish my love would not fade with his words and acts.

My body ached horribly due to the weakness and tiredness caused by marriage rituals. Or should I say that is because of the emotional pain endured by me knowing Randhir is my life partner. It’s not because Randhir is a bad person but because of the fact that I can’t get love from my husband ever. If it is not me, any other girl would have been lucky to have husband like Randhir who sacrifices everything for his beloved. And I was that beloved in the past. And now I don’t know who am I in his life.

“I never imagined our first night would be this happy and enjoyable. Now get up, dear beloved.”

I didn’t immediately understand what he said, but slowly I got it and got up from the bed.

“Get dressed and go sleep on the balcony. That’s where you should be and what you deserve. You will not be treated as a princess anymore and Sakshi Arora is dead from today. You are Mrs Sakshi Randhir from today and my word is your order. Behave well as my wife or I don’t hesitate to teach you how to be a good wife.”

Listening to his words made me shiver as I remembered the chilly weather outside. I looked at the window and then at Randhir, pleading him with eyes to show some mercy to me. However, he immediately got up and caught my shoulders, pushing me onto the balcony and closing the door.

I sat on the balcony, hugging my knees, and closed my eyes. I was in a saree without any other clothes to protect me from this cold weather. Tears started flowing as I remembered how lovingly he had treated me before, and how everything had changed because of my one mistake. The cold air passed through my skin making me shiver. I knocked on the door.

“Randhir, please open the door. I can’t bear this,” I said.

Randhir opened the door.

“I know how you were grown up and this would definitely hurt you. But not more than the pain my heart had borne because of you. You can’t find mercy in a bleeding heart. And you know well the reason behind my pain. Now I will enjoy by making your body hurt every second. Of course, I can’t cause pain to your heart as I have no place in it,” Randhir said and closed the door.

I slept on the balcony, and I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder as he patted harshly on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw Randhir in front of me. I was scared of him remembering his words the last night. I wanted to run away but I know well that there’s no way for me to escape. All the years, I searched for him and now when he is with me, all I want is to hide from him. There were days where I romanticised my life with Randhir. I had never imagined that Randhir had developed hatred for me all these years where I craved for his love. Love and hate are two powerful feelings. Love gives the patience to face anything and hate makes us crazy until we show it on that specific person. My love for Randhir gave the patience to me and his hatred made him crazy as hell.

“Get ready fast. You have to prepare breakfast for me,” Randhir said.

I tried to stand but was unable to stand because of the pain. My whole body ached very badly because of staying out in the cold weather for the whole night. But I have no one to hear my pain or to help me. Randhir, the one who loved me a lot, is giving me this pain which is unbearable to me. I wiped my tears and tried to stand again. My legs made me feel as if they were frozen and I bit my lip to bear the pain. 

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