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I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Don't Let Me Stay Up All Night
  • Uploaded by user612038
As everyone knows, there is a power in the southern region that absolutely cannot be provoked—the Grass Hall. The eldest disciple is the Sword Saint of the southern region, with a godly understanding of swords. The second disciple is the Eternal Empress, who ruled an era with an iron fist. The third disciple is a great scholar of the current genera... 

How Tiring Is It To Accept A Disciple...

"System, sign-in for today."

[Sign-in successful. Reward: 500 years of cultivation.]

Lu Changsheng stroked his head helplessly and said, "It's been more than 20 years. I sign in every day and the system rewards my cultivation. Does this system not have any other functions?"

Lu Changsheng had been excited when he transmigrated to this world and knew that he had awakened the system. He thought that he could step onto the peak of the Immortal Path and suppress the world easily.

However, who knew that the system could only be used to sign-in every day for more than 20 years? The reward would be years of cultivation without fail.

Day after day, year after year.

Lu Changsheng was already numb to it.

He did not even know what realm his strength was at.

The system seemed to know Lu Changsheng's helplessness and explained.

[The host has yet to trigger the main storyline. There are no other functions for the time being.]

"Then can you enlighten me on how to trigger the main plot?"

[The secrets of heaven cannot be revealed.]


Helpless, Lu Changsheng raised his brush and drew a painting of a Sword Immortal dancing on the table.

This was also Lu Changsheng's daily life. In any case, he would be rewarded with years of cultivation every day, so he didn't need to cultivate himself.

He could only plant willow trees, raise grass chickens, draw a few paintings, and write a few poems with nothing to do…

If he was feeling fancier, he would casually refine some medicinal pills and study array formations…

When he finished drawing the last stroke…


A bell rang in this space.

Lu Changsheng looked up and said, "Today seems to be the day the Hidden Dao Academy accepts new students…"

After some thought, he decided that since he had nothing else to do, he might as well go out for a walk and take a look.

With that, Lu Changsheng put down the paintbrush in his hand and turned into a wisp of green smoke before disappearing.

After he left for a while, the little bird in the garden flapped its wings that were as red as flames and came in front of the painting. Its eyes were fixed on the sword immortal dancing in the painting.

The sword immortal in the painting seemed to be moving. Then, strands of sword qi actually shot out from the sword immortal in the painting!

For a moment, the sword qi in the entire garden intertwined and cut through space!

The little bird's eyes widened in shock. It flapped its wings and retreated. Following that, flames ignited on its wings, as if it wanted to block this shocking sword intent.

In an instant, the flame was instantly cut off by the sword intent, but its momentum did not decrease as it slashed straight at the little bird!

At this moment, the willow tree at the side actually stretched out a willow branch and blocked all the sword intent.

"Little bird, don't be so rash in the future. Even though this painting was casually made, the intent behind it is not something you can withstand now."

With that, the willow tree stopped moving.

The little bird nodded, seemingly agreeing with the willow tree. It took a deep look at the painting on the table and retreated.

Hidden Dao Academy.

Countless experts walked out from it.

The publicly acknowledged place for Dao cultivation in the Southern Region.

It was detached from worldly affairs and did not participate in any sect or aristocratic family conflicts.

They would not benefit from the dynasty's holy land, be it the heirs of the dynasty's emperors or the descendants of aristocratic families, everyone who entered the Hidden Dao Academy was treated equally.

Strength was the only thing that mattered here.

It was also because of this that the Hidden Dao Academy could stand above others.

At this moment, at the mountain gate of the Academy.

Dozens of youths stood there; they were the ones who passed the Academy's assessment and were finally accepted.

Next, the elders of the academy would be taking in disciples. Their futures would be limitless once any elder took a fancy to them.

Their disciples were all geniuses that the aristocratic families and dynasties were fighting for. Therefore, these young people were all excited, hoping to be taken in as disciples by the elders.

"There are quite a lot of good seedlings this year."

"Yes, I heard that the direct descendants of the four great families of Tianyuan City are also here."

"Hehe, then we have to choose carefully. Perhaps we'll have a successor."

"It's not that easy. Even if they have enough talent, we have to look at their character. You can't casually pass it down."


At this moment, the elders looked behind them and saw a young man in green walking over slowly.

An elder frowned and said, "Why did he come?"

Some of them were at a loss, obviously because they did not know this young man.

One asked, "Elder, is this person from the academy?"

One of the elders said with a complicated expression, "Yes and no. He's from the Cottage."

"The Cottage?!" Countless people were shocked.

Of course, there were also people who were at a loss. Obviously, they also knew nothing about the Cottage.

The Hidden Dao Academy was divided into Martial Academy and Confucian Academy. However, there was another force outside of them, which was the Cottage!

It could be said that the Cottage was not under the jurisdiction of the Academy, but could enjoy the resources of the Academy.

This puzzled everyone. However, no one dared to voice it out loud under the suppression of the Dean.

The leader of the Cottage had changed and it had been decades since they had accepted a new disciple.

Lu Changsheng was the only one accepted by the Cottage. He was usually very low-key and rarely went out. This made people forget that there was such a person in the Cottage!

Therefore, it was normal for some people not to know about the existence of the Cottage.

Lu Changsheng walked up to the elders and bowed with a smile. "Changsheng greets the elders."

"Lu Changsheng, why are you here today?"

"I've never seen you come to the disciple recruitment day before."

Lu Changsheng shook his head and said, "I was bored and came out to take a look at the academy's recruitment. I don't have any intention of accepting disciples. Elders, don't worry about me."


The elders shook their heads helplessly. This kid had the academy's resources but was unwilling to accept disciples. He was really…

The academy took pride in taking in disciples to preach the Dao. They were not very happy seeing Lu Changsheng act in this way.

One of the elders, who was quite old, said resentfully, "As a member of the Academy, it is your duty to preach to the world. Why don't you want to take in disciples or bring in new blood for the Cottage?"

Lu Changsheng spread his hands and said, "I can't even cultivate immortality myself. Why should I delay others? Besides, it's so tiring to teach disciples. I'm having fun alone. Why should I suffer?"

"But how can you not preach since you're using the academy's resources?"

"As the leader of the Cottage, even if you don't think for yourself, you have to think for the future of the Cottage!"

Lu Changsheng couldn't help but feel a headache coming on when the elders began to persuade him.

Just as he was about to say something, he was interrupted by a voice in his mind.

[The Host has triggered a mission. Please head to Tianyuan City to take in this disciple.]

[Name: Ye Qiubai]

[Talent: SSS Grade]

[Aptitude: Sword Heart Profundity, Chaos Essence Sword Body, Potential to become an Emperor]

Hearing this, Lu Changsheng disappeared on the spot, leaving only a sentence.

"Elders, I'm going to Tianyuan City to pick up my disciple. Please continue without me!"

The elders were left stunned on the spot.

Didn't this kid just mention that he couldn't even cultivate immortality and didn't want to delay others? Didn't he also just mention that teaching disciples was tiring?

As if I'd believe you!

Furthermore, there are so many good seedlings here. Why do you insist on going to Tianyuan City? The prodigies of the direct descendants of the families in Tianyuan City are all here now!

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