Book cover of “I Can Peek Inside Every Place and Even Record It“ by Dark_Crow1111

I Can Peek Inside Every Place and Even Record It

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dark_Crow1111
  • Uploaded by user487517
Ciel reincarnated into a cultivation world, a vast realm full of wealth and beauty. However, he finds life as a reincarnator is not as easy as he imagined. In all his years of cultivation, he was never able to live like the main character. Every day was filled with suffering until one day, he obtained one of the Legendary Nine Heavenly Treasures—th... 

Eyes of Heaven

There were various misfortunes in this world, but today Ciel had a misfortune that made him not know whether to laugh or cry.

He fled to the Ice Continent, the continent that was considered the most calm and peaceful in the Realm of Life because people from other continents didn't dare to make a mess here.

The Ice Goddess, the God who ruled this continent, was the type who really didn't like to be disturbed. Anyone who disturbs her will be pursued even if you flee to the end of the world.

She is also one of the strongest Gods, few Gods can be her opponent even in the Seven Realms, so most Gods fear her as well.

Ciel originally thought he would be able to live peacefully here after spending all his wealth to come here.

However, who would have thought that his handsome face was considered a nuisance to the Ice Palace disciples who were required to have frozen hearts.

Consequently, he was beaten up by those disciples until his body turned blue.

Currently, he was completely in a helpless state.

The problem was that everyone who beat him up were beautiful women with snow-white skin.

"If you want to live peacefully here, make sure to cover your face or next time I'll tear your skin off." A cold, charming voice echoed from the beautiful black-haired young woman.

Ciel stared at the woman who looked to be in her early 20s.

She had a slim and charming figure, her curves still visible even though she was wearing a loose dress.

Her eyes were light blue, perfectly matching this world full of snow.

Her name was Mu Yixue, the youngest disciple of the Ice Goddess and one of the top young generations in the Realm of Life.

Her talent was considered peerless, she could create ice from the moment she was born.

Despite his anger, Ciel forcefully tried to show an expression like he was admitting his mistake so that the woman would not continue trying to punish him.

"Hmph!" She snorted coldly at Ciel before turning around and taking a step to leave while waving her hand to the other women.

Looking at her from behind as he walked, Ciel could still see her indescribable ass.

He thought touching that ass would definitely give him a sensation beyond his imagination.


Of course, when the woman left, he cursed her.

She didn't hit him, but she ordered the others to do so.

'I don't know if there's a chance for me to reach the peak of this world like the main character in novels.' Ciel wondered as he forcefully sat down.

He then touched his own face to check if there were any injuries. After all, it was the best part of his body, he did not want any damage.

His face can be said to be a combination of handsome and beautiful, and it looks even more striking because of his slightly curly white hair.

Fortunately, the women's hearts might not have completely reached the freezing point.

He didn't find any wounds on his face which meant they were holding back when attacking his face.

Ciel laughed as he thought of that.

'But there's no use for this handsome face without mighty strength,' he thought.

After that, he took the last Life Pill he had to restore his body.

It at least allowed him to stand up.

He then took out a long cloth from his storage ring and covered his head from chin to hair, leaving only his pair of silver eyes.


He sighed before walking out of the narrow alley.

His bad mood quickly calmed down as he arrived at the highway due to the majestic sight of the Ice City.

This was a city filled with tall buildings with materials similar to ice.

It snowed all the time and there were many living snowmen walking around the city.

"Mm!" Suddenly, the sky full of clouds brightened as a beam of light appeared.

It was extremely fast and headed towards the giant ice palace in the center of the city.

'That's the Elf aura, is it the Elf Queen?' Ciel wondered.

When arriving on the Ice Continent, he had often heard news that the Elf Queen had visited the Ice Palace several times.

This was naturally something that generated a lot of questions because whether it was the Ice Goddess or the Elf Queen was one of the few strongest women.

The former was famous for her cold nature while the latter was considered to be the most wise and kind.

People want to know the reason they met, like what kind of things did they discuss?

Of course, Ciel did not have enough weight to care about such things.

He took a step to leave, but after just one step, he suddenly fell down.

"What the hell!" He spontaneously cursed because cultivators like him should not be able to fall over. Something caused that.

He looked at the ground he was about to step on and was surprised when he saw a faint light emanating from beneath the ground.

"What is this?" He wondered because he hadn't seen that before.

That it existed until now proved that it really didn't exist before or else someone else would have checked.

Out of curiosity, Ciel scooped up the ground with his hands.

With just one scrape, he found the object that was the source of the light.

"Mm!!!" Ciel was quickly surprised because what he found was a pair of eyes.

To his surprise, the eyes seemed to be alive, even staring back at him. And he could feel the sensation of being stared at.


Suddenly the eyes moved, flying towards Ciel's face.

He couldn't dodge because those eyes were really too fast.

However, he didn't feel like anything had hit him.

"No, it's not like that," Ciel said suddenly as he felt a change in his eyes.

An instant after that, a string of information suddenly entered his head and he realized that it was coming from his eyes.

(Eyes of Heaven!)

One of the Nine Heavenly Treasures.

Eyes that can see everything and can penetrate anything undetected no matter who it is. Eyes that can also record every single thing that has been seen and turn those recordings into countless Mirror Jade.

The Jade Mirror itself is something that has a function similar to a camera on earth, it can record and then display the recording into a video.

When he first saw it, Ciel thought of it as a spiritual camera.

Here, although there was no technology that relied on science, but by relying on spiritual power, civilization became more magnificent. All technology had its spiritual version.

And it turned out that the Jade Mirror created with the Eyes of Heaven could be activated by the owner of the eyes no matter where the Jade Mirror was. He can even detect its location.

It only requires a thought.

However, it could also be set in advance so that if something happened to the owner of the Eyes of Heaven or he was too far away from his Jade Mirror, the Jade Mirror would activate automatically.

As for the distance that the Eyes of Heaven's gaze could reach, it would depend on the strength of the user.

A God using the Eyes of Heaven can even see things beyond the Seven Realms.

Plus, other people no matter how powerful they were, would not be able to activate the Jade Mirror unless the owner allowed it.

In fact, that pair of eyes is also completely united with its owner, unable to be taken away and seized unless the owner dies.

That information made Ciel's face freeze while his body trembled.

He could not believe what was happening so he wondered if he was dreaming because he had always thought his life in this cultivation world would only be ordinary.

Unintentionally, he looked at Mu Yixue who was already far away.

His silver-colored eyes flashed light for a moment as he thought of activating the Eyes of Heaven.

When he thought that Mu Yixue was not far away from him, she seemed to appear in front of him.

"Eh..." And he unintentionally thought of something he shouldn't.

Instantly, the woman's dress disappeared from his sight, leaving only her beautiful body.

Ciel's mouth opened and he spontaneously jumped up, falling on top of a snowman's head.

"What are you doing, man!" The snowman was instantly enraged, hitting Ciel in the face before running off.

Ciel had no interest in caring about that, he looked around.

One by one, the buildings in this city disappeared from his sight, allowing him to see the people inside the buildings.

To his surprise, he even heard the voices of the people he was looking at.

"Oh my goddess!" Over time, Ciel's blood became so hot that he did not feel cold at all.

His fists were clenched tightly and he wanted to scream.

'Finally, I have a way to reach the top,' he said to himself, refraining from scream.

His eyes then gazed at the magnificent palace in the center of the city.

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