Book cover of “Hell's Princess“ by Icon_Brat101

Hell's Princess

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Icon_Brat101
  • Uploaded by user272855
Catalaya has endured a life of relentless abuse and servitude at the hands of her family and pack. The reasons for their cruelty remain a mystery to her. Only her five loyal friends and her brother have ever stood by her side, offering her a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. The final blow comes when she is publicly humiliated and rejected by he... 




Lucifer sat in his throne room reminiscing as he looked at the last picture he took of the only woman he ever loved, his Olivia.

He has had countless affairs with almost every species known to man. He even had a son with a demon maid he slept with, and even though Lucifer felt nothing for her, he still treated her with the respect the mother of his child deserved. Furthermore, he made sure he was always a part of his son's life and that they both had everything they needed.

Lucifer left his son in charge and went to earth, where he met a human named Olivia and instantly fell in love with her. No other woman mattered to him anymore. All he saw was her. After that, he spent a year trying to get this stubborn woman to fall for him and believed it was no easy task. Changing his unflattering ways, he had become an angel instead of the devil he was.

After much trial and failure, Lucifer had finally succeeded in capturing Olivia's heart, and he planned on never letting go. He spent his days loving and caring for her, nurturing her when she was sick and protecting her from all harm. Eventually, he told her who he was, about his son, and she had accepted him with time. He felt like a new man with a purpose, and he loved every second of it.

But, fate was cruel yet kind, for his love was pregnant with his child, but he had to leave her to return to hell due to the brewing of war. With the promise of returning, Lucifer left the love of his life to protect his son and his realm in the war.

War is an unpredictable beast that requires many sacrifices and collateral. It can also cause people to do horrible things like taking the life of an innocent woman in order to gain power.

When Lucifer found out that the love of his life was murdered after giving birth to his child, a baby girl, it was the first time the devil had experienced heartbreak but what really destroyed him was when his daughter turned up missing.

Lucifer, lost in grief, blamed himself for not protecting Olivia and their child; he had failed them both. By the time the war reached its most critical hour, many thought that he would lose because of the state he was in, but they couldn't have been more wrong.

Heartbroken and empty, Lucifer massacred every enemy on the battlefield. He didn't care about anyone or anything. There was no trace of his child, it was like she never existed, but he knew that wasn't true. She was out there. He just couldn't find her. Lucifer had declared war upon the inhabitants of the earth until his daughter was returned to him. He started wars, caused disasters, plagues you name it, he did it. It was like the apocalypse. But that didn't get him any closer to finding his daughter.

Hopeless with no idea what to do next, Lucifer started losing control, his powers became untameable, and the underworld and the earth were on the brink of being destroyed. Not knowing whether or not he could contain his powers any longer, Lucifer asked the moon goddess to bind him until he was able to regain control so that he wouldn't destroy his realm, but he would never stop searching for his daughter, and when he finds the one who had taken her from him that is when the devil will really come out to play.

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