Book cover of “Heaven's Retribution“ by L_Y_N

Heaven's Retribution

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: L_Y_N
  • Uploaded by user770639
In the once peaceful Middle Kingdom, graced by the heavens, harmony reigned for centuries. But as humanity succumbed to greed and self-indulgence, the kingdom fell into disarray. King Liu Wei, convinced of man's supremacy, decreed the destruction of all temples, the execution of seers, and the banning of worship. Civil unrest spread like wildfire, ... 

1. Qiao Zhi

I have to move quickly or else… she smoothly glided from trees to trees like she is flying. She reached the bamboo house in the middle of the forest before the sun sets. But the moment her feet touches the ground, something almost hit her. She saw a small cup used to serve tea on the ground. She knew she's in trouble. She looked up in the house and forced a smile.

"Master, I am back on time"

Then, another cup came flying towards her. Its good that she was able to move on her left or else

"Master, it will take us a long time before we can purchase another set to teacups. I am sure the other master would like to have a cup of tea when he arrives." She waited for any movement inside the house before saying anything again. She smiled sheepishly and then move towards the front door and slowly opened it and went inside.


"You!" The old man wearing a white robe is seated on the table in the center of the room. "I told you not to play around the village again! Why are you not listening to me?" the veins on his head is visible.

"Master, I did not go to the village," she said dignified.

"And you dare to deny it?" he suddenly stood up but then he felt the pain on his back and he stumbled down again. "Master!" Qiao Zhi immediately went to her master and help him sit up straight again.

"You little…" her master stopped suddenly and shook his head. He knew that no matter what she said, Qiao Zhi will never listen.

"So, your little disciple won again" said by someone on the door. When both the master and the disciple looked up, Qiao Zhi smiled broadly and said, "Master Heng!" Qiao Zhi gleefully approached the man who just entered and clangs on his arms.

"She acted as if you are her true master," Master Chuanli shook his head and pick up the teacup.

Master Heng moved closer to Master Chuanli, "I treated her well unlike you. Qiao Zhi, can you brew the new tea I just brought? I don't like your tea here"

"Yes, master."

After Qiao Zhi left, Master Heng looked seriously to Master Quanli.

"I know," Master Quanli said looking at him seriously as well. Master Heng take a seat facing the other master.

"I arranged everything. Are you sure you are okay with this arrangement?"

"Yes, Qiao Zhi has been with me since she's a baby. She's like my own daughter. The task I am about to do is very dangerous. I have to make sure that she is safe." There is a sudden sadness on Master Quanli's voice.

"I understand. Don't worry, I will make sure that she is safe." With that, Master Quanli nodded his head. He and Master Heng had the same master when they were still young. He can only trust the young lady to him. Since the moment he found the baby Qiao Zhi at the riverbank near Mengmeng mountain his life changes. And now that he needs to fulfill yet another important mission, he has to make sure that this young lady will be safe until his return.

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