Book cover of “I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack“ by Mr. Yan

I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mr. Yan
  • Uploaded by user334470
Shen Ruojing had endured enough sneers and whispers behind her back. The daughter of a prestigious family, now a single mother, looked down upon by those who once sought her favor. But she had a secret weapon—her children, and an unyielding spirit that refused to be broken. When she walked into the grand hall of the Chu family mansion for the old m... 

Which Table Should Someone Who Gave You A Grandson Get?

What would it feel like if my boyfriend was extremely energetic?

Shen Ruojing slowly woke up and felt a headache when she recalled the intense battle last night.

Who would have thought that the impossibly beautiful man last night would have such shocking stamina? It was like he didn't know fatigue and actually did her…several times!

Was he too excited because he succeeded in his marriage proposal last night?

At this moment, Shen Ruojing sat up from the bed in the hotel room and discovered that Chu Cichen was not inside the room.

Shen Ruojing then took her phone out and called him immediately. She felt there was a need to discuss the topic 'moderation' with him, but an electronic voice suddenly echoed from within the phone, and it caused her heart to sink.

"Hello, the number you just dialed is not in use."

Chu Cichen had gone missing.

After that, Shen Ruojing went to all the places he might appear in, but she didn't see anyone. Worried that he might have encountered some mishap, she ultimately decided to report this to the police. But in the end, the investigation results showed…

This person basically didn't exist!

Regardless of the working address he had once told her, his family address, the ID he had used to book the hotel room last night, or even the footage from the surveillance camera…there were no traces of him.

He vanished into thin air as if he had never existed before.

A ridiculous thought appeared in her mind: Could it be that the courtship she had experienced for half a year was nothing but a dream?

Unfortunately, she soon discovered that she was pregnant.

Hence, an uproar shook the entire Shen Family, and Matriarch Shen was greatly enraged, deciding to chase her and her parents out of the Shen Family, even striking off their names from the family register.

In the short span of a month, she, the eldest miss of the powerful Shen Family, became an abandoned woman that everyone knew about. It was said that she then fell into depravity after giving birth to a child.


Five years later, in the Luxury Intercontinental Hotel.


Shen Ruojing rode an old motorbike and sped over before coming to an abrupt stop at the hotel's entrance. Her lanky legs were on the ground to balance the motorbike.

Chu Tianye, who was five years old, jumped down from the backseat with great familiarity. He then removed his little helmet and smoothed over his naturally curly hair. His bright eyes were filled with excitement as he asked, "Mommy, are you sure that daddy is here?"

"I'm certain."

Shen Ruojing also removed her helmet. She was dressed in loose clothes, and her long hair was casually tied up. Her clear and beautiful features were shrouded in a lazy and detached temperament. She seemed very out of place when compared to the other people in the lobby who were wearing luxurious clothing.

Today was the birthday of Matriarch Chu from the richest aristocratic clan. She was currently holding a birthday celebration banquet within, and the guests who came were all either rich or had very high statuses.

Ever since Shen Ruojing was chased out of the Shen Family, she never participated in such a banquet anymore.

However, just an hour ago, she suddenly received an anonymous email with the latest piece of financial news within. The title was:Chu Cichen, the successor of the number one corporation, has returned to the country to celebrate his mother's birthday!

The photo was snapped at the airport. The man in the photo was clad in a black western suit, and his tall and sturdy figure caused the entire airport to dim in comparison. The contours of his face were clear and his features were exquisite. His deep gaze seemed as though it was capable of piercing through the monitor~~

This was none other than her boyfriend five years ago who had told her that his background was an ordinary one!

Shen Ruojing then parked her vehicle and brought Chu Tianye into the lobby. After that, a voice filled with surprise suddenly drifted over.

"Hey look, isn't that the eldest miss that got expelled from the Shen Family?"

Lin Wanru and a few other ladies stood not far away.

So when Lin Wanru heard this sentence, she immediately turned around. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Shen Ruojing and her smile froze on her face.

Her voice was filled with astonishment. "Shen Ruojing, what are you doing here?"

Shen Ruojing looked over and calmly replied, "Why can't I be here?"

As the sound of her voice rang out, someone immediately berated her.

