Book cover of “Global Towers: Starting with the SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction“ by Light Tower Ascension

Global Towers: Starting with the SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Light Tower Ascension
  • Uploaded by user180526
In the throes of an apocalypse, humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. Resources are depleted, and the world lies in ruins. Amidst this desolation, enormous, enigmatic black towers rise from the earth, scattered across the globe. These towers, shrouded in mystery, are a beacon of hope, filled with vast reserves of resources. The higher the fl... 

Global Tower, Obtain the SSS Talent [Divine Extraction] From the Start

Blue Star, Tower 105, level 1 entrance.

A female instructor, who was dressed in professional attire, had a serious expression on her face as she said, "Students, today is the most important day of your lives. All of you must chin up! After entering the Tower, each of you will awaken a talent that will determine your future destiny. It will also determine the future of humanity!"

Before the instructor was a class of students. At this moment, they were looking at the towering Tower and discussing animatedly.

Liu Yan, who was in the crowd, was also filled with curiosity.

He had just transmigrated to this parallel world a day ago.

He was surrounded by the same classmates, and had the same beautiful teacher, yet was in a completely different world.

According to the information he had looked up, the apocalypse of this world had arrived a year ago.

The disaster included intense solar flares, sandstorms that easily swept away hundred-meter-tall buildings, continuous volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis that were thousands of meters high.

What was even more terrifying were the powerful beasts that kept emerging from the subterranean caves all over the world.

Mankind had all kinds of modern weapons, but those were barely effective against the beasts.

Since then, various resources had been used up, and the population had been reduced by more than half. The human race was struggling to even survive.

The prosperous civilization of the past had been reduced to ruins.

In its place were the insignificant humans who were having a hard time surviving.

However, half a year ago, when mankind was almost in despair, huge Towers that reached into the clouds suddenly appeared all over the world.

The Towers were completely black. It was rumored that they were tens of thousands of meters tall, and the top reached outside of the Blue Planet's atmosphere.

In the Towers was a brand new world.

During the first entry, every human would be able to awaken a talent and obtain all sorts of abilities.

There were plenty of resources in the Tower, but there were also powerful and terrifying beasts waiting for them.

By defeating these beasts, humans would be able to obtain all sorts of resources, which would allow them to survive and even become stronger!

Those with powerful talents were destined to become the heroes and the hope of humanity, while the weak would act as the logistics, assisting the strong in fighting for resources to keep their lives.

Liu Yan was quite nervous at this moment. After all, the first entry of the Tower where his talent would be awakened would directly determine his future!

At this moment, the instructor was distributing the smart wristband.

Soon, Liu Yan received a purple wristband.

The smart wristband was developed based on the awakened. After putting it on, it would clearly display one's various attributes. From there, one would be able to know one's own strength, which would aid in one's decision in challenging beasts as well as help one to determine one's position.

At the same time, the smart wristband could also act as a communication device within the Tower. All humans who entered the Tower could use it to communicate and cooperate.

Liu Yan played with it for a while, then put it on and checked his attributes.

[Liu Yan]

[HP: 120/120]

[MP: 100/100]

[Strength (attack): 12]

[Vitality (defense): 11]

[Agility (speed): 11]

[Spirit (mana): 13]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 12]

[Luck (probability): 43]

[Talent: Unawakened]

At this moment, the beautiful instructor in front of them continued, "Each person only has one chance to awaken their talent, and each will only have one talent! Before awakening, the average HP and MP are both around 100, other attributes average around 10, while luck averages around 30! In addition, after the awakening, each talent has a corresponding grade, from the lowest F-grade to the highest SSS-grade, a total of 9 grades. Currently, the highest grade of talent that humans have awakened is the A-grade, but it'll be good enough if you get a D-grade talent. If you awaken a C-grade talent, you will be worthy of the Federation's focus!"

Hearing the instructor's words, Liu Yan looked at the attributes of others. Indeed, their numbers didn't vary much from his.

