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Hot Stories Collection

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: floating_pearl
  • Uploaded by user754588
Immerse yourself in a tantalizing collection of unabashedly raw and sensual tales. Each story pulses with the intensity of real experiences, capturing the essence of desire and passion in their most vivid forms. This book invites you to step into a world where boundaries blur and fantasies come to life, offering an unfiltered exploration of intimac... 

Chapter 1 Auction

I had a late evening tennis game at the club, my father had promised to pick me up if I was willing to accompany him to attend the nearby auction on behalf of his company, which was fine with me, I had nothing else to do afterwards. He knew I would be dressed in my tennis clothes, but it was an unformal event and too crowded for anybody to notice anyway besides, if he drove me home first, It would have been too late for him to participate in that auction.

Walking into the hall with my dad, I was shocked how crowded it was in there, which was supposed to be a decent auction. A huge hall with semi dimmed lights, they usually hold it any time of day or night according to daddy, depending on the importance of the sold product. The first three rows were reserved for the participants who are supposed to wave their hands for approval or asking to speak, the microphone would be passed to them. The rest of the hall was very crowded and very noisy, the rest of attendees after the reserved three rows, were mostly audiences or watchers who are interested without immediate participation.

The action stadium management, usually turn the lights off after the third row as they do not want more hands up than needed, to avoid distractions, Dad was in the second raw, he asked me to stand further back as his hand should be seen. The audience part of the hall was chair less, empty hall where everybody had to stand up backing each other, the more crowed there is, the closer people are to each other, till they started pumping into each other as the number of audiences was much higher than the hall could accommodate.

I was barely eighteen by then, not really used to such semi-formal events, I would attend music concerts which seemed to be like this arrangement, except this auction was kind of boring to me at the beginning. I would say I felt kind of odd being the only one this age, especially that I was in my tennis clothes which did not hide much of my body. The top was, a short body tight T-shirt revealing my waist, belly, and naval area, the mini tennis skirt barely reached my ass bottom line. I have always been leggy with thicker thighs and bigger titties and big round ass, even at younger age, I had a curvy body. I could not miss how many eyes were following my body before the lights were turned off at our area.

The other odd thing was, most people were adults, dressed formally in business suits and ties, there were women too, but older ones with official business looks. Deep inside, I felt safer than being at a dance concert where most audience would be youngsters who would be in sloppy jeans and T shirts. Soon enough after things got dark; I discovered how wrong I was, especially when I started feeling some hips and legs pumping to my body here and there, some crotches were humped to my ass which was because of people trying to get closer to see and hear the full auction. some of them were pushing other's backs harder, I felt a few hard pushes occasionally.

The big surprise came when I felt some hands touching my body from behind, I could swear I felt a hand touched my ass over my skirt. I looked behind to see a few smiling faces who pretended not to pay attention, a couple of sorry words I heard, saying they did not mean to. I had decided to ignore that action, it seemed to be unmeant or innocent, according to my own belief by then. But, when I felt a hand under my skirt crawled higher on my thigh, I knew something was fishy. I tried ignoring it, but my ignorance seemed to give the man a hint of approval of what he was doing, he was almost over my panties rubbing my ass.

I will be honest, somehow, liked it, I looked around and noticed no one is paying attention at all, it was black dark first, and everybody was pushing everybody, loud noises, and sounds, I started getting wet by then and enjoying the action, I really wanted to see who was doing it, but it was not easy by then. The strange hand started moving sideways to my hip trying to go around to the front area. I felt a little pump into my ass from behind, it was an unmistaken hard on, that humped my ass, I felt a fully hard cock being rubbed to my ass crack over my clothes. I liked it even better, and decided to let go and enjoy the action, the main action at that hall was boring.

I felt both hands going around my waist while his crotch got closer and started humping my ass while holding my waist, the cock was getting harder and I was feeling it rubbing my ass, right between my ass cheeks. I was naughty and devilish enough to push my ass backwards meeting the rhythm of humping, and that seemed to be it. He stopped moving, glued his hard cock under his pants to my ass and moved his hand under my skirt right over my pussy, with a quick move his hand moved my panties aside and he was rubbing my bare pussy. My pussy was very wet by then, giving him the ok for sure, my being soaking wet, must have been the trigger for his mind of, not only my approving of what he was doing, but liking it as well.

I had no other choice but moan, luckily enough, the high sounds around covered everything he did, the darkness helped him too, as his fingers started rubbing my pussy, sinking deep inside me while his index finger rubbed my swelled clit. I pushed my head backwards till I felt it resting on his shoulder, that was when he kissed me on the cheek, as I twisted my face towards him, he kissed my lips while finger fucking my pussy.

Only then, I could get a full look at the man playing with my body from behind in the darkness and among all that crowed, I figured he would be a young man not caring of whatever happens. To my own surprise he was not, he was an older man, late thirties, or early forties, dressed formally and decently in a suit, he was big and a good-looking man. He smiled at me when our eyes met, I smiled back winking an eye at him and nodding, as if I were telling him never to stop, he must have felt I was enjoying myself a lot by then, although I was young enough to be his daughter.

soon enough, I was feeling an orgasm building up in my groins, I was electrified and shaking between his strong, long arms, as if I were a little bird, considering the body size difference between us. He wrapped his arms around my waist, bringing me closer to him till I was almost in between his arms and legs protected from others who were pumping into us without noticing anything. I started shaking and came right there, he felt my pussy juices all over his fingers, he pulled his finger, I leaned back again, and when our eyes met, he sucked and licked my pussy liquids off his finger which gave my body a jolt of joy momentarily.

I thought it was over, I was trying to relax, but his fingers came back to my wet cunt again rubbing and playing, I pushed my hand back between our bodies which seemed to be glued together, I wanted a feel of his cock, hoping I could play with it, may be help him cum in return.

It was not easy, but he unzipped his pants and I managed to get his cock out of his boxers' front hole, it felt huge in my little hand, I could not even wrap my hand around its thickness. I tried uselessly massing his dick, but the space between us was so tight. He pulled my hand, kissed it and pushed himself closer to me, with the hand he was rubbing my pussy he twisted my undies and moved them aside.

I felt his cock poking my ass getting between my ass cheeks, he kept pushing it, his other hand went under his dick helping it push straight till I felt his cock sliding between my ass cheeks deeper, I was shocked then, what the hell was he after, would he fuck me, Right there, In the middle of the crowed? I was totally shocked. I looked around us to see how it looked like, it was a total crazy thing to do, but I guess it was too late, I felt his cock helmet already touching my pussylips from behind.

I do not think I was in any position to struggle, refuse or do anything to stop him, the action he did was totally crazy, but very erotic to me. It was too late to think about it, I must admit that, as soon as his cockhead touched my pussy lips it arose me and I was leaking wet again, my whole body was trembling, I guess I wanted it much more than he ever did. He wrapped both of his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his body till our bodies were glued together again, I tried bushing my hips and ass backwards to his crotch making a little bend over, to give him more access. His cock seemed big and long enough to fuck me in that position, standing dogy if I may call it.

He pushed his rock-hard cock further and it was pumping against my swelled, wet pussy lips, I was only eighteen by then, but was not a virgin of course, I had already been fucked by a few cocks in all my holes by then. His cockhead pushed itself in between my pussy lips, finding its way into my slit rubbing and stretching my pussy inner walls as far as they could stretch. I felt some itching and burning with some pain first, he was really big, a cock size that I was not used to by then, but it was gliding into my witness inch by inch.

True it was not easy for him or for me, to push it inside my pussy, but he seemed to be an experienced, caring man, who knew exactly what he was doing. He fucked his cock into my pussy slowly and step by step making it slide down all the way to the hilt in me, without me suffering much pain, he was so slow too, with both of his hands rubbing my sides as if he were patting me, telling me to take it easily.

His cock was all the way in me, may be not balls deep, but the furthest it could get in me due to the situation. He froze for a moment without a single move, but as I took a deep breath, feeling my pussy inner walls stretched enough adopting to his cock, I felt I wanted him to fuck me now. We could not communicate, speak or look into each other's eyes, but I moved my ass forward and backward giving him a sign of being ready for the action.

He got my sign easily, started pulling out of me till he was halfway, then back in slowly, he started speeding up the paste of in and out fucking process, but could not do it as he or I wanted, due to the hectic and strange surroundings around us. He was doing a great job, making me moan secretly and keeping my moans deep inside my throat, but shaking and trembling of joy not pain by then.

I was brave enough to forget all the surroundings around me, with that many people and voices, concentrating on that lovely dick, which was fucking me, as if I were being fucked privately in my own bedroom that helped me cum on his prick nonstop shaking and enjoying it. At some points, I felt him picking me up over his dick lifting my feet off the ground as if I were flying up and down on his strong massive cock, which was overfilling me, stuffing my little fresh pussy with lots of cock meat.

Finally, he was shaking, tightening his hands' grips over my body, I knew he was Cumming, although I had cum three times at least by then, and was ready for my fourth when he was ready to cum, I have been a multi orgasm girl ever since I started orgasming.

As of a sudden, he pulled his cock out of me, too bad I could not take it in my mouth or take his cum over my tits, but he seemed to have pointed it to the floor, letting it waste and spasm its creamy load on the ground. He pulled out a cloth handkerchief from his, he cleaned my pussy first, then it felt as if he was cleaning his cock, he pushed his dick back in his pants. I stood still for a while, recovering from that stupid, naughty act we had just done, but deep inside, I adored his courage and braveness, over and above his intensive care, not to harm me at all during that lovely fuck game of his. He was sweet enough to straighten my clothes, put my panties back in place and push my skirt down, I was waiting for the first chance to be able to face him and talk to him.

The first thing I had on mind was to get his phone number and would spend a full night with him in a private bedroom letting him fuck all my holes. I really enjoyed him so much that I wanted it to happen again and again. I was not sure if it was him per say or was it the hectic situation that arose me and turned me on. When the auction was over, the lights came on, I turned around expecting him to be there, but he was not, he seemed to have vanished and disappeared among the crowed, I felt sorry and disappointed, but there was no way I could see him again.

A few minutes later, I met daddy again, he apologized for involving me with a boring business of his, he wrapped his arm around my waist and walked me to his car. I was praying and hoping his hand would not touch lower, he may feel the mess and slop that older man left, over my body, fucking me in that auction my daddy said it was boring, but fortunately, daddy did not.


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