Book cover of “I Can Enter the Game“ by Ask The Heart Forever

I Can Enter the Game

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ask The Heart Forever
  • Uploaded by user968604
Qin Lin was playing a nostalgic game called “Ranches Story” when he was suddenly electrocuted. He discovered he had the ability to enter the game world—and bring items back to reality. His first plan was simple: sell watermelons. For 2 yuan a catty, he could earn 20,000 yuan by planting 10,000 catties worth of watermelon in the game each day and se... 

Suddenly Able to Enter the Game!

Reality could be a beautiful and soft girl who lets you experience everything good. It could also be a fat and fierce woman who crushed you until you could not breathe. This depended on how much savings you had.

The scorching sun in August made people restless.

In Youcheng County.

It was a lousy place with an average salary of 3 to 4,000 yuan and an average house price of 12,000 yuan.

In a small fruit and vegetable shop, Qin Lin handed the vegetables in his hand to a middle-aged woman with a smile. "Auntie, your vegetables. Please come again."

After sending off the guests, he looked at a few annoying flies and had to pick up the fly swatter to chase them away.

After the chaotic battle, a few mosquito corpses were cut down.

Qin Lin sat on the recycling table and picked up his phone to open a new nostalgic game, "Range Story."

This was a game developed by farming. It was very open and did not require too much technology. It could kill time for the people guarding the shop.

It had been a year since he graduated, but he had still achieved nothing. Instead, he was selling fruits and vegetables as a tourism management major. Reality always left him with no choice.

His family had been poor for three generations. A few years ago, his grandfather had gotten sick. Before he passed away, his father had relied on this fruit and vegetable shop to wake up early and work late to maintain his grandfather's medical expenses and family expenses.

However, God was joking with their family. After Grandpa passed away, his father was also diagnosed with cancer a year ago because of his long-term fatigue.

It was almost impossible for his mother to survive with this small fruit and vegetable shop. Even after selling the house and borrowing hundreds of thousands of yuan from everywhere, she still could not save his father.

His mother also had health problems because of her hard work. Her various checkup data were not very good and she needed someone to take care of her.

Therefore, even if he had the chance to stay in a big company after graduation, he had to come back to take care of his mother and inherit this small fruit and vegetable shop, including his family's external debt.

If most people's starting point was 0, his was negative hundreds of thousands.

There was no fairness in life.

It was not that he had not thought of looking for opportunities while watching the shop, but as a graduate, not only did he lack social experience, but he also did not have the funds.

With the income of this shop, the maintenance of expenses and his mother's nutritional expenses, and the fact that he has to repay a little external debt every month, his card balance was less than 4,500 yuan.

He did not even have the right to go to the hospital for a cold.

After all, he could not earn 100,000 to 1 million yuan a month on a certain sound platform with a 30 square meters fruit shop. It was a magical place with a per capita of 100 million yuan.

Before his mother's health improved and he did not need anyone to take care of him, he could only stay in this small shop and maintain his survival.

He sighed and controlled his game character to walk out of the door. In front of him was the six plots of watermelon land. He had only opened these six plots not long after he started the game.

Weeding and watering!

After a while, the watermelons on the six squares also indicated that they were ripe. The time flow in the game was always different. Watermelons that took a few months to mature in reality could mature in the game in more than ten hours.

Every piece of land could produce 15 to 20 watermelons.

Qin Lin was about to control the game character to pick watermelons when an electric current suddenly shot out of his phone, instantly numbing his entire body.

A power leak?

Qin Lin subconsciously wanted to curse.

This was not a third-rate phone. How could a leak be so powerful?

"Ding! Special game channel activated. Lock in the game "Range Story." Please wait a moment…"

"???" Qin Lin patted his head.

How could he have hallucinations from touching electricity?

"Ding! Special game channel connection successful. You have connected to the game "Range Story." Is this the first time the host has entered the game?"

A very psychedelic scene appeared in Qin Lin's mind at the same time. It was a pasture with mature watermelons lying on the ground.

Was this a game scene from "Range Story"?

The game character was still standing in front of the watermelon field. It was the same character he had controlled to pick the watermelon just now.

What was even more unbelievable was that with a thought, the game character went forward and picked a watermelon.

Could he play games with his mind?

Then, Qin Lin found a special notification option at the top of the screen: Do you want to enter?!


Qin Lin thought of the notification from before and found it unbelievable. He tried to make a choice.

A strange suction appeared. Almost instantly, the scene in front of him changed.

In front of him was a green watermelon field.

There was a special fragrance of watermelon in the air. Furthermore, he was holding a watermelon in his hand, as if he had replaced his game character.

"This isn't an illusion?" Qin Lin was in disbelief. The feeling of the watermelon in his hand was abnormally real. Furthermore, there was a message floating in it.

[Seedless Watermelon: Quality 1]

[Remarks: Although it's not a special type of watermelon, it's produced by the game. It's the best among ordinary watermelons.

Delicious +1, sweet +1, taste +1.]

The fruits planted by this Ranches Story had quality. The higher the quality, the more delicious they were, and the higher the price.

However, this remark was different from the game. There was actually an attribute enhancement.

Qin Lin put down the watermelon in his hand and picked a few more. Another message appeared. Every message was the same. They all had the attributes of Delicious +1, Sweet +1.

He looked around again. Buildings with windmills, storage rooms, fences…

Everything was the same as in the game.

The only difference was that the land in front of him was really wide. It was filled with watermelons, not the small modules in the game. Even the fruits planted were represented by numbers.

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