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I Have Seven Stunning Sisters

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: urian
  • Uploaded by user248952
I have seven stunning older sisters, all doting and fiercely protective, yet they don't know that I have already become the king who makes the world tremble! Eldest sister, Ye Qingcheng: An aloof CEO with a sharp mind and an iron will. Second sister, Lin Qingtan: A skilled doctor with a gentle touch and a heart of gold. Third sister, Liu Yan'er: A ... 

Come back, King of Heaven!

In Jiangcheng in July, the sun is scorching like fire.

Among the bustling crowd, a thin young man silently watched this familiar yet unfamiliar city.

"Fifteen years, I'm finally back, my seven sisters, are you all okay?"

The young man whispered.

His name is Lu Yun. He is an orphan. He grew up in an orphanage. He has seven unrelated older sisters who treat him like a close relative.

Their favorite game when they were young was to play house with Lu Yun, and they promised that they would marry Lu Yun together when they grew up.

At that time, Lu Yun was only five years old, and the childish voice said, we are not three or four-year-old children anymore, we must keep our word.

So the sisters hooked up with him, whoever repented was a puppy.

In this way, little Lu Yun was looking forward to growing up every day, until a fire completely destroyed his life.

In that fire, the sisters could have run out, but in order to go back to find him, they were eventually trapped in the sea of fire.

Little Lu Yun was frightened and cried loudly.

But even in this situation, the eldest sister still held him in her arms, comforting him not to be afraid.

The fire was blazing.

The eight children clung to each other and were soon choked out by the smoke.

When Xiao Luyun opened his eyes again, it was still the sea of flames, but the difference was that an old Taoist priest appeared in front of him at some point.

The old Taoist stood on the blazing flames, his clothes were intact.

Little Lu Yun was stunned, thinking he was hallucinating, until the old Taoist said: "I can save your sisters out, but only if you take me as your teacher."

This sentence was like a life-saving straw, Xiao Luyun agreed without thinking about it.

At that time, he didn't realize that his life would be completely rewritten from then on.

After leaving the orphanage, the old Taoist brought Lu Yun to a Taoist temple, taught him medical skills, martial arts, spiritual skills, and even let him practice a nameless magic skill.

This stay is ten years.

Lu Yun was fifteen years old and thought he could finally return to Jiangcheng, but the old Taoist sent him to the border battlefield again.

This stay is another five years.

After five years of fighting and fighting bloody battles, an organization named 'Tianzhu' rose strongly.

Thirty-six gangs in the sky are all god generals, and they are in charge of the four regions. From then on, no one in the Dragon Kingdom dares to invade.

And their king, Yuntian Shenjun, has already quietly returned to the place of childhood memories-Jiangcheng.


Lu Yun reminisces about the past, just like dreaming.


If it didn't really happen to him, he would find it extremely absurd to tell such an experience from anyone.

Sunshine Welfare Home.


But Lu Yun's mood was extremely complicated.

The fire 15 years ago brought widespread attention to the orphanage, and caring people from all walks of life actively donated to rebuild the orphanage.

The former gray brick and tile house has become the current small high-rise building. The conditions and facilities in all aspects are much better than before, but after all, it is no longer the place that Lu Yun is familiar with.

However, when Lu Yun saw the childlike smiling faces of the children, the strangeness in his heart disappeared instantly.

He seemed to see himself and his sisters when they were children.

It turns out that nothing has changed, and the orphanage is still a beautiful place.

Lu Yun approached the staff of the orphanage and explained his purpose.

Soon, a woman wearing presbyopic glasses came to Lu Yun and looked at him suspiciously.

"I am the director of the Sunshine Welfare Institute, who are you looking for?"

"Are you the dean?"

Lu Yun was taken aback for a moment.

In his memory, the dean's surname is Wu, he is a kind grandfather, definitely not the woman in front of him.

The old woman nodded and said, "I have been the dean for more than ten years, didn't you come to see me?"

"I'm looking for Grandpa Wu."

"So I was looking for the old dean, he has retired for a long time!"

Hearing that Lu Yun came to look for the old dean, the woman dispelled her doubts about him, and her attitude became cordial.

But Lu Yun frowned.

Grandpa Wu actually retired?

And according to the woman, it seems that Grandpa Wu resigned from the post of dean more than ten years ago.

Was it because of the fire?

Lu Yun hurriedly asked: "Excuse me, do you have Grandpa Wu's address?"

"Yes, yes, please wait, I will write down the address for you."

The woman turned around and entered the room, and after a while, she came out with a note with the address written on it, and handed it to Lu Yun.


Taking the address given by the woman, Lu Yun came to a common house.

I saw a white-haired old man hunched over and cleaning the courtyard. Lu Yun immediately recognized it as Grandpa Wu.

I haven't seen you in fifteen years, but Grandpa Wu has aged so much?

Feeling sad for a while, Lu Yun quickened his pace, but what happened next made the anger in his heart burst out instantly.

While Grandpa Wu was cleaning, suddenly a young man in a floral shirt pushed him hard, cursing and saying:

"Old man, I know those women will send you money every month. Where's the money? Where's the money?"

In broad daylight, robbery!

Furious, Lu Yun rushed over, grabbed the young man in the flowered shirt by the collar and yelled, "You even snatch the old man's money, are you still a human? You beast!"


The young man in the floral shirt obviously didn't expect that someone would rush over suddenly, panic flashed across his face, but he quickly pretended to be calm.

" let me go, this is my family business...what does it have to do with you?"


This time it was Lu Yun's turn to be puzzled, and he turned to look at Grandpa Wu.

Grandpa Wu looked sad and sighed: "Young man, he is indeed not a robber. His name is Wang Gang, and he is my adopted child."

Wang Gang?

Wang Gang!

Lu Yun stared at the young man in the flower shirt in front of him for a while, and finally recognized him.

No wonder there is such a sense of familiarity. It turns out that it is Wang Gang who often bullied himself when he was a child, and then was beaten by his sisters to make his head full of bags.

Why was he adopted by Grandpa Wu?

Lu Yun lost his mind for a moment.

Wang Gang took the opportunity to break free from his hands, coughing violently, and took a long time to recover.

"Bastard, I want you to meddle in your own business? You know it's my family business, why don't you hurry up!"

Wang Gang glared at Lu Yun viciously, then roared loudly at Wu Wende:

"Old man, when you adopted me, you should give me good food, good clothes, and good entertainment. If you can't give me the best, why did you adopt me?"

"Where are the money that those women sent you? Take it out! Why are you hiding it? Do you want to take it into the coffin and spend it?"

"I don't think you can live for a few more years, and you will have to rely on me to die in the future. If you don't give me the money, who will you use it for? What an old fool!"

The more Wang Gang talked, the more he went too far.

Wu Wende's tall body trembled violently, but he just lowered his head silently, enduring Wang Gang's abuse.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yun finally couldn't bear it anymore, raised his hand and slapped him.


"With this slap, I will slap you with no restraint and no respect!"


"This slap, I will slap you and repay you, in vain for the world!"


"With this slap, I'll hit you with blind eyes and blind eyes, and you don't know real dragons!"

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