Book cover of “I Hacked the Damned System“ by ItsHashi

I Hacked the Damned System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ItsHashi
  • Uploaded by user753939
It all began when the VRMMORPG, Emberhorn, was unleashed upon the world, offering endless adventures—leveling up stats, battling monsters in dark dungeons, slaying dragons, earning noble ranks, and truly living in the game. Adrenoid, a fervent adventurer at heart, found himself captivated. He spent years immersed in Emberhorn, exploring its mysteri... 

An Outrageous Quest

[Yes, everyone! Today is the day that the highly anticipated game, Emberhorn, releases worldwide with the new EmberGear headset that is specifically made for this game to bring forth its full potential…]

I stared into the screen of my phone as the news reporter announced that.

"Sigh…" I was laying sideways on my bed as I quit Wtube and slide my phone away, I stretched my arms out as I groaned. "I don't wanna go to work tomorrow…" I talked out loud to nobody but the air itself.

Ding Dong.

The bell of the door of my apartment rang as I began to sink into my daily depression, "I wonder if that's my order."

Although the announcement was made today for the game to release, I had already preordered it two months ago by going into debt.

It was the long-awaited day when I'd get to enter a new world of VRMMORPG and escape from the shitty reality I'm met with every day, yet again.

"Order for Noid," I heard the voice of the courier beyond the door.

That's right, I have my online name as Noid because Adrenoid sounds weird as hell for the day and age we're in.

"Yes, yes!" I ran to the door, "Kgh!" I stubbed my toe on the leg of my pc's desk and fell to the ground face-first.

"Is… everything alright?" The guy asked after I finally opened the gate of my chamber to receive the package.

"Yes, everything is perfect. Doesn't it seem so to you?" I asked as I held a hand to my bleeding nose.

"Uh… Yes, everything is perfect. Just sign it here and we're good to go." He offered me a piece of paper and a pen.

"Would blood be alright?"

"You're not signing a contract with the devil." He voiced deadpan at my broken humor.

"That's true… Goodbye now." I signed the paper and blew the door closed after taking hold of my package and ran to my VrBed which consisted of a soft layer upon a futuristic-looking gadget with a circular coverage on the part where the head of the human rests.


I breathed in heavily as I moved my nose along the cardboard box, feeling that 'New' smell things have when they're first unboxed.

I'd do an unboxing video and upload it but I'm too lazy to do that so I'll just enter the game right away.

I took the headset out of the box, inserted the mini card that contained the oh-so-pricey game into it, and plugged the cable into the VrBed which was connected to my pc.

"Let's see if it'll disappoint or not." I voiced as I lay on the soft cushion, rested my arms on the long handles that connected to my physique, and immersed myself in the new world that stretched out within these eye covers.


Such noise entered my ears as I traveled into a dark-blue darkness.

[Welcome, Player 612!]

A system pop-up appeared in front of me.

[Costumize your character:

Hair Color: ____

Eye color: ____

Height: ____

Weight: ____

Race: ____

Job: ____

Weapon Preference:]

[Notice: You cannot change these options after you first select them!]

"I wonder what races there are in this game… Why the fuck do we need to put in our weight!?"

I guess I'll base my character on myself, although make it hotter and sexier, of course.

Ding. A notification sound entered my ears.

[As a pre-order customer, you have been awarded a 'Random Prize Box']

[Please swing your fist upon the cube to pull a prize!]

What's this, a gacha game?

Although, don't mind if I do, who doesn't love getting an upstart?

I did as the game instructed me and immediately after a rolling spin appeared in front of my eyes.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…

I couldn't yet see the contents of what there was in the prize pool as the pointer made noises per each element that passed by it.

Then, very slowly the spinning came to a halt.

[Congratulations, you've received the following reward: Mythical Race]


Was the luck of my life used in this single moment? I felt a surge of excitement gurgling from the pit of my stomach as I filled in the details after returning to the customization tab.

[Costumize your character:

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Dark-Brown

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 69Kg

Race: Mythical

Job: Adventurer

Weapon Preference: Daggers]

[Notice: You cannot change these options after you first select them!]

Are daggers a bad option to go with? I wonder.

Fuck it, we do what we gotta do, I want to be the main character in this world at least.

[Do you wish to continue: (Yes) - (No)]

[Do you wish to continue: (Yes)]

"Huh?" I was suddenly brought into a circular forest covered with golden walls.

I felt the warm breeze on my skin as I gazed at my hands, wriggled my fingers, and scratched myself.

Though I picked a mythical race, doesn't it feel like I'm a simple human?

"Why does this… feel so real?" I voiced as I could see my own chest rising when I breathed.

"So when the ads said it will be the most realistic VRMMORPG… they were for real?"

I scanned my clothes.

I was wearing a formal attire that consisted of a black shirt, black pants held by a golden belt with a sapphire crystal in the center, a white coat with trails of golden fabric that stretched down to the back of my knees, and a glove on my right, dominant hand.

Right under it, on my waist, was a [D-Rank Dagger]

"This fit goes hard not gonna lie," I voiced to myself as I began walking on the dusty roads of the forest.

