Book cover of “Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed from the Start“ by Waiting For Compliments Online

Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed from the Start

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Waiting For Compliments Online
  • Uploaded by user904805
In the year 2052, a harrowing discovery in Country A changes the world forever. Miners unearth a bottomless pit, unleashing bizarre creatures that wreak havoc, leaving countless civilians in their wake. This catastrophic event marks the opening of the Abyssal Passage. As the world grapples with this chaos, ten colossal Golden Ranking Lists appear i... 

The Abyss Appears, The Golden Ranking Lists Rise, The Great Tribulation Begins!

"My good Big Brother, I can't wait to eat your flesh and drink your blood!

"Haha, we used to be such close sworn siblings back then, but now you've killed me and Third Sister with your own hands. Good job, Big Brother!

"If there is an afterlife, I will definitely make you fall eternally into the Abyss!!!"

2052 AD, at Chu Feng's home in the city center of Jiang City, the midday news was running on the virtual television which was suspended from the middle of the living room.

Outside the window, the sun was shining brightly, and there was a gentle breeze.

Inside the house, Chu Feng was curled up and sleeping on the sofa, with an ice bag over his head.

Chu Feng clenched his fists tightly in his sleep. He had a ghastly expression, and it looked as if he was having a nightmare.

"No! I can't accept this!"

The next moment, Chu Feng bounced up suddenly from the sofa; he was in great shock and gasping for his breath.

"I… I'm not dead?"

Chu Feng looked around dazed. He could still vividly recall the cold sensation when Big Brother's long sword of sub-legendary grade sliced through his heart.

With Big Brother's character, there was no way he would let him off.

"Where is this?"

Seeing the familiar environment before him, Chu Feng was stunned.

"Isn't this my home? But wasn't my home destroyed on Apocalypse Day?"

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something.

Chu Feng hurriedly took out the latest model of Guo Wei phone, the P800 mobile phone.

He looked at the date on the virtual screen.

Chu Feng's breathing started to quicken.

"June 25, 2052. This was 10 years ago!"

Chu Feng had a very deeply-etched memory of this point in time.

The Abyssal Passage, the Ten Golden Ranking Golden Lists…

From this point onwards, the fate of humanity was all changed.

After a long while, Chu Feng finally came to terms with the fact that he had been reborn ten years back in time!

Presently, the tribulation had not yet arrived.

None of the tragedies had happened yet!

"My dear Big Brother, everything is not over yet."

A cold captivating light burst forth from Chu Feng's eyes.

Suddenly, an urgent female voice could be heard from the television.

"[Breaking News] At noon today, in Country A, workers who were carrying out the excavation works on an underground mine accidentally dug through a bottomless pit. Several bizarre-looking underground creatures escaped and caused a large number of civilian casualties in the neighbouring towns…."

Chu Feng did not listen to the rest of the news because he knew very well what would happen afterwards.

"The Abyssal Passage has appeared. The ten Golden Ranking Lists should be appearing too."

Muttering to himself, Chu Feng raised his head and looked out of the window.

As expected, the cloudless clear sky suddenly darkened.

It was as if someone had covered it directly with a curtain.

It became pitch black.

Ten golden beams of light, which looked like stars, swept through the sky. Gradually, they condensed into ten sheets of gigantic lists that were hundreds of thousands of feet in length and width.

The Golden Ranking Lists poured down like a waterfall.

At this moment, the whole world saw the ten Golden Ranking Lists.

"Oh God, what are these?"

"Have the aliens arrived?"

"Oh my god! It must be the manifestation of God!"

Seeing the chaotic crowd outside, Chu Feng took a deep breath.

The Abyss has appeared. The Great Tribulation has begun. What should come will always come. God has allowed me to live again, I must first seize all the opportunities. Only then will I have a chance to survive.

Compared to the confused crowd before him, Chu Feng's greatest advantage was that he knew what would happen in the next ten years.

It was like playing a game with a cheat sheet.

Even a rookie could become an expert, not to mention that Chu Feng had been a globally renowned Grade A+ expert in his previous life.

Soon, the Golden Ranking Lists in the sky became clearer.

A line of large characters appeared on each sheet of the Ranking Lists.

It was not written in a language known to mankind, but bizarrely, everyone could understand it effortlessly.

[Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List] [Bloodline Golden Ranking List] [Pet Beast Golden Ranking List]…

What does all this mean? Why does it seem like the recovery of spiritual energy in novels? Have I transmigrated?

"A rare phenomenon has descended from the sky, and an opportunity has descended upon the world! What the hell am I still working overtime for? I want to be the main character too!"

Because of the sudden bizarre change, the whole world was plunged into chaos.

Only Chu Feng knew clearly what he needed to do.

In the rumors from his previous life, the ten Golden Ranking Lists had evolved from the will of the world, and they possessed immense power.

Those who were ranked on the Golden Ranking Lists would be able to receive heavenly opportunities.

The higher the ranking, the greater the rewards.

The first person to be on a Ranking List would receive the only divine-grade reward!

For example, a vast majority of the renowned super experts in his previous life had all received the only divine-grade reward from each of the Golden Ranking Lists and laid a solid foundation.

The Imperial Beast Sage, a Grade S expert, was the first to get into the [Pet Beast Golden Ranking List].

The Immortal Emperor, a Grade S expert, was the first to get into the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List].

There was also Chu Feng's sworn brother, Lin Yi, whom he hated to the bone. He was the first person to get into the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List].

Chu Feng did not know what the divine-grade rewards were for the others.

However, he knew clearly that Lin Yi, as the successor of the ancient martial arts, was the first human to attain the Grade D rating, receiving a hundredfold cultivation speed!

This was definitely a reward that could make everyone go crazy.

With the hundredfold cultivation speed, Lin Yi cultivated far ahead of anyone and became one of the top ten experts of the world in a very short time.

Since the New Era, based on the rating by the Golden Ranking Lists, cultivators had been classified into Grade D, Grade C, Grade B, Grade A, Grade A+, and Grade S.

There were possibly even higher grades but no human had cleared the rating by the Golden Ranking Lists, so there had not been corresponding grades.

At this moment, many things came to Chu Feng's mind.

Right now, the top priority for him was to obtain all the divine-grade rewards as quickly as possible and build the most perfect foundation.

Chu Feng had not forgotten that according to the development in his previous life, even those as strong as the Immortal Emperor and the like, could not resist the invasion by the Abyss.

He had to become stronger!

His first goal was naturally to seize the opportunities of his 'good Big Brother'.

The corners of Chu Feng's mouth curled into a cold smile.

Revenge had begun from this moment onwards.

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