Book cover of “Her Sex Life“ by Starlady08

Her Sex Life

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Starlady08
  • Uploaded by user525874
As a child, Cassie dreamed of growing up quickly, envisioning a fabulous wedding and a loving marriage like the ones she saw in dramas. But when adulthood arrived, she discovered that life was far from the fairytale she had imagined. Reality hit hard, and Cassie's life turned upside down. All she ever wanted was someone to love and care for her, bu... 

My Playmate...

" Cassie, be good here, OK?. I'll be back tomorrow morning.."Cassie's mom told her. And then, She put her hand on Cassie's head and shake it make her hair messy.

" What ever!?!?" she rolled her eyes to her mom. Cassie hate it when someone messing her hair. She comb it by her fingers.

Cassie now left in her mom's friend, their house were a few blocks ahead from there. She can stay in their house alone but her mom won't let her. At the age of 12, Cassie achieved the the perfect body. Her vital statistics 35-23-35, but her height is only average. Many men tried to court her but she's very choosy. She always refuse and leave them broken.

Cassie was sitting on the couch when the son of her mom's friend Rex approached her.

" Cass, would you like to play video games with me?" asked the guy who were few years older of her.

" I don't like playing video games and I don't know how too." she replied but never looked at him while she talking, she was fucos on her phone.

"I'll teach you how to play, Cass. Please?? I'm too bored." begging in front of her. "please, please, please, hummn??".

" OK! ok! ok! " Feeling irritated to him. Cassie stand up and she follows him going to his room.

" Heheh, now Cassie. I lured you. Later, we will play sex thing and I'm sure you will like it". Talking himself and he draw a slight smirked.

After a long time of playing. Cassie stood up and about to leave the room. Rex suddenly holds her arms tightly.

" What? I'm tired playing. I already granted your request." she raised her eyebrows to him.

" We play another game, Cass. And you will never get tired of it coz it gives you much pleasure."

Right there, He pull Cassie on his bed and she was on top of Rex. She was stunned on what Rex did. Before she could react. Rex rolled over to exchange their position and kissed her like a hungry man never eaten for a week. He was on top of Cassie now.

Rex stopped when someone knocked on the door. It was his mom.

" Rex! Cassie! COme on down and eat your food." shouting behind the door.

"Later, mom!! We are still full!"Rex replied while his one hand covers Cassie's mouth.

Rex feel that his mom gone, he continued what he's doing on Cassie.

" Let go of me,Rex!"Cassie blurted.

" Later sweetie. If we are done here!." Rex said. He kissed Cassie deeply and he start undressing her clothes. When he saw the her big breast, he caressed it and suck the other one.

Cassie feel numb as Rex did it. She started to moan softly.

"Ohhh...hmmmnn..." biting her lower lips.

Rex went down and he widened her legs. He start licking her pussy gently and then suck it roughly..

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhh.... Reeexxxxx.. Pleeeaaaasssee". She curved her back when she feel the goodness of what Rex did to her.

" hmmmmnn... What Cassie??? You want me to stopped now... Hmmmnn???" still licking her wet pussy.

"Nooooo.... Oooooohhhhhh.... Ohhhh... Hmmmnn..."

Rex smiled and he put now his erected cock inside her. Cassie screamed because of pain. "Aahhhh!! Rex, it hurts".

"Cass, it's only painful at first and later on the pain you feel inside will disappear." He pump lowly.

"oooooooohhhhh.... Oooohhhhh...... Ooohhhh..... Rrrreeexxx..."

Rex start pumping her so hard. Until, They both panting as they reach desired climax. He lay down beside her.

"You are mine now, Cass. I want to fuck you over and over again.."he murmured.

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