Book cover of “Freeuse World“ by Rational_Lity

Freeuse World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rational_Lity
  • Uploaded by user235859
Liam, a typical 20-year-old college student, was living a life that could only be described as ordinary. His days were filled with classes, studying, and the occasional outing with friends, all blending into a predictable routine with nothing extraordinary in sight—until one night, everything changed. In a chance encounter that defied logic and rea... 


Liam was sleeping soundly in his bed, when he suddenly felt something wet but good in his lower part.

Liam, feeling good, flashed a smile on his sleeping face unconsciously.

But suddenly his eyes abruptly opened up as he realized there was something weird going on.

He looked at his lower part and saw that there was a beautiful mature woman with pink hair and red ruby eyes was sucking his dick. He also noticed that she had two red horns with each horn being on the each side of her head, but he ignored them as he thought they were just part of cosplay or something.

Liam asked with a frown,"Who are you? Why are you on bed? Why are you sucking my dick?"

The woman looked at Liam after removing his dick from her mouth and spoke with a small smile, "Heh. Did you feel good?"

"Well, yeah! But that is not the point here, Miss Dicksucker!" Liam spoke with narrowed eyes.

"Miss... Dicksucker? You couldn't find any good nicknames?" The woman asked as she sat up and Liam got a good view of her body.

She was currently wearing black T-shirt with black jeans looking beautiful. Her chest was large while her ass was round as well as large with thick thighs. He never saw someone with such large chest and ass. Her thighs were also really thick.

"Hehe. Liked my body?" The woman asked with a giggle.

Liam nodded and gulped. He felt his reasoning slip away as he watched her sinful body.

Liam felt his throat run dry as if her was in the middle of a desert.

Liam was just a 20 year old normal college student, who never held a girl's hand nor did he talk to a girl except when it was about a project and then, here he is watching the body of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Literally, he had never seen someone so beautiful, so it was reasonable that he was losing his reasoning.

The woman knew that it was becoming harder and harder for Liam to control himself after watching her body, even though it was covered by her clothes, so she decided to break the last thread of rationality of Liam break.

She bit her lower lip seductively before striking a seductive pose. Her breasts struck out while her ass was now more prominent. Her front was facing the side of Liam, so he could see her breasts as well as ass.

Now, the last thread of rationality broke. Liam has decided, he will lose his virginity here, now and to her.

Liam grabbed the woman's shoulders and threw her on the bed. The woman fell on her back.

She didn't resist and let Liam do his things.

Liam immediately climbed over her and kissed her.

The woman's eyes widened a bit but she didn't say anything. Liam sucked the woman's lips and after sucking her lips for a bit broke the kiss.

Liam moved his head away and asked, "What is your name?"

The woman was a bit surprised at first that he only licker her nipples but didn't put his tongue inside he mouth nor suck her tongue and he also didn't move his hands over her body.

Hearing Liam's question, the woman spoke in her seductive voice, "My name is Vivianne!"

"Vivianne. That is a nice name!" Liam spoke and without giving her any chance to speak Liam kissed he again but this time, he put his tongue inside her and started caressing the insides of her mouth.

Liam also started groping her chest over T-shirt. Liam enjoyed the softness of her chest making his erection harder and harder.

He immediately slipped his right hand inside her T-shirt and then, inside he bra before groping her bare chest. He pinched her nipple which made Vivianne shiver in pleasure.

Now, Liam couldn't control it anymore. He broke the kiss and immediately took off all of his clothes before taking Vivianne's clothes.

He was surprised to find that she was wearing black color underwear but after glancing at he underwear for a bit he also took them off before casually throwing them away.

He put his raging boner in front of her pink cave that was wet. He had seen many types of porn, so he knew what to do.

He rubbed his dick over the pink cave before thrusting his dick in one go inside the pink cave.

Liam almost came from the sensation but he controlled himself. He didn't want to come yet. He wanted to enjoy this more.

Vivianne seeing that Liam didn't come in one go was shocked. He was a virgin and he didn't come at one thrust when it was his partner. Now it hurt her pride.

But Liam didn't give her anymore time to think as he started thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy.

"Ahn...Ahn...Ahn~" Vivianne started moaning much to her shock when he started thrusting his dick inside and out of her pussy.

Liam also started pinching her nipples before sucking on them.

Vivianne knew Liam had a big dick when she saw it this morning. It was long and thick as well. But Liam, despite being a virgin, also knew how to thrust his dick in a pussy.

Now, him sucking on her nipples, she instantly came but Liam didn't stop and she didn't want him to stop either.

"More...more...more!" Vivianne spoke to which Liam started thrusting faster and with more strength.

Soon, Liam said, "I am...going to cum!"

Vivianne spoke, "Cum inside me!"

Liam nodded and started shooting his white liquid inside her.

After shooting all of his semen, Liam fell on Vivianne.

He turned over and laid beside her.

Vivianne had an ahegao face. She recovered soon, though.

After recovering, she put her head on Liam's chest and spoke, "You were the best!"

"I know!" Liam spoke with confidence which made Vivianne giggle.

"Anyway, I—" Vivianne was going to speak but before she could Liam cute her off by saying, "Clean my dick first!"

Vivianne looked at him with wide eyes before sitting up. She moved between his legs and started sucking his dick clean. She bobbed her head up and down while also licking his dick with her tongue simultaneously.

Liam felt great pleasure and he savored every second of it.

Liam then spoke, "Now, ride my dick!"

Vivianne looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"Why are you ordering me?" Vivianne asked as she stroked his dick after pulling his dick out of her mouth.

"Because you were the one who came to me!" Liam spoke with a smile.

Vivianne stared at him for a few seconds before smiling and riding his dick. Liam ignored her as he will get his answers later. He wanted to enjoy some sex right now.

She pointed his dick towards her pussy entrance and moved downward.

Liam felt wetness and softness when his dick entered her pussy making his face twist in pleasure.

Vivianne started moving her hips up and down while moaning.

Liam saw her I-cup breast moving up and down. He grabbed them with both of his hands.

Vivianne moaned loudly when he grabbed her breasts and started fondling them.

Liam felt the softness like no other.

Liam spoke, "Turn around!"

Vivianne listening to this immediately turned around. Then, she started moving her hips.

Liam didn't have her boobs right now but seeing her ass, Liam could only gulp.

Whenever she hit his pelvis, her ass would have waved forming giving him the perfect view.

'So, this is Valhalla!' Liam thought before grabbing her large ass.

The softness as well as firmness was crazy.

Liam felt great pleasure by grabbing her ass and having his dick shoved inside the pink cave of Vivianne.

After twenty minutes of this moving, Liam felt he was going to cum.

"I am cumming...." Liam spoke and in response Vivianne started moving faster.

"I am cumming too~." Vivianne spoke as her tongue came out of her mouth and her eyes rolled back to the back of her head.

Liam and Vivianne came at the same time. Vivianne pushed her pussy downward while Liam pushed his dick upward in her ass.

Vivianne fell backward on Liam's chest.

Liam slipped his hands around her waist and hugged.

"That was good!" Vivianne spoke to which Liam nodded.

Despite doing this two times, both were fresh like they didn't even do it one time.

Vivianne had a satisfied smile but for some other reason.

Liam moved his hands upward and grabbed her large breasts before fondling them.

Vivianne moaned a bit.

"Now, you have to answer my questions!" Liam spoke as he licked her nape making her shiver in pleasure.

"Yeah, I know! I will tell you!" Vivianne spoke with a smile and then, moved to lay beside him.

Liam had a large bed which could easily accommodate two people easily, so their movements weren't restricted that much.

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