Book cover of “I Reincarnated as a Skeleton“ by Princetom

I Reincarnated as a Skeleton

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Princetom
  • Uploaded by user476355
Killed by a truck and reborn as a monster in another world, Thanatos Morales was given a second chance at life. A second chance to freely explore a new world and live to the fullest—but with a handicap. As a skeleton, he must navigate and survive this unknown realm. Armed with the knowledge of game mechanics he accumulated in his previous life and ... 


Hi everyone my name is Thanatos Morales i currently live in Tokyo, Japan but my nationality is Filipino. and im a college student but died in an accident in which i was run over by a truck and then the next thing happened blown my mind as i woke up clumsily like im very very weak and i cant walk steady and all i could ever see is rocks "am I in a cave?" Thanatos asked himself inside his head.


as he look around there's also a rock that is glowing it seems like a crystal that keeps this cave bright so that anyone could see "maybe there is someone that could help me" he thought. as he opens his mouth trying to shout "clank..clank..clank.." he said....

"wait why can't i talk!!? what's happening!!?" he thought. as he tries to examine his body because it feels weird. when he sees his hands it's all flesh...he looks at his torso it's the same...all bones no flesh "am i a skeleton?? did i die?? and got straight through hell?? that's why im in this state!?" he thought.

"maybe there is something or someone here" he thought. and he started to walk clumsily roaming in the cave to see what's inside as he walks several clumsy steps he saw some blood on the floor "Blood!!?? why is there a blood!!??" he thought "i thought im in hell then why is there a blood on the floor!!?? could there be a human here!!??". he starts on trailing the blood on the floor...



he stops after seeing a body...a human body "there is a human here!!?? wait did i just got reincarnated?? and wait there is a sword in his hands....and his clothes doesn't look like he's in the Japan or in any this what others said that you will be reincarnated into another world?? but..but isn't that what those otakus want!? i don't want any of these!!".

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