Book cover of “I Hijacked the Timeline“ by Chopping WIth A Knife

I Hijacked the Timeline

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Chopping WIth A Knife
  • Uploaded by user586230
Every time Feng Qi rewrote reality, the future would change. Having personally witnessed the demise of human civilization 1,500 years in the future, Feng Qi, who accidentally obtained the ability to travel through time, decided to keep restarting the timeline. With each journey, he gathered crucial intelligence and insights from the future, using t... 

Strange Dream

Under the cold moonlight, a figure slowly stood up from a pile of bones.

Feng Qi lowered his head and looked at his almost rotten body and his arms where white bones were showing. He was stunned.

He clearly remembered that he was in Old Wang's history class a second ago. During that period, sleepiness washed over him like a tide. He did not manage to resist it and fell asleep on the table.

When he opened his eyes again, this was the scene before him.

The dark clouds hung low, and the bones on the ground piled up into a mountain. And he had risen from the pile of bones.

What crept him out even more out was that his body had somehow rotted. Through his chest, he could clearly see the atrophied and rotten gray organs inside, as well as his ribs that were covered in scratches.

Something is wrong, this is probably a very vivid dream.


It doesn't hurt. Mm, this is a dream!

But the problem is… how the hell am I supposed to get out!

Just as Feng Qi was thinking hard, a low roar came from the right. He turned and saw that a rotting corpse originally lying in the pile of bones was now slowly standing up from the ground.

Due to the fact that the corpse's right calf bone was incomplete, before it could stabilize itself, the crisp sound of bones dislocating was heard. The living dead performed a split on the spot.

Feng Qi wanted to clap for him, but at this moment, the living dead snarled and its thin right arm grabbed towards him.

Shocked, Feng Qi immediately took two steps back and dodged the attack.

However, the living dead did not give up and continued to crawl closer. Its mouth kept opening and closing as if it was abnormally eager to bite him.

"If this is a dream, the details are too real."

He continued to take two steps back. When he turned around, he saw the skeleton hanging on the withered tree behind him. Feng Qi grabbed his right leg bone.

"Lend me your right leg for my self-defense!"

As he spoke, he pulled hard, and the right calf of the skeleton hanging on the tree was instantly pulled off.

He turned to look at the living dead again and realized that it had already closed in. Feng Qi took a step forward without hesitation and mercilessly smashed the leg bone in his hand on the living dead's head.


With a crisp sound, the leg bone broke.

"Your osteoporosis was quite severe when you were alive huh."

Looking at the half of the bone in his hand, Feng Qi could not help but complain.

Fortunately, there was no lack of bones in this graveyard. After switching to another piece of bone, he smashed at the head of the living dead again.

This time, the attack was effective.

The living dead began to tremble violently.

Through the moonlight, he could clearly see that there was a small sphere resembling a heart that was beating slowly in the living dead's "enlightened" brain.

After the leg bone brushed against the small sphere just now, the living dead began to tremble.

Feng Qi guessed that this might be the living dead's weakness, so he raised his leg bone high, aimed at the sphere in the living dead's head and struck down hard.


The small sphere shattered, and the living dead instantly stopped moving. At the same time, a strong rancid smell assaulted Feng Qi, so strong that he almost three up even his internal organs.

Wait? Why can I smell it? Isn't this a dream?

Just as Feng Qi was puzzled, a blood-colored speck of light rose from the living dead and entered his body.

Immediately after, a series of information appeared in his mind.

[Weak Living Dead: Feng Qi]

Strength: Unranked

Prefix Title: Weak (Physical Strength reduced by 30%)

Bloodline: Human (Beginner)

Bloodline Evolution Points: 1/1000

Prefix Title Milestone:

Weakness (Upgradeable): Stage One (3%)

Prefix Title Milestone One: Kill the living dead to obtain title evolution points.

After reading the information in his mind, another paragraph of words appeared.

[You, who have just activated your bloodline evolution, are very puzzled. You have a hundred thousand questions in your heart, so you decided to quickly become stronger and try to explore the secrets of this world!]

What the hell?

The narration that suddenly appeared in his mind caught Feng Qi off guard.

However, he did not want to become stronger as the narration had state. Right now, he only wanted to return to reality and end this terrible "dream".

[You turned to the east and realized that there seemed to be many living dead moving there. Therefore, in order to collect bloodline energy, you activated evolution and prepared to kill them cruelly!]

Feng Qi: …

No, I don't want to.

Feng Qi threw away the bone in his hand and turned to walk in the opposite direction.

However, after taking a few steps, Feng Qi realized that the area to the west was covered by a thick fog. He could vaguely see countless ghostly figures moving through the fog. If he listened carefully, he could even hear intermittent low murmurs. It was very strange and terrifying.