"Shen Ruojing, watch how you are talking to Miss Lin. Do you think you are still that eldest miss from Shen Family that can stand on equal grounds with Miss Lin?"

"Although you were once known as a part of the Sea City Twin Beauties, together with Miss Lin, the current you don't even have the qualifications to lift Miss Lin's shoes!"

"Yup. Miss Lin was chosen by Matriarch Chu and she is going to be engaged with Young Master Chen!"

Shen Ruojing started. "Chu Cichen?"

"Is the name of Young Master Chen something you can mention?"

"Who do you think you are? Back then, you were unrestrained and had s*x with quite a few strangers. You probably have no idea who the father of your son is!"

"Also, look at what you are wearing. Are you in such bad straits that you can't even afford to purchase a proper dress!"

"How shameless. Shen Ruotong, your Shen Family had better teach your members more competently."

Shen Ruotong was Shen Ruojing's younger female cousin, and she was also among this group of young rich ladies. Feeling embarrassed and angry, she then rushed toward Shen Ruojing and scolded her.

"Shen Ruojing, do you know your own limits? You are nothing but a broken flower that was expelled from the family, yet you actually dared to come here? Scram quickly and stop embarrassing yourself here. Don't drag me down and shame me along with you!"

A hint of contempt flashed in Shen Ruojing's eyes.

In the matter those years ago, she was clearly the victim, but she had no idea who twisted the story and caused her reputation to plummet. She then became known as a wanton woman that everyone wanted to avoid.

It was one thing for outsiders to treat her like this, but even her family who knew the truth also treated her the same way.

She didn't want to be calculative with those who had no connection with this, but Chu Tianye didn't want his mother to suffer anymore. His tiny figure stood behind her as his clear and juvenile voice rang out crisply. "Mommy, I was wondering why there's the stench of the sea. So it turns out that the brains of everyone here are filled with water!"

Hearing this, Shen Ruotong was infuriated. "Little b*stard, who are you scolding? Come out right now!"

Seeing that chaos was about to unfold, Lin Wanru forcibly suppressed the consternation in her heart and spoke, "Enough!"

As the future daughter-in-law that Matriarch Chu had selected, she was in charge of the reception here today. Any problems here would be counted as part of her responsibility as well.

She then looked at Shen Ruojing.

Shen Ruojing's skin was like rouge. Her delicate lips were ruby red, and there was a tiny red mole on the bridge of her nose that increased her charm factor. As her peach blossom eyes sparkled slightly, she exuded a feeling of transcendence in the world.

…She must not allow Shen Ruojing to appear at the Chu Family's banquet!

Lin Wanru clenched her fingers and feigned goodwill as she spoke, "Miss Shen, have you brought the gift money? If you want to enter, it's impossible with just an invitation. You have to bring some gift money as well…"

Shen Ruojing started slightly. "What gift money?"

"Maybe it has been too long since you last attended a banquet and you are unclear of the Chu Family's rules."

Lin Wanru continued speaking, "Matriarch Chu's nature is that of a money-lover, so she only accepts money and not presents for her birthday celebration. Hence, there is an unwritten rule in her banquet."

"Those who gift one million can sit at this table."

"Those who gift ten million can sit at that table."

"Miss Shen, can I ask how much money you are planning on gifting?"

Shen Ruotong angrily stomped her feet when she heard this. She found this very embarrassing. "How would she have money? Their family is so poor to the extent that they don't even have the money to buy milk powder! Shen Ruojing, you didn't come here to steal a free meal or something, right?"

The others also began to mock her.

"Not any Tom, Dick, or Harry can attend the Chu Family's banquet. She even brought a little b*stard along. How ridiculous, wait…could she have come here to look for her child's father…?"

"Miss Lin, you are too soft-hearted. You should directly get the guards to toss them out!"

Lin Wanru revealed an apologetic smile. "Miss Shen, you should quickly go if you didn't bring any money. It wouldn't be too good if you got chased out…"

Just when everyone was waiting to see a joke…

All of a sudden, Shen Ruojing's lips curled into a smile before she pushed Chu Tianye, who was glancing with interest at everything here, to the face of the butler. "Could I trouble you to ask Matriarch Chu this question? Which Table should someone who gave the Matriarch her eldest grandson get?"

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