Book cover of “I Just Want a Peaceful Life“ by Alex_Destro

I Just Want a Peaceful Life

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Alex_Destro
  • Uploaded by user767351
What if the strongest person reincarnated into another world? Will he continue to pursue his dream of a peaceful life, or will destiny push him toward conquering this new realm? "Ding... The Idle system is fully integrated." "Wait... Why do I keep getting stronger?!" Follow Angus as he embarks on a thrilling adventure in a brand-new world. Torn bet... 


Sin has always stuck with humans since ancient times. No matter who it is, humans always commit sins in their life.

It is as that already becomes the law and norm of the world itself. Even the heroes, kings, or other righteous people also could not escape from committing sins.

But what happens if it happens to the strongest person that only wants peace. Will he escape from the evil clutches of sin, or will he overcome it.


"Huft… Huft… Brother, Why?" What have I done to you to poison me like this?!" said a man.

"Kukuku…. Uhuk… What you did... is take everything for me!! Uhuk.. Now, come and die." the other person in the room attacked his brother once again despite his injuries.

"Nonsense! I never take anything from you?! I always give everything to you, brother!!" said the man

"Shut it, Angus! Shut the fuck up! If you want to give me everything, then how about give me your life?" Said the other person with the craziness in his eyes.

"But, Why? I always love you, brother. So, Why.. Why did you do this, Victor?" said Angus while dodging the attack.

"Exactly!! Because of that, you become Master's favorite student, become the strongest person, and even get Julie's love." replied Victor while keeping launching an attack.

"What!! I never loved Julie! Wait… Brother!! Is Julie the one that coerces you to poison me?" said Angus.

"Enough nonsense, now.. DIE!!" Victor launched another attack against Angus.

However, Angus could repel the attack easily despite being poisoned.

After exchanging a few moves, "Hahaha… As expected, the one that inherited the master's power. Even after being poisoned by [Devil Tears], you still could move like that. But now that power is mine!!" Victor attacks his brother madly while ignoring his wound.

During their exchange, hundreds of people approach the building where the two brothers reside. *BUK* *BUK* *BUK* Many grenades launched inside the house at once. Then, it explodes together. *BOOOMMM*

At the last second before the massive explosion, Angus gathers his chi to protect his brother and himself. But, his brother already loses all his reason and keeps attacking him using the poisoned knife.

"Uhuk.. Brother, are you okay?!" said Angus.

"Hahaha… Just give up, brother! Give me the master's power, and I will end your suffering" [Victor]

Looking at his brother already beyond hope to save, Angus punches him in his heart at a fast speed ending his life. Then, Angus closed his brother's crazed eyes.

"ARRRGGHH" Shouted Angus after losing his only brother, Angus release surges of massive chi and clearing the rubble around. *BOOM*

"You bastard!! Why did you do this to my brother?" As Angus looks at the approaching group of people.

"Hoo.. truly an embodiment of evil to survive that kind of attack while being poisoned." Said one of the men with shaved heads and wearing monk attire.

"Angus, there is no other person that is stronger than me in this world!!" Said a muscular person

"Fufufu… that's the price for ignoring me." Said a beautiful woman with a devilish aura

"Hahaha… Look at that power. Now, I can wait to eat you!" said a crazed thin person holding an alcoholic jug.

Looking as more and more renowned practitioners of martial art come with hungry eyes towards him. He finally understood why they came after him.

"I see… So, All of you want is my master's legacy. But, did you think that poisoning me is enough to defeat 10.000 years of inheritance?!" Angus claps his hand and takes his final battle stance.

Soon, the group of people launches an attack on him without any shred of hesitation. Various kinds of attack consist of guns, grenades, sharp weapons, and chi-based types of skills coming to Angus.

Six days have passed since the start of the battle. During these six days, Angus already lost count of how many people died at his hand. Each minute passes by, another life is claiming in his hand. A mountain of corpses is already piling near him.

He even wonders just how many people they prepare to capture him. What infuriates him the most is they seem to lock down the entire area and cooperate with the local government to make this attack.

For six days straight, Angus continuously fought and passed what was truly human capable. All his body was riddled with various wounds and blood from his enemy and his own blood.

If he is not poisoned, he could already run away or fight for another week. But, each time he used his chi base skill, the poison inside his body corroded him slowly.

"Hold on, everyone. He is already at his limit. The ten thousand years' legacy will soon be ours." Said one of the people to encourage themselves.

Looking at the opposition group that fears to attack him. "Hahaha… With that kind of mentality, you will never get this power." Angus gather all his remaining chi toward his heart and explode himself *BOOOMM*

"Shit…" Before the opposition group could react, they already got engulfed by a massive chi blast and part of the town.

At Angus's last moment, 'Damn… at the end, I really can't preserve my master's legacy. Huft… six days, huh? That means I miss the six-day time to manage all my idle phone games.' In the end, I really can't preserve my master's legacy.

'Funny, I still think about those games. Well, not that it matters now. At least I finally got the peace that I once longed for.' as Angus's consciousness goes into the darkness.

Inside the darkness, Angus lost track of time and control over his body, even his thoughts. Before long, he sees a bright light from far away and feels like being pulled off towards it.

Hello Everyone. This is Alex Destro.

This is my second novel that I publish. Hope you like it.

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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