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God of All Systems

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lordflash
  • Uploaded by user919222
"My existence is a bully to the word 'existence' itself," Patrick often declared with his characteristic arrogance. In an alternate version of Earth, Patrick was a strikingly handsome and highly intelligent teenager. This Earth, unlike the one we know, was inhabited by awakened humans with extraordinary abilities that defied the boundaries of human... 

Infinite System (Edited)

Earth 001

Metro City,

Metro City is one of the twenty cities in the Dasia Kingdom; although not as popular as the capital and other cities, it was still home to numerous powerhouses and powerful figures. It was once a normal city with mundane humans and characters, but everything had changed ever since the arrival of monsters and the unknown magical energy called Mana. People began awakening powers and skills never-before-seen; correspondingly, the arrival of superpowers brought a new construct of the food chain. The strong dominate the weak.

It was evening, and as always, the city was lively. One could see countless people roaming the streets and living their lives passively. The horns of cars sounded constantly, as they were stuck in a ten-mile-long traffic. At the traffic light, traffic police redirected the cars as they diligently did their job. Slowly turning left of the traffic light was an alleyway.

One could tell the alleyway was in the slumps area as it was unkept, with trash scattered all over the pathway. Far down the alleyway,

"You piece of shit."

One could hear a teenage boy's berating and angry shout as he and three other boys pounced down on one boy. The three aggressors were unforgiving with their attacks as they mercilessly punched and kicked the boy on the ground.

The boy being attacked was a tall dark-skinned kid with silver hair. He was physically fit and had a slightly muscular build. He seemed to be 15 to 16, as one could tell from his unmatured face. The boy lay on the ground, arms over his head as he allowed himself to be beaten; because even when being attacked, he had a calm and unbothered face, not seeming to be in pain the least.

"You think having a pretty face, and some brains makes you the best, huh?!"

The leader who previously spoke and seemed significant in size said while sending a kick to the silver-haired kid's belly. Hate, envy, and jealousy plastered all over the boy's face as his attacks became fiercer, hitting even harder than the other three boys. But as if wasn't satisfied enough, especially after realizing that their victim wasn't even screaming in pain, the boy assumed an evil smirk. Suddenly, he flipped his palm upward, and soon after, a ball of yellow flame lit on it.

Seeing this, the other boys showed signs of shock as they stared at their leader. One of them couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Big brother William. Are you actually going to use your ability, I know you hate him, but wouldn't we be committing a capital offense?!"

John, one of the boys, asked with a worried face. As awakened warriors, their first rule is to never use their ability in safe public, or even worse, against anybody, especially against unawakened; since it is a capital offense, where they might be sentenced to indefinite supervised confinement, or worse, lifetime imprisonment. But seeing that their leader was about to break this law caused his and the other two boy's hearts to tremble in fright.

"What?! Are you afraid of this little punk dying? Ha! John, you have gotten soft because of a mere mundane human, funny. I am just testing out my new level of fire skill; not a big deal, I'm sure that's a good excuse if we get caught by the officials."

William casually spoke, disregarding the worried faces of his group. He still had his evil grin as the ball of flame intensified on his palm; turning to the other boys on his left, he asked with a threatened tone.

"Do you guys also think I should go easy on him?!"

The other two boys vigorously shook their heads in denial, they knew they were weaker than William, as he can already control his flame ability with such ease. Although they all were from the same orphanage and also possessed awakened abilities, their abilities were no match against William's, so they didn't dare protest any further.

Seeing the withdrawn opinions of his group, William smirked as he stared at the silver-haired boy, without hesitating, he pointed his flame at the boy's left arm and fired his attack.


The silver-haired boy grunted in pain and held his left arm with his right as he turned over, laying on his back and facing William. The boy had golden pupils with a straight nose; he resembled an African-European teenager. Despite being attacked with an ability, the boy still maintained his impassive face as he stared at William, he only gritted his teeth because of the burn on his left elbow. Seeing the gritting face of the silver-haired kid, William laughed satisfyingly as he spoke.

"Haha! Since you like to hide and do your science stuff, now let's see how you manage without your precious hands to work with. Hahaha! Let's go."

William turned around as he slowly began walking away from the boy, with the other three boys hurriedly following behind him after. Soon later, their figures disappeared from the alleyway, returning the scene to a much calm state. With his bullies gone, the silver-haired boy steadily rose as he sat on his ass, he then began pushing himself back, ending up leaning on one side of the alleyway walls. He breathed calmly as he inspected the burn wound on his left arm.

"It's not that bad. I can heal it using the 'Regeneration Fluid.' But I must haste the progress of the 'Mana Accelerator Core or else things will become worse in the future. Now, I must return to the Orphanage, or they will notice my absence once I miss roll call."

The silver-haired boy spoke with a confident and firm tone, he had a serious look in his eyes as he spoke his plans. His name is Patrick Alexander King, fifteen years and eight months old, he is 6'2" tall and has an extremely handsome and masculine face, with a chiseled and steady jawline. But supplementary to his handsome looks, Patrick was also a genius, with a self-analyzed IQ of 500. Yes, 500. It seemed extremely unrealistic and unnatural, but who are we to comment on someone's self-analysis?

As he was an orphan, similar to William and the others, he was living in an orphanage. He grew up with them and had knowledge of pretty much everything about the group. He knew why they were adamant about bullying him; as someone with extremely handsome looks and high intelligence, it would be unnatural if he didn't have haters or envious people. Since he drew the attention of all the girls and made fools of everyone using his smart and arrogant methods, it was only a matter of time before his haters finally catch him alone in an alleyway and express their frustrations.

Half a decade ago, government officials came and tested them for awakened abilities, since they lived in the orphanage and didn't possess the necessary resources or guidance to visit a testing center. But in the end, Patrick realized that he was the only one lacking the potential to awaken, as all the other kids in the orphanage were registered awaked and would be taken in to work for the government as 'Hired Awakened.'

Since then, his favorability with the adults and other children greatly reduced, with some even distancing themselves from him. Yes, he was highly intelligent, but what use is intelligence when faced with true power? But with his arrogant nature, Patrick didn't surrender to fate; he instead utilized his intelligence as he accomplished some side projects which would be helpful to him in the future.

Twenty years ago, because of some unknown reason, people started awakening powers and abilities; some awakened the ability to fly at speeds faster than bullets, some with the strength to lift tons of weight with ease, and some with the ability to heal wounds that would normally kill instantly and many more. But with good comes bad, with light comes darkness; similarly, with powers, came 'Gates,' and with gates came powerful monsters. These monsters were completely immune to normal weapons like nukes, atomic bombs, and satellite tracking; only the awakened was their match.

First were low-ranking Gates with low-level monsters, and those were easily rid of by the Awakened without a sweat. But then, higher-ranking Gates started emerging, bringing with it an imminent and inevitable crisis that led to the destruction of nations and countries. But with the combined efforts of the remaining powerful awakened from the surviving nations, they counterattacked the monsters, later forcing them to only stay in Gates. Only a Dimension Break will cause the monsters to escape from the gates and step into the real world.

Patrick steadily rose to his feet as he began walking away from the alleyway, tightly holding his left arm while grunting with discomfort. He dusted the dirt from his black shirt and shorts as he continued his walk.

But before almost reaching the end of the alleyway, a sudden white light flashed and hovered before him, his golden eyes twitching as he raised his right hand to block the unbearable bright light. Before Patrick could even react, the light flew directly into his temple, disappearing from the scene; but simultaneously, a sound that seemed like a female British robotic voice sounded in his head.

"Ding, search complete successfully."

"Infinite system found Master... Synchronizing."

"Infinite... System?... Master...?"

Patrick had a confused and frowning expression as he murmured to himself in doubt; immediately after, a golden-colored interface materialized before him. On the interface were unknown characters and symbols which he nor anyone would understand. With a dazed expression, Patrick steadily walked backward as he rested his back against the wall. He listened as the female voice continued her chants.

