Book cover of “Gasp! She Can Travel Through Time and Space!“ by Green Bamboo Lin

Gasp! She Can Travel Through Time and Space!

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Green Bamboo Lin
  • Uploaded by user922412
Lin Wanwan possesses a magical time bracelet that allows her to traverse between two vastly different worlds: the bustling modern era and the ancient Tang Dynasty. In the modern age, she is surrounded by a wealth of information, abundant resources, advanced medical care, and cutting-edge technology, yet the people are often indifferent and solitary... 

The Magical Jade Bangle

The burning red rays of the glorious setting sun sent down a blood-red light.

Lin Wanwan was wrapped in layers of ancient clothes and had stood by the screen for a long time. It was so hot that she was getting light-headed. Even the central air conditioner in the hall was of no help.

She could not help but touch the cold jade bracelet on her left wrist, feeling a moment of clarity. This was an heirloom left to her by her grandmother before she passed away. She had never taken it off since she put it on. Whenever she was unhappy or uncomfortable, she liked to touch the jade bracelet.

"Time's up. It's my turn to stand guard. Wanwan, I'll be done in 30. We'll go back together, and I'll settle your salary. "

At that moment, a clear and beautiful voice interrupted Lin Wanwan's thoughts. The one who spoke was her schoolmate, Chen Jinyu. The two of them took turns standing guard in front of the screen to sell their looks.

"Alright," she said. Lin Wanwan stretched her neck and walked to the side of the sales hall.

Chen Jinyu was in contact with the organizer for the real estate event. A day's salary was 600 Yuan, and Chen Jinyu, as the middleperson, took 100 yuan. The event was to be held for three days, and today was the third day.

Such part-time activity relied on temperament and appearance, so it was suitable for Lin Wanwan, who was a natural beauty. However, it was highly unstable and unsuitable for a full-time job.

But for Lin Wanwan, who had just lost her job and been driven out of her house, she had to rely on this to make a living before she found a new job.

Dragging her tired feet, Lin Wanwan walked out of the sales hall. As soon as she went out, she saw two women with silicone-like faces rushing straight to her.

Lin Wanwan instinctively knew that these visitors were not friendly. She immediately turned around, changed direction, and walked towards the Chinese parasol tree where they would be seen by many.

"Vixen! Stop right there!" One of them stretched out her red nails and pointed at Lin Wanwan angrily. "You're a home-wrecker. I'm going to beat you to death today!"

Lin Wanwan was dumbfounded. I, the third party? You must be mistaken!

But she quickly reacted. Even if it was a case of mistaken identity, she must not get into a conflict with someone in the sales center. Otherwise, if she messed up this event, she wouldn't be able to get her salary! Moreover, it might affect her future relationship with Chen Jinyu. How could she do that? She was the one who provided for her.

Thinking of this, Lin Wanwan immediately grabbed her skirt and ran in the direction of the road.

The distance between the sales center and the road outside was over 100 meters, and it was full of sycamore trees with nutrient solutions hanging from them. Lin Wanwan ran along the tree path, so that she wouldn't attract much attention. However, the two women chased her relentlessly. As they chased after her, they spat out extremely vulgar words.

Lin Wanwan could not understand how a well-dressed woman could spit out such fragrant words. Wouldn't it stain her fine clothes?

Lin Wanwan stopped a hundred meters away from the sales center and waited for the two women to catch up. Then she shouted, "Shut up! You're calling me a mistress. Where's the evidence? I don't even know you, but you're causing trouble at my work. I can sue you for this!

According to the written law, those who publicly insult others would be detained for five days or less. For more serious cases, they would be detained for five to ten days. Think twice before you run your mouth off at me again! If I hear you scold me again, I'll call the police!"

The woman's aura faltered, and then she became even angrier. She put her hands on her hips like a scarecrow. "Call the police? I'm not afraid of you. Let's see if the police will arrest you or me. You're a mistress, and you ..."

Lin Wanwan interrupted her and sneered. "Shut up. Where's the evidence? Don't accuse any random person on the street just because you look like a disgrace to society. Delusional disorder is an illness that needs treatment!"

"You! You, you, you! You stinky and shameless vixen, so what if you're good-looking, you're..."

Lin Wanwan interrupted the other party again and quickly said, "It's amazing to be good-looking. Crazy women like you would get so jealous of your fair skin, beautiful looks, and long legs! And I'm even being reasonable. Unlike you, who's so ugly that you're causing trouble? Can you blame the government for being ugly? No, you should blame your parents for not having good genes. Or your urchin ass was a pathetic fetus and flopped away like an ingrate when their beauty was offered for you to inherit. It's just like throwing pearls to swine."

When it came to quarrels, who was Lin Wanwan afraid of? Even if she had to fight, she wasn't afraid. She was in the MMA club at her university.

She had no parents since she was young, so she had to protect herself in school.

The other party was so stumped by Lin Wanwan that she couldn't say anything. Her companion spoke up. "No matter how good-looking she is, she can't be a mistress. You know Bao Juncai, right?"

Lin Wanwan sneered again, looked up contemptuously, and squinted at the two people (she was 1.67 meters tall). "I was wondering who it was, but it's that scumbag. I'm telling you, I don't like him! I've blocked all my contact information. A perverted man like him actually thinks he can sleep with me? Isn't that ridiculous? I quit, not because I'm afraid of you guys, but because I don't want to be stained with sh*t. After all, even if I win, it'll still stink."

"Y-y-you! Do you think I'm going to stand by here and listen to whatever you say?"

"What else? I'm both educated and beautiful. Why would I fall for a wretched man? Only people like you would treat him like a treasure. "

The woman with red nails was no match to Lin Wanwan's brutal tongue. She screamed in anger and rushed forward to grab Lin Wanwan's hair. Lin Wanwan directly grabbed her hand and threw her over her shoulder. She lay on the ground and couldn't get up for a long time. The other woman was so scared that she didn't dare to look at her and directly retreated two steps.

Lin Wanwan sneered, tidied her clothes, and walked away. The farce ended just like that.

"I won't let you off!" The woman who had undergone plastic surgery lying on the ground did not forget to part with harsh words.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head slightly and said coldly, "Let yourself off for now. Take it easy on the plastic surgery and study more. You're making such a disgraceful scene because of a scumbag!"

The woman was so angry that she couldn't speak. She sat on the ground and watched Lin Wanwan leave.

As she walked back to the sales building, Lin Wanwan let out a long sigh. Everything had really gone wrong.

Although the fight had made it excruciatingly warm for her body, the shade of the trees gave her comfort. It was far too crowded in the building. Even if there was air conditioning, she was not willing to squeeze into there just yet.

Their laughter and troubles were a world apart from her. She only found it noisy.

Just as Lin Wanwan was calming down, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her wrist. She looked down and realized that the woman with crystal red nails had cut her skin. The bright red blood on her wrist was very eye-catching, and it had even flowed onto the Jade bracelet.

Just as she was about to roll up her wide sleeves and take the tissue from the small bag tied to her wrist, a wooden door glowing with a green light appeared between the two sycamore trees.

Lin Wanwan felt her consciousness being drawn to it. Unbeknownst to herself, she curiously reached out and pushed. The light pierced her, and she subconsciously closed her eyes and raised her left hand to block her head. The Jade bracelet on her wrist was also emitting a mysterious, green light.

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