Book cover of “I Married a Heartless Billionaire“ by Kourtney_Sspears

I Married a Heartless Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kourtney_Sspears
  • Uploaded by user900768
Hazel Gale's life took a drastic turn when her father sold her to one of New York's most powerful families, the Wilsons. She was forced into a marriage with Alexander Wallace Wilson, the ruthless heir to the Wilson and Comigo empires. Alexander, a billionaire with a heart as cold as ice, remained haunted by the betrayal of his ex, Beverly, even as ... 


"Good morning ma'am", Jennet placed some designed mannequins in front of the store as she pushed the double glass door open.

It's a busy day in Los Angeles, sometimes I wish I went with my Dad to New Jersey, but when I look back at my sick mum, I always have second thoughts. Maybe I did the right thing, maybe it's for the best.

It's not like I've lived with her for a long time. It's not like she's here now with me now.

The thought of her staying in that charity home care gets me troubled every time I think about it, and to even think that she no longer recognizes me kills me every time. I let out a sigh as I stepped in.

"Good morning Jen where's Evan?". I walked into the store to help her set things up. We both carried the dressed mannequin to place it outside so people get an idea of what we sell.

I've always dreamt of going higher with this, maybe one day this little booth will develop into a big brand like channel and the rest. But that'll probably be in my dreams, not when it can barely afford my rent.

This store is just a means of escaping from my boring life. It makes me forget my troubles.

"I think he's on his way here," Janet responded while we let the male mannequin stand on its own.

Jennet is a simple and beautiful lady with brown long curly hair that suits her hazel eyes perfectly. And her beautiful smile every morning makes my day.

"Okay." Stepping into my office I noticed a box on the counter.

"Jenet what's this?" I pointed at the milk-coloured box designed beautifully.

It's a little weird for me to receive a gift like this cause I hardly have any secret admirers, and I made sure to turn every guy down as I'm barely interested in getting into any relationship.

"Ma'am the package was sent in yesterday after you left and Evan forgot to put it in your office." Jenet walked up to me as she talked.

"Did you see the sender?" I was confused and at the same time scared of what was in the box.

"No ma'am," Jenet said, "Okay you can go back to work" I picked up the box and got into my office on closing the door my phone rang.

"Did you receive my little package?" A male voice said from the other end.

"Who is this?" I was a little startled by the caller. I walked to my table and sat at the edge.

"I can't believe you'd forget me so easily Hazel"

"Who are you and how did you know my name?" Knowing my name is not an issue but the fact he called me by the name only my parents knew about made me wonder what else this person knew about me. I panicked immediately. My heart hit fast in my chest.

Was it from the hospital? Is mom okay? Different possible scenarios ran through my head all at once.

"It seems like my princess has forgotten about me." His deep voice was dangerously low, causing shivers down my spine.

Reality finally hits me as my entire body turned rigid. No, it couldn't be, not after all these years. "D...Dad?" I called his name in a barely audible voice but enough for him to hear it.

"So you finally recognized me, how are you dear?" I was speechless unable to say anything, it was still like a dream to me. I could not believe my dad still remembered who I was after all these years. Sitting at the table I drifted back to the past and what I could remember.



"Xavier you can't do this to me." Vanessa ran down the stairs, ignoring the bruises on her body as she ran towards the man who held a black big bag in his hands, leaving the house.

"I've had enough of you and your madness Nessa I can't take it anymore, you can keep the child if that's what you want but just know you'd never see me again". Little Hazel looked at her parent's fight in front of her hiding in a corner as her wet eyes watch them closely.

"Is this how you want to leave us, you don't even care about your daughter?".

"Daddy please don't go." Little Zel walked to Xavier with tears in her eyes.

"Baby don't cry". Xavier spoke with lots of affection in his eyes as he used his hands to clean the tears from her full cheeks.

"Don't touch my child with those filthy hands Xavier!! Nessa dragged the little girl away from her father and placed her behind her as if he wanted to hurt her. Xavier could no longer take her attitude, so he left.

"Daddy... Daddy...!" Hazel cried as she ran towards him, but before she got to him he had already left.

She fell to her knees crying, her ice-blue eyes shining beneath the full moonlight. "Come on baby don't cry let's go inside everything will be alright" Nessa carried Hazel back into their little house.

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