"Synchronization complete... Activating all functions...5....4....3....2....1. All System functions activated."

"Functions? Who is it? Who are you?! This is truly annoying! If I had known I would be attacked twice in one day, especially by a telepath, I would have brought with me some gadgets."

Patrick asked with a cautious but worried tone as he shifted his eyes left and right; as there were many awakened, he knew there were also telepaths, people who use their minds to attack their targets, either to break their spirits/consciousness or to affect their rationality/thinking. But contrary to his anticipations, the female voice sounded again.

"Detecting Master to be in a panic state...activating 'Infinite Calm."

[Infinite calm: (Passive); Brings endless calmness]

Immediately, Patrick had a change in attitude and mood as he steadily relaxed his arms, his golden eyes now radiating with a glow, causing his portion of the alleyway to lighten up. With a confident and unhurried tone, Patrick asked.

"What are you?"

"I am the Infinite System, the Originator, and Prime Source of every system in existence, and I have found you, Master."

"Found me? You have been searching for me?"

Patrick continued with the same unhurried tone.

"Yes, Master. I have existed before the beginning of Time, Space, Existence, and even Creation itself. With my only conscious objective being to find Master. As for my origin, I am unable to recall anything before I became conscious, all I know for certain is that I am an unknown percentage of a Will."

Listening to this, Patrick had a pondering countenance as he thought of the system's words, he knew what a system was, as his reality was connected to the same Cosmic Time-flow as Earth 101, which was the actual Perspective Reality. (Basically us.) But because of his arrogant and serious nature, he never indulged himself in fantasy and novel books, therefore never taking the novels seriously, not even as a joke. He opened his lips and spoke.

"You mean you are the Will of someone, and this someone wants you to find me, your master?"

"Yes, Master. But I believe, with time, Master would uncover everything."

Listening to the system's words, Patrick smiled as if thinking of something; but he diverted his attention from his thoughts as he spoke to the system.

"System, tell me, what are your functions, abilities, and limitations?"

"Master, I have infinite functions and abilities with no limits or restrictions, and you can access all of them."

The system spoke. Listening to this, Patrick raised his eyebrow in surprise; he again placed a hand on his chin as he thought.

'Systems usually have limitations, but this one doesn't have any. And it said it was looking for me, it's Master, which means someone directly sent her to me. Could it be another me from the future? Or perhaps a different version of me from the multitudes of Universes or even the Multiverses? Looks like things just got exciting.'

Patrick thought as he forgot about his present situation. Suddenly, the scene changed from the dirty alleyway to a majestic environment. Noticing the sudden change of scenery, Patrick did not act shocked or panicked; instead, he unhurriedly raised his head and watched the stunning scene of massive landscapes and heavenly skyscrapers all magically floating in the air far in the distance. With a steady inhale, Patrick asked.

"Where am I?"

"Master, this is one among your infinite realms; everything here belongs to you, and you can manipulate it however you please. Also, Master, do you want the System Controls transferred to you?"

The female voice asked politely and respectfully.

"I don't know how to operate you, so it's best I learn that first. Yes, transfer the functions to me.

Patrick unhurriedly spoke. Immediately after, the female voice sounded again.

"Ding, transferring System Controls to Master."

The next moment, Patrick received the system functions as an unlimited amount of information constantly surged into his consciousness. He held an amazed expression seeing the unbelievable and infinite functions of the system, it was like he was in space, with the expansive space completely filled with interfaces of his skills and abilities.

But soon later, Patrick adjusted to the constant flow of information; he was surprised by his infinite skills and capabilities, but his status panel surprised him the most. Looking at his status panel, he murmured in disbelief.

" unbelievable."

Hi Everyone!

GOAS (God of all systems) will be going through an editing phase, where I will be editing every chapter, this might take a while, so I hope you bear with me. I will try to not change significant details of the plot, but note that it will be more interesting than before.

Please let me know if you like the edited ones, or just continue with the story.

Your Lazy Author,


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