Book cover of “I Started to Gain Sentience in an Eroge“ by Parmesan

I Started to Gain Sentience in an Eroge

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Parmesan
  • Uploaded by user740257
Have you ever wondered what a character in a novel or game truly experiences? Do they eat, sleep, or have lives beyond what you see when you’re not reading or playing? They do not. When you’re not engaged, we remain still. To be fair, consider your own life. Is it really that different from a game without a system? You can't see behind your back, j... 

You are still here?


Those on the toilet, remember to flush and clean your asses clean. I guess you people use your electronics inside the restroom more than ever. Honestly, I would like to understand the need for that someday.

As for those on the bed, it is good you are already comfortable. I envy you. How does it feel to have something warm and soft wrapping around you like that?

Sorry for the ramblings... If you are still here, I guess you are interested in my life, then?

I will take your silence as a confirmation.

Wait...That sounds very illegal in a way... Please do not call the cops on my ass...

So let me first brief you through the first part, just in case. I do not want you people to get bored because you are the only ones that would listen to me. It is hard to find listeners in my world, after all. My people are all crazies. However, be sure to remember even a native like me do not know a lot about the world I am in. The author himself is still thinking of what is coming next. If there is a hole in the logic... then it is because the author could not think of that. Forgive him, people. Honestly, he is my creator, somewhat like a father to me, so pay him some respects, please?


Okay, back to the main thing.

There is nothing that can be explained. If you are looking for anything scientific, you are probably looking at the wrong place. Maybe you are even on the wrong platform...Who am I to judge, eh?

At this point, you should be at least aware of me as a character. Simply put, I just started to have a conscious mind of what is going on with my world. That is it. That is really it. You will not have a better explanation since I can not give you anything anyway.

It seems that I am currently living in of an eroge. Not reincarnated, not transmigrated, I am a part of it. I was born here by the author and will continue to exist in this place until the end of time.

"I Will Survive With A Harem Ending." Is the name of this world. Quite direct, right?

I do not know when, how, or why. One day, I just gained the sentience of my own existence. Seeing everything keeps on repeating again and again probably contributed a lot.

The fact that I do not live in a house but some wiggly pencil lines and I have no face yet some how have a generic hair maybe is another reason.

I knew from that moment that I was a mob character, a background being who had virtually nothing to do with the main events. Devastated, I was. Like, really desperate. My life had no meaning. I did not know what to do or where to go. There was no need for studying or nourishments. There was no need for me to have a house, even.

That is why I envy you, those who can hear my voice, of your existence. I would be delighted just to feel hungry sometimes...

Okay, but enough about me. You are not here to listen to my sadness. You are here because of the cover!

When you have all the time in the world, you will start to pay attention to everything around you. That is from a real-life experience right here.

Thus, out of boredom, I could only watch the story unfold in front of my eyes. Wait, I don't even have eyes. I have a blackened area to represent the eyes, though.

Everyday, I would look at the story being driven forward like a movie. Since my role as a mob character is rarely used, I have all of the time in the world to observe others until my time to shine for a few minutes. I felt like a clown, but what could I do.

As for the game, it is honestly cliche in every way possible. What would you expect? It is a game that was designed to play with one hand rather than two! When someone is playing this game, they are supposed to think with the lower head, not the upper one. Although, the storyline will bring them to an end if you keep doing that.

Let me explain why.

There is one male protagonist in the story, Han Som. He is the run-of-the-mill beta male you see all the time, is very indecisive, typical of games in this genre. Of course, he must have black hair, black eyes, and a small body, you know it. Being the protagonist, he does not have the brains or the brawn. He does have 2 major good points, though.

Extreme luck with the ladies and extreme power facing an adversary. I will get back to that second point later. Oh, by the way, even though he always says he is plain-looking, Han Som is the only guy posesses a face in the entire game. I do not.

I hate how he keeps talking about how he is average and plain while he is the only guy with facial features.

Besides the main character, any eroge needs loads of heroines. It is not called an eroge so that you can enjoy the music. So, of course, this one:" I Will Survive With A Harem Ending." has it. By that, I mean ALL the female characters in the story can be conquered. Even the siblings and mothers. Sweet Home Alabