Book cover of “I Can See the Hidden Hints in the Apocalyptic World“ by No Bamboo Shoot Panda

I Can See the Hidden Hints in the Apocalyptic World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: No Bamboo Shoot Panda
  • Uploaded by user932213
On a certain afternoon, countless pillars of light fell from the sky, dragging a few billion people into an apocalyptic game. Everyone started with a lot of resources, but Chu Heng found himself amid a zombie horde. However, Chu Heng discovered he had a hack—he could see hidden hints. "[Congratulations! There is only one zombie in this hardware sto... 

Transmigrating to the Apocalyptic World, I Can Actually See Hidden Hints (1)

Player: Chu Heng

Gender: Male

Strength: 9 (The average is 10, the human limit is 99)

Agility: 8 (The average is 10, the human limit is 99)

Constitution: 8 (The average is 10, the human limit is 99)

Talent: None

Note: After the sum of the three attributes reaches 99 points, you can choose to plant the Alien Core into your body to form an Energy Core and awaken the corresponding ability.

Looking at the information screen that suddenly appeared in front of him, Chu Heng was stunned.

A moment ago, he was still on his way home from work, but suddenly, all the pedestrians on the street, including him, seemed to have been frozen by a curse. Then, as pillars of light appeared, they disappeared.

Then, after a burst of light, when he woke up again, he was on the unfamiliar road in front of him.

He looked around.

There were dozens of cars of all kinds parked on the road. The situation was tragic, and it looked like a large-scale car accident.

On both sides of the road, the walls, doors, and the ground in front of the blood-stained shops made the atmosphere especially sinister and strange.

What terrified Chu Heng the most was that there were many "people" around him who looked exactly like the zombies in the movies.

Of course… if the creatures whose intestines had spilled all over the floor and whose bodies were riddled with nicks but who still clung to human hands and feet for sustenance were considered "humans."


"Don't tell me I've transmigrated to the apocalypse!"

As a fan of apocalyptic web novels, Chu Heng had seen many such scenes in novels.

This was the only way to explain these unbelievable things that had happened to him.

At this moment, a screen of light suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then, lines of blood-red text began to slowly appear.

Welcome to the Doomsday Survival Game!

This game has picked all humans between the ages of 16 and 65 on Planet Earth as players. In order to ensure fairness in the game, the players' physical fitness has been corrected. The dying, the seriously ill, and the physically defective have been restored to normal.

The main enemies of the players are bloodthirsty creatures that far outnumber you. Survival is your only goal. If you want to live well, please remember the following.

1. You only have one life. If you die or are infected in this game, the player will really die. Please cherish your life!

2: Bloodthirsty creatures have always been evolving. Devouring the flesh of players can accelerate the evolution. On the contrary, players can also quickly improve by killing zombies and collecting Crystal Cores!

3. When night falls, the bloodthirsty creatures will become more active. Their ability to search for prey will also greatly increase. We suggest that all players stay in the safe shelter to avoid danger!

4. Mutated plants and animals are not only a threat to survival, but if they can be used well, they can also be converted into important resources!

5. There are many supply boxes scattered all over the world. You can obtain unexpected good things inside.

6. After the game begins, every player will receive a novice gift bag, which includes basic gathering skills, an electronic map of the world, and a 20-slot space ring containing three days of living supplies. If you use these resources well, you can live longer!

7. Players can consume a certain number of Crystal Cores and Space Ring Fragments to increase the level of their space ring, obtain a larger storage space, and unlock more storage privileges.

Note: The Space Ring Fragments can be obtained by collecting players' corpses!

Attention: The game will officially begin in three minutes. At that time, the bloodthirsty creatures will be released from the time freeze. Players, please make full use of these three minutes to collect supplies and find a safe shelter!

Initiating trading function…

Initiating chat channel…

Rebooting city power (Newbie benefit, lasts for seven days)

Reloading resource status. Returning to half a year after the apocalypse.

Player's immobilization status removed!

As the last paragraph appeared, Chu Heng instantly felt the shackles on his body dissipate.

He was about to smoke a cigarette to calm himself down when he realized that he had nothing on him except a ring on his right index finger that was glowing with a dark metal glow.

At the same time, the regional chat channel was quickly flooded with players' messages.

"Damn… What happened? I was just playing with my phone in bed. Why did I suddenly appear on the street…"

"Have you seen the content on the light screen? Don't tell me we've really transmigrated to the apocalypse…"

"Damn, I'm dead for sure… There are two zombies in my room… What should I do…"

"I'm not any better… I'm on a bus now. There are zombies everywhere around me. I should be dead… Zhu Ziran, I love you…"

"I'm so scared… There are zombies everywhere. Can anyone come and save me…"

Looking at everyone's situation in the chat channel, Chu Heng couldn't help but smile bitterly at the surrounding zombies.

It seemed that he had drawn the worst lot!

Looking at the various shops lined up neatly on both sides of the street, Chu Heng's eyes lit up.

'I think… I can still struggle a little?'

Although the situation was dangerous, as long as he could find a safe refuge in three minutes, he had a chance of survival.

Otherwise… When these zombies were freed from their time freeze three minutes later, he would become their first mouthful of warm food after waking up.


How would it be easy to find a safe place in three minutes?

The surrounding shops either had their doors wide open or tightly shut, but without exception, the outer walls of every shop and the ground in front of them were stained red and black with blood.

It was impossible to tell which shop was safe and which was dangerous without taking a closer look.

And if he chose wrong, not only would it be a waste of time, but if he couldn't find a safe place to hide in the remaining time, there was a high chance that he would lose his life.

This was undoubtedly a gamble. Whichever shop he chose, he was betting his life on it. He had to be careful.

Time waited for no one. As he hesitated, the "death countdown" continued to refresh.

Gritting his teeth, Chu Heng finally made up his mind and rushed towards a restaurant with the door ajar and less blood on it.

But he hadn't gone more than a few yards when a voice in his head stopped him.

Ding! Detected that the host's appearance, talent, luck, and other comprehensive factors far exceed those of ordinary people. You are extremely suitable. Hidden Hint System has been bound to you.

As soon as he finished reading, Chu Heng suddenly realized that there was a hint box beside the restaurant he was looking at.

There are eight hungry zombies wandering in the lobby of this restaurant, waiting for a certain "lucky person" to rush in so that they can have a good meal!

'What's this?'

Chu Heng was first shocked, but then he was overjoyed when he thought of the voice in his mind.

"What system… Isn't this just a game cheat? It seems like the heavens don't want me to die!"

As an avid MMORPG player, Chu Heng was no stranger to cheating. He even wanted to ask if the cheat was stable…

He looked at the countdown on the screen. While he was stunned, more than twenty seconds had passed.

The restaurant was clearly out of the question. He had to find other safe havens as soon as possible.

Chu Heng quickly continued to scan the other shops and hints appeared in front of him.

There are 22 zombies wandering around this supermarket. There are all kinds of clothes, shoes, and a small amount of pure water. If I were you, I would try to stay as far away from here as possible!

There are five zombies in this pharmacy. There are all kinds of medicines needed for survival in the apocalypse. Some Golden Flower Dew and some useless health supplements. Perhaps we can try them?

There are no zombies in this piano shop. There are all kinds of instruments and some food inside, but the door is locked. It will take some time to open.

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