At this moment, the students were also whispering amongst themselves.

"I don't ask for much, I'll be very satisfied to just have a D-grade talent related to combat."

"The proportion of people with D-grade talents seems to be around 50%. If we get an E-grade talent, we can still stay behind as a support member, but an F-grade talent would just be considered trash."

"Class 3 just entered the Tower last week. It's said that there are three students who awakened C-grade talents, and they are all being specially nurtured by the Federation. Their families are all also being given special care, and are living a very comfortable life!"

"Sigh, I wonder what grade of a talent I can awaken."

The instrcutor looked at the time and said seriously, "Everyone, the time has arrived. Prepare to enter the Tower. I wish all of you in advance that you will awaken powerful talents and help humanity rise!"

Then, one by one, the students lined up and entered the Tower.

Soon, it was Liu Yan's turn.

Upon entering the Tower, Liu Yan felt a cool sensation all over his body, followed by intense dizziness.

By the time Liu Yan recovered, he had already arrived in another world.

Unlike the Blue Planet that was already in ruins, this world was incomparably beautiful.

The surroundings were filled with towering trees full of vitality as well as all sorts of exotic flowers and plants.

However, Liu Yan remembered the instructor's instructions. Although this world looked beautiful, it was full of dangers.

That being said, during the first entry of the Tower, there would be a white halo that would act as temporary protection, which was also known as the beginner's protection time.

As Liu Yan was observing the world around him, notifications popped up one after another on his wristband.

He held his hand up and took a look, only to see that on the screen of the local network, notifications of new talents being awakened was constantly being displayed.

[Congratulations on awakening an F-grade talent [Increased Appetite]!]

[Congratulations on awakening a D-grade talent [Boundless Strength]!]

[Congratulations on awakening an E-grade talent [Increased Vision]!]

[Congratulations on awakening a C-grade talent, talents at the C-grade will be automatically hidden!]


As the notifications of each talent were displayed, one by one, the students completed their awakening and obtained their respective talents.

Liu Yan took a rough look. There were all kinds of talents that had been awakened, but most of them were in the F to C-grade. Even C-grade talents were few, and the highest grade that had been awakened seemed to be that of a B-grade.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan suddenly felt his whole body go soft. He almost fell to the ground, which he tried to stop.

After a long time, the numbness in Liu Yan's body gradually disappeared.

[Talent awakening, completed!]

Liu Yan quickly checked the talent that he had awakened through his smart wristband.

[Divine Extraction]

[Grade: SSS]

[Effects: The ability to extract anything. Extracting impurities will allow you to increase the strength of equipment. Extracting beasts will allow you to obtain leveling resources. Please explore the rest of the effects by yourself!]

A simple introduction, but extremely straightforward.

Especially the SSS-grade label was extremely shocking!

Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed in his heart. To think he had awakened a talent at the highest grade, SSS-grade?

Although Liu Yan did not understand the specific effects of this talent, from what he did know, it was able to continuously increase his strength, which would allow him to continuously become stronger. The talent's growth ability was truly heaven-defying!

At this moment, a broadcast sounded from the wristbands of all the humans in the Tower:

[Results of the awakening this time are as such: F-grade talent, 28 people; E-grade talent, 10 people; D-grade talent, 9 people; C-grade talent, 6 people; B-grade talent, 1 person; A-grade talent, 0 people; S-grade talent and above, 1 person!]

The surrounding students had been discussing the strength of their talents and the uses of their talents in survival and battle. When they heard the broadcast, they were all stunned.

"Damn, someone actually awakened an S-grade talent? Is this for real?!"

"Didn't they say that the current highest grade is only A-grade? How could there be an S-grade? !"

"A strong person has been born, and our era can finally continue!"

Listening to the discussions of the surrounding students, Liu Yan was secretly laughing in his heart. What he had awakened was not just an S-grade talent, but an SSS-grade talent!

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