"Even my voice sounds the same… Am I also talking out in the real world?"

After some time, eventually, I came to contact with a small village… Which was being destroyed by a monster four times my size in height.

[Urgent Quest: Survive the attack of the Seven-Headed Hydra]

[Difficulty Level: S(C)]

[Clear Reward(s): S Class Weapon(Dagger)]

[Failure: Death]

I opened the menu and clicked log out without a second thought.

[Access Denied: You cannot leave during an Ongoing Quest.]

[Notice: The difficulty level has been adjusted to fit the Trial-Quest]

[Have Fun]

"You've gotta be shitting me!"

"What in the Blade Art Online is this game?!

I immediately made a run for it as the monster took notice of me, dropping the bloody corpse from its maws and quickly swiveling in my direction.

"Run, Adrenoid, run!" I ran as fast as this body allowed me to.

Fuck, I don't want a game to fry my brain if I die in it! I thought as I recalled that anime that aired twenty years ago.

As the tall Hydra made a run for my back, desperation began to surface over me.

I want to live…

[Mythical Race Attribute: (Rationality) Is in effect.]

I felt my nerves quiet down as I got control of my thoughts.

This thing worked like a charm.

"..." My eyes jumped around in their sockets as I studied the area stretched out before me.

"I'll run this way," I turned to my right as I made my way into the forest, which was an environment full of disadvantages for the multiple-headed monster.

This game so far doesn't make any sense.

"Kiryaa!" The hydra screeched as it stayed on my tail, not missing sight of me for a single fraction of a second.

"Ah, fuck!" I cursed as a fire breath made its way towards me.

"Hmph!" I jumped away, barely missing the red flames whose heat I felt on my skin.

I jumped over tendrils of tree trunks and swished in a zig-zag motion in between them.

Making this an unsuitable environment for the hydra.

I eased my steps on the ground to not be heard as I invested five of my ten points into my physical stats.

My feet received more spring as I jumped on a tree after barely fooling the hydra by throwing three rocks opposite to my location, baiting it away.

"Hah, hah…" I panted out loudly as I pulled my dagger.

I must fight.

Even if I'm scared shitless. I built my resolve as I clutched my shivering wrist with my other hand.

"... Let's do this." A shuddering breath left my lips as I built my resolution to face it.

Relax, Noid. This is not the first time you're playing a VRMMORPG.

Even though it's my first time playing this game specifically, I am a pro player on other VRMMORPG games.

Feeling a bit more pain than the others… won't be an issue.

I jumped from branch to branch as I made my way towards the rampaging monster.

"Hah…" I exhaled out slowly as I clenched my dagger firmly.

I invested the remainder of my points in my agility as I pushed strength into my calves, biceps, and forearms.


"Kirya?" The hydra's numerous heads looked around as they felt something on their skin.


"Graghhh!" One of its necks had been cut down, making me realize that this game truly doesn't make sense, after all, I cut through the tough hide of an S-Rank Hydra with a D-rank dagger.

Could it also be an effect of my Mythical Race?

"Yes!" I wanted to celebrate out loud for my successful attack, but I didn't dare give away my position.

Thus, I didn't waste any more time and repeated the same thing.

This environment had been perfect for me.

In the trees higher than a building, I could make footing anywhere I wanted by their countless branches.

The hydra, which was four times my size and whom I led into this trap had nowhere to go as I slowly but surely minced into refined meat while still alive.

Its fire breath had gotten a quarter of the wide forest on a fiery blaze as the cut-up necks began to regenerate before I got rid of the last one.

"Fuck it!" I yelled out as I risked it all when I got sight of its health bar that was lower than ten percent and closed the distance between us, transitioning right under their necks, and taking aim.

The heart should be… "Here!" I impaled my dagger into its skin with as much force as I could muster.


The red health bar dropped to zero and the hydra simply pixelated after screeching out one last time, giving me a reality check for the first time in a while that this was just a game, not reality itself.

"Phew…" I let out a breath as I slumped to the ground, feeling my sore muscles.

"Woohoo!" I yelled out as excitement gurgled into my stomach after surviving such a fight.


[You've earned yourself a modifier: The Serpentine Slayer]

[Points awarded: 25]

[Mythic-Killing Dagger: Rank S]

Numerous pop-ups filled my screen as the dagger dropped where I had killed the hydra.

"Now this makes me feel good…"


Little did I know, I would become unhealthily addicted to this game all because of this adrenaline rush I had gotten here; And little did I know that this game would become a reality because of me.


[Author's Note: Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed this introduction of this story! If you think that this novel will contain an OP mc, well, you're wrong and right. After all, reality differs from a game, and so does a game that will become a reality in the following chapters.]

Hello everyone, welcome to the new story of mine that I started for the WPC. I do hope you enjoyed this chapter and got hooked to the story, considering I displayed a bit of my writing skills and made the chapter a bit longer.

It is my first time writing a fully based system novel, so if you see anything amiss, I do hope you cut me some slack, any opinions about it would be helpful!

As for the story itself, well, all I can say is continue reading, you're in for a ride!

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