Book cover of “Harem Overlord: I Always Finish Quick!“ by 2Big2FitIn

Harem Overlord: I Always Finish Quick!

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: 2Big2FitIn
  • Uploaded by user816808
Raised on Earth to be the ultimate playboy, Ryan's life takes an extraordinary turn when he traverses into another world—a world where he is the only male capable of cultivation. In this strange new realm, men are typically relegated to the roles of servants, but a rare few are born with the power to be Enhancers. The seed of Enhancers possesses un... 

An Unexpected Visitor [R-18]

Pleasure is power.

Pleasure is necessary.

Pleasure is the goal.

When one obtains power, one obtains pleasure. Pleasure is the drug that drives innovation, that drives society to advancement. Without pleasure, there would be no purpose in taking a step forward.

- Sage Omar Medlock


Ryan's breaths became rapid as he gripped his elongated shaft, his pace quickening. Clutching a phone in his chubby hands, Ryan longingly gazed at the hazel eyes staring back at him.

Biting his lip, Ryan stifled a moan looking at her bare breasts.

He had always loved how her hard nipples looked when covered by a bra or shirt. However, seeing them uncovered, Ryan perceived his naivete.

Succulent circular mounds left his mouthwatering and cock aching. Crested by stiff lone pink peaks, her nipples enticed Ryan to touch and suck them.

'Three years,' Ryan moaned, 'She's left me waiting for three years.' Three years ago today, Ryan watched his beloved friend, mentor, savior, and love die. Aliza had pulled him from the pits of hell and shown him the pleasures of heaven.

The news of her condition came out of nowhere, devastating him. The two fought many battles together, but stage 4 cancer wasn't an opponent they could beat.

Aliza, however, didn't let things end on a sour note.

Remembering Aliza's cheeky smile lying in the hospital bed, he grinned, 'She always was a tease, even until the very end.'

Aliza left him a 'surprise' that came in an automated email three years later.

"Dear Ryan, I know you've missed me these past three years. Wouldn't it be nice if we could meet again? I've left an image attached to this email that will allow you to cum to me." Even in death, she haunted him with sex puns.

Feeling the familiar tingle, Ryan quickened his strokes. Staring at her mesmerizing bust, Ryan couldn't hold on any longer and spurted.

Breathing heavily, Ryan placed his phone on his bed and exhaled, 'God, I miss her.'

Wanting to clean himself and shower, Ryan slowly rose. Then, getting to his feet, Ryan abruptly faltered and felt the world rotate around him. Unable to catch his balance, Ryan plummeted head-first into his dresser.

Slamming into the corner, Ryan saw stars before everything faded to black.


Gingerly, Ryan's eyelids began to flutter open, and his vision slowly returned. As he rolled his neck around, he touched his head, inspecting it for any injuries.

'Why are my pillows so fluffy?' He thought, bewildered by the heavenly sensation he felt supporting his neck and head.

Patting around the mattress, Ryan endeavored to find his phone. Abruptly halting his hand, Ryan thought, 'Was my ceiling always white?' Tilting his head forward, he narrowed his eyes.

Everywhere Ryan looked, he saw white. Everything inside his room had turned white overnight, from his chairs to his desk and even his carpet.

'There's no way I came that hard. . . right?'

Shrugging off the ridiculous thought, Ryan started to fling his legs out of bed when the door to his room squeaked open.

"Damn landlord," Ryan shouted. "I told you I'll pay you next week!"

Ready to kick the greasy bastard in his balls again, Ryan slipped on his now-white slippers and stormed towards the door.

Arriving at the door, Ryan flung it aside, ready to pound the money-grubbing brute into mincemeat, only to lower his hands as he stared slack-jawed at what was in the doorway.

A beauty that could turn heads no matter where she was, stood with her arms clasped behind her back in the entrance. Her proportions were breathtaking, neither overly big nor small. Gorgeous blonde hair with a frost blue hue cascaded down over black lingerie, leaving little to the imagination.

Everything about her was perfect, except for her body language. Her sky-blue eyes had a touch of coldness as she pursed her lips.

Lifting her head, she said, "So you're the enhancer I've been assigned to?"

Pushing Ryan out of the doorway, she said, "What are you doing out of bed?"

Staggering backward, Ryan said, "What are you doing here? Why are you barging into my apartment?"

Frowning, the girl said, "Didn't your parents teach you manners? Men should know their place."

Lunging forward, the girl grasped Ryan's arms, twisting them behind his back.

Caught off guard by the sudden attack, Ryan's reflexes weren't fast to save him, allowing his arms to be locked behind him.

Clasping Ryan's hands behind his back like handcuffs, she used her free hand to reach over Ryan's shoulder and began to grope his chest.

"You've got some nice stuff here, for a guy." She said, impressed by his physique.

Ryan was confused, 'Does she like fat men?' But when he looked down, he was astonished to see his once overweight body had disappeared, replaced by a firm muscular physique.

'I was not holding in that much cum. . . no way.'

Feeling her hand start to lower, Ryan said, "You know, if this was what you were after, all you had to do was ask."

"Humph, like I'd believe that," She said, snorting. "If you want to lie, come up with a better one."

Furrowing his brow, Ryan couldn't make heads or tails of what she said, 'Who wouldn't want to sleep with a beauty like her?'

Removing her hand from his lower chest, she said, "Do I have to carry you to the bed, or will you walk?"

Glancing over his shoulder, Ryan winked, "Why don't I carry you to the bed?"

Crinkling her nose, she intensified her grip on his hands as she said, "Don't try and get smart with me."

"Fucks sake, woman! I'll have sex with you, damn!" Ryan cursed as, for the first time since Aliza's teachings, he couldn't get a read on a woman.

Loosening her grip, she narrowed her eyes and said, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Yes! I'll fuck you till kingdom cums, or whatever the saying is," Ryan said, exacerbated at this woman's antics.

"Okay," She reluctantly said, releasing his hands. "But if you try anything-"

"Don't worry," Ryan said, rubbing his palms together, "You won't hear me complaining."

Please add to your library if you're excited to see where this is going to go!

Any powerstones are EXTREMELY appreciated. <3

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