Feng Qi had never been a person who feared trouble. However, in order to figure out the secrets of the dream, he decided not to take the risk for the time being. Thus, he turned around and walked towards the living dead area in the east.

Until now, Feng Qi still refused to admit to the fact that he had transmigrated.

Just a few minutes ago, he was still a handsome and bright young man who was about to graduate and rush towards a bright future… or a beating by society.

However, no matter what, it would be better than the current situation. Now, he had actually become a living dead with the ability to think. He was incomparably ugly and smelly. Feng Qi found this difficult to accept.

He did not expect to be able to ride a flying sword after transmigrating. He did not expect to live forever, nor did he expect beauties to throw themselves at him. He did not expect to have a harem of 3,000 beauties, or to transmigrate as a useless person with a golden finger who was abandoned by his family.

But at least let me look like a human at the beginning!

Feng Qi lowered his head and looked at his incomplete body. He could not bear to look at it, and his face was filled with disdain.

He tried to smell the stench on his body and almost fainted.

This was simply a hellish opening.

After transmigrating to this state, Feng Qi had absolutely no motivation to become stronger. He thought that he might as well be dead.

However, thoughts were thoughts. Feng Qi could not really send himself to his death.

Now, he desperately wanted to know where this place was and why he had appeared here.

Along the way, the ground was covered with bones, and the cracking sounds as he stepped on them was endless. Feng Qi's feet would sink into the pile of bones from time to time, and he had to spend a lot of effort to move forward.

Not far away, dozens of living dead stood on the spot, swaying their bodies gently with the wind.

This scene was very strange. Fortunately, he was very strong mentally and only felt a little nervous.

He decided to follow the instructions in his mind and try to kill a few living dead first. Then, he would see what changes he would undergo after his evolution.

As he approached the area where the living dead were, Feng Qi stopped.

As the distance between each living dead in the distance was very close, for safety reasons, Feng Qi threw the bone in his hand towards the living dead that was closer to him in an attempt to attract its attention.

The bone drew a crescent arc in the air and accurately landed behind the living dead closest to Feng Qi, making a sound.

However, the living dead still stood rooted to the ground, as if it did not notice the movement behind it.

Upon seeing this, Feng Qi realized that these living dead could not sense their surroundings. He immediately became bold.

He casually picked up a bone and smashed it on the ground twice to confirm its hardness. Then, he boldly took a few steps forward.

At this moment, more than ten living dead not far away turned around collectively and looked at Feng Qi with empty eyes.

Deep roars sounded one after another. They took a step forward, twisted their bodies, and pounced towards Feng Qi.


When Feng Qi, who was about to begin his slaughter, saw this scene, he decisively turned around and ran.

However, before he could go beyond two steps, he heard the crisp sound of bones breaking under his feet. Feng Qi's body suddenly sank.


Feng Qi, who did not pay attention to the situation under his feet, crushed a skeleton with his left leg and sank in. He could not pull it out at the moment.

Not far away, more than ten living dead were approaching. Feng Qi was anxious and kept tugging his left leg, attempting to stand up.

However, the living dead would not give Feng Qi a chance. They pounced towards Feng Qi and began to crazily nibble on his body.

Although he could not feel any pain, Feng Qi's young heart had suffered a heavy blow!

Pui! Eating their own kind, what bastardized behavior!

Fight me one-on-one if you can, what's a group fight?

Am I going to die as soon as I transmigrate? After I reincarnate, I'll have to trouble you to give me a newbie gift pack next time.

His consciousness gradually faded, and he could vaguely hear the crisp sound of chewing in his ears. Finally, his vision turned dark.


A piece of chalk drew a beautiful arc in the air and accurately landed on Feng Qi's head.

"Feng Qi, get up and answer the question. Do you hear me?"

Feng Qi, who was lying on his desk, suddenly opened his eyes and slowly raised his head. Everything in front of him was so familiar.

Old Wang, who was standing in front of the podium with a furious expression, his desk mate, roommate and best friend, Mo Fei, who was pinching his right thigh and his classmates who were looking at him in surprise.

At this moment, even the air seemed so sweet.

I'm back!

"Pa!" At this moment, a duster hit his right cheek accurately and slid down, leaving a white mark.

"Feng Qi! I'll tell you one last time. Get up and answer the question!!!"

Looking at Old Wang, who had reached out to grab a corner of the podium and was slowly lifting it, Feng Qi had no doubt that if he did not respond, Old Wang would throw the podium over.

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. He waved his hand and slapped away Mo Fei's arm, which was still pinching his thigh, and stood up.

"Teacher Wang, I'm here!"

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