Book cover of “I Simulated the Road to Eternal Life in the Chat Group“ by YunQingXiaoYi

I Simulated the Road to Eternal Life in the Chat Group

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: YunQingXiaoYi
  • Uploaded by user750510
One day, Wang Ping joined a traveler chat group that allowed each member to randomly travel to different worlds and gain their own special abilities, or "golden fingers." Wang Ping thought he was about to reach the peak of his life... "Wait, 67 group members, 60 of them—" "Ding, group living minus one. Chen Kang, who entered the group at the same t... 


"Amazing, I write so well, but only 56 subscriptions, ridiculous!"

Wang Ping looked at the writer's desk on the computer that only fifty-six of the first order data, a little exasperated.

He lived, as the name suggests, an ordinary life.

After nine years of compulsory education, I went to a junior college.

After graduation, worked as a waitress, turned screws.

His girlfriend thinks he has no ability and no ambition, also ran away with people.

This also makes him depressed, immersed in the world of fiction.

Whenever he saw an author poisoning him, he would wonder if the author could write fiction.

Then he heard that people said that writing novels was very profitable, and he thought to himself that after reading novels for so many years, he did not need to have hands to write novels.

And then, there is no then.

From the very beginning of the fart can not hold out, to the back after finally able to write a more fluent book, he spent do not know how much energy.

However, when the first book hit the shelves, the first order was in the single digits, and he nearly broke down.

This second book, though much better than the first, is also devastating.

Most importantly, he couldn't afford to stay in a rented room and write novels.

"Well, sure enough, every industry is not easy."

Wang Ping looked at the instant noodles on the chaotic computer table, smoked a cigarette, sighed deeply, and looked up at the ceiling in confusion.

Now, he's 25 years old, and he doesn't know what to do with his life.

25 years old, no savings, an orphan, probably never gonna get married.

If you get a little sick, the sky is falling.

"This earth ol, really dung, do not play worth mentioning!"

Wang Ping fiercely spit out a smoke ring, depressed mutter.

"Ding, you are invited to join the Trekker chat group. Do you want to join now?"

It was then that a mechanical sound began to ring in Wang Ping's head.

Then, Wang Ping's eyes, but also appeared a light blue virtual screen.

Above, there are 'yes' and' no 'options.


This brought Wang Ping back to his senses and could not help wiping his eyes, thinking that he had hallucinations and auditory hallucinations.

But he got excited when he wiped his eyes several times and saw that the pale blue screen was still there.

"Chat groups! ?"

"So, I am a winner in life with a Goldfinger! It's just that the Goldfinger arrived so many years too late."

Wang Ping rubbed his hands excitedly.

You know, a lot of novels have characters who are just plain average, and then they get Goldfinger at their darkest hour, and then they soar to the top of their life.

He's, uh, probably the same way.

However, the chat group stream ah, this is a bit outdated in the web literature industry.

Also, chat groups are generally group goldfingers, not individual.

If it's a harmonious, supportive chat group, that's nice.

If it's one of those groups where there's a lot of intrigue, it's a problem.

"What the hell, even if the dark wind chat group, as long as I get up and reduce the desire, it will be all right."

Wang Ping muttered in his heart.

The world he lives in is just an ordinary world. He uses chat groups to strengthen his body, make some money and enjoy life.

Yes, even if he joined the chat group, he just wanted to live a relatively rich, happy and safe life.

It's a little ambitious, but it's a lot better than the days before.

Of course, that's if he joins a group with a bad atmosphere. If it's a really good one, he still fantasize about things like transcendent power and immortality.

Suddenly, Wang Ping chose 'Yes'.

"Ding, congratulations on joining the Hiker chat group. The crossing will begin in half an hour. Be prepared."

Wang Ping was stunned by the sound of the system.

"Time travel? What the hell is this?"

When Wang Ping was stunned, there was a new message in the chat group.

"Ding, congratulations to Group 66 member Wang Ping for joining the Trekker chat group."

"Ding, congratulations to Group 67 Chen Kang for joining the Hiker chat group."

With the appearance of these two groups of news, the group was lively.

Wu Jun (20) : "Hey, did two new people come at once? Welcome!"

Liu Mei (15) : "Are there two more unlucky people? It's pathetic."

Zhang Hu (5) : "A moment of silence. I don't know if these two will survive."

Fang Yun (3) : "It's difficult. In the last ten, not one of them has survived. It's terrible."

... "??

Looking at the chat group chat content, Wang Ping a little confused.

Gee! ?

What's that supposed to mean, members of this chat group? Does this group always die?

Just as Wang Ping was about to speak, another newcomer grabbed the speech.

Chen Kang (67) : "Fellow travelers, what happened when you said that all ten new people died recently? ? This group, should not have a pit! jpg."

Fang Yun: "Hey, I understand very quickly. I know that this is a chat group of hikers, so we call ourselves hikers predecessors. There is a sinkhole in this group, as you say, and a sinkhole at that."

Chen Kang (67) :...

Wang Ping (66) : "...."

Zhang Hu (5) : "By the number after the name, we can know our entry order. Then, if you look at the group list, there are still a few people."

As soon as Zhang Hu said this, Wang Ping quickly looked at the group list.

Then he saw something that made his scalp tingle.

Group members 7/67.

A series of black heads and names.

Doesn't that mean that only five of the sixty-five who joined the group are still alive?

This death rate, it's crazy high!

For a moment, Wang Ping fell asleep, and his panic began to grow.

I thought it was Goldfinger, but who would have thought it was Desperado.

Wang Ping (66) : ".... Is it still too late for me to leave?"

Chen Kang (67) :.... Upstairs +1"

Liu Mei (15) : "Oh, no. Once you're in, there's no going back. I think, rather than panic, you should prepare for the crossing in half an hour, and your chances of survival might be a little better.Just a little, of course."

Wang Ping: ".... Why do you say that?"

Liu Mei (15) : "Your imaginary crossing may not be a ghost. You must have a good family. If not, it is also a classic orphan opening."

Chen Kang (67) : "Isn't it?"

Liu Mei: "Ha ha, of course not. The real opening, is this chat group randomly choose a world, will throw you in the past. In other words, your identity is totally black. I don't need to tell you what would happen if you were a stranger in a different world, dressed in strange clothes and even spoke a different language.

Dear readers, I am a current student and a Chinese. Please bear with me if there are any mistakes in grammar and diction. If you point out my mistakes, I will correct them

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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