Book cover of “Fourth Prince's Debauchery“ by Aidka

Fourth Prince's Debauchery

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Aidka
  • Uploaded by user313660
As a wandering soul trapped in endless cycles of reincarnation, Claus faced the daunting task of deciding what to do in his current life. Having been a hero, demon king, savior, and emperor, he was weary of grand destinies and heavy responsibilities. This time, he craved something different—something indulgent and carefree. In this new life, Claus ... 

708th Reincarnation

I was swinging my sword earnestly in a garden.

The garden was very beautiful, filled with lush and green grass, with beautiful flowers and trees surrounding it.

Like every day after dawn, I moved my sword freely, showing many different kinds of swordsmanship while feeling the pleasant light of the sun falling into my skin. This practice lasted two entire hours, and then, I finally stopped.

"Good work, your highness." A beautiful girl, dressed in maid clothes, came and gave me a towel immediately after I stopped. I received it and wiped the sweat accumulated on my face after two intense hours of practice.

"Thanks, Daisy," I said with a small smile, causing her to blush slightly.

"It's my duty, your highness." She said shyly and lowered her head. "I already prepared clothes and clean water so your highness's appearance can be suitable to eat breakfast."

I smiled again and nodded in acknowledgment. Then, without caring if Daisy was there, I took my training clothes off and wore the clothes that Daisy brought.

Daisy blushed deeply and turned around with a surprised cry. I could not help but laugh briefly when I saw it.

Daisy is my personal servant. She grew with me and served as my servant from when I was a kid, taking care of all my needs, or almost all my needs.

Until yesterday, our ages were the same, at 17 years old, but I'm one week older than her.

Daisy has beautiful white skin, with black eyes and slightly brown hair. Her face is oval, as a delicious apple, and her big eyes make her look like a small animal that always needs protection.

Moreover, because her height is a bit small (1.6 meters), she looks younger than her age.

Though, to be honest, her height is the only small thing in her.

I wore my clothes while laughing and used my hand to tidy my blue hair quickly, but Daisy tidied my clothes and hair again when she noticed that I was done.

"Let's go," I said and walked towards the dining room with Daisy following behind me.

The dining room was pretty far from the garden, so we walked around five minutes to reach there. Before entering, Daisy patted my shoulder and called with a shy voice. "Your highness, I forgot to tell you. Happy birthday!"

Yes, today is my eighteenth birthday.

"Thanks. Did you prepare a gift for me?"

"I did." She said with an embarrassed expression. "But I'll give you it tonight."

I could not help but grin when I heard her.

"I'll be waiting for it." Then, before she could react, I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek.

"Mm." Daisy blushed deeply but she did not reject my hug or my kiss.

I then turned around and took a breath. Instantly, my expression turned serious. Daisy also understood the situation and quickly adjusted her emotions.

When she was ready, I opened the door.

Before I could observe the situation inside, an ice-cold voice resounded.

"You are finally here."

"… I'm sorry, father." I said with an expressionless look and bowed my head slightly. "I just finished my morning training and came immediately."

My father frowned briefly but he did not say anything else. Instead, the woman seated beside him spoke with a displeased tone. "Don't you know that breakfast begins exactly at eight o'clock. How do you dare to make us wait for you!?"

I frowned and looked to the empty seat beside her. "But I'm not the last one here."

"You…" The woman seated beside my father growled in rage, but before she could continue, my father interrupted.


Both of us stopped.

"Claus, take your seat. And you, Lilia, it's unbecoming of a queen to argue with a kid. Is it impossible for us to have a normal breakfast!?"

"Hmph!" The woman retracted her gaze unwillingly, but not before giving me a vicious glare.

I simply shrugged in my mind and sat down.

Seeing it, my father shook his head tiredly and sighed.

Allow me to explain the situation a bit.

My name is Claus Quintin, the fourth prince of the Arcadian Empire; and today, I turned 18.

I have two older half-brothers, one older sister, and one little half-sister. My father is the emperor, Grand Quintin, and he is married to my stepmother, Lilia Riea. As for my mother, she died shortly after giving birth to me.

Currently, seated around the table are my father, the queen, my first brother Alan Quintin, my third sister Dina Quintin and my little sister Lena Quintin. My second brother, Bryan, is not here yet.

As the fourth prince of the biggest human empire, my status is pretty high; but to be honest, that is not the most surprising thing about me.

Instead, there is something much more incredible.

I, Claus Quintin, am a reincarnated individual.

And currently, it's my 708th reincarnation.

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