Book cover of “Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage“ by Demonic_angel

Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Demonic_angel
  • Uploaded by user877168
In a world where magic reigns supreme, the Holy Magicians of the Sacred Elements govern the mythic forces. Gabriel, a young prodigy, was chosen as the Holy Priest in the Church of the Magic of Light. As the youngest mage to awaken the coveted element of light, his future seemed destined for brilliance. But one day, Gabriel vanished, as if swallowed... 

Chapter 1

"The God of Light has decided! By giving young Gabriel a sign of his blessing, he has graced the young man to be the youngest mage to awaken the element of light at just eighteen years of age!"

Cheers erupted inside a beautiful yet massive hall as an old man alerted everyone about the news.

Hundreds of people sat on one knee, facing the white-haired man as a sign of respect. In the entire hall, only two men were standing properly.

"That's why the Church of Light has decided to accept Gabriel as a member of the Main Church! He will be our youngest member at just eighteen years of age!"

The cheers became even louder at the announcement! It was the first time a person from their town was going to be selected as the Mage of Light in the Main Branch of the Church of a Light! This was a massive deal for their town!

Everyone's focus shifted to a young man in the lead who was also on one knee. The young man appeared to be only eighteen at the moment.

The young man appeared to have a beautiful yet innocent smile on his face as he gazed at the back of his left hand. There was a beautiful symbol there... The symbol that had appeared only a few days ago yet was enough to change his life forever.

Gabriel had just stepped on the cusp of adulthood, and he was already about to join the Church of Light which was the dream of billions of people in the world, including himself.

There were many elements in the world, but only a rare few awakened the elements to become a mage. And amongst all the Elements, the Element of Light was considered to be the strongest Element.

The people who hadn't awakened the element of Light wished to awaken it, while those who awakened with another element were jealous of the destiny of those who got the Element of Light!

Not only had Gabriel awakened the element of Light, but he was also the youngest to have achieved this feat!

"Gabriel," The white-bearded man said in a commanding yet gentle tone. "Please stand!"

Gabriel stood up respectfully, following the orders. Only he knew how fast his heart was thumping, but he tried to act as composed as he could.

He was really nervous and praying that he wouldn't make any mistakes today. The old man before him wasn't any ordinary mage of Light after all! He was the Head Priest from the Main Branch of the Church of Light who had arrived here from the Royal City, especially for him.

The old man stepped closer to Gabriel and placed his hand on the head of the young man. "Tomorrow, we will have your initiation ceremony at seven in the morning. You will be officially accepted as a member of the Church of Light. You'll also receive your Staff and a Guide of Basic Spells. Be here on time."

Gabriel nodded respectfully. "Yes, High Priest."

As the High Priest stood near him, he could feel the pure aura of the old man. It felt so powerful! That was the Element of Light, he thought.

"Good. You can leave." The High Priest turned around and started to leave. "We are done for now."

Right behind Gabriel in the crowd, there stood a dark-haired man who seemed to be in his early twenties. His face turned dark as he watched the High Priest leave. He couldn't help but look at the Priest who handled the matters of this small Branch of the Church of Light.

The middle-aged Priest also seemed somewhat surprised. He ran to the High Priest in haste. "Ah, Your Holiness, about my son... I mentioned him to you. He also awakened with the Element of Light. If you could also…."

The High Priest lazily glanced back. "Roan, as I told you before, I can't accept him. Tell your son to get admission to the Royal Academy of Magic and prove himself there. He can join the Church of Light after graduating from the Academy like other Light Mages."

Hearing the response, Roan became even more nervous. This was about the future of his son, after all. "But Your Holiness, that will take a lot of time. Since you're already here and accepted one member, can't you make this exception for me? Please accept my son in the Church of Light as well."

The High Priest glared at Roan in response. It appeared as if he was starting to get angry.

"Roan, don't forget your position. Are you questioning my decision? So what if your son awakened the Element of Light? There are thousands more like him. He is already twenty-three years old. By twenty, almost everyone who has the talent of becoming a talented Light Mage awakens the element. By that standard, your son is already below average."

"Moreover, the only reason I came here is for the kid called Gabriel. There has been no person who awakened with the Element of Light before the age of Nineteen. Meanwhile, this kid awakened the element before he even turned eighteen properly."

"He is the most talented Light Mage I've seen in my entire life. That's the only reason for his direct selection into the Church. Don't think I'll make that exception for everyone. Next time, don't even raise that issue with me anymore!"

The High Priest rolled his eyes before he left the hall to go prepare for the initiation ceremony tomorrow, after which he was going to take Gabriel to the Royal City where the Church of Light was established.

Gabriel stood respectfully, watching the High Priest leave. He couldn't help but wonder what the High Priest talked with the Priest of this small town. However, it was none of his concern. After the High Priest left, he also started leaving, excited for tomorrow.

Even though Gabriel attempted to leave the Church, it wasn't easy for him as there were many people on the way waiting to congratulate him.

Everyone knew that Gabriel was going to become a really powerful mage in the future with his talent. Maybe he could even become the Head Priest one day as well? They all wanted to maintain a good relationship with the young mage who was going to be a part of the Prestigious Church of Light at such a young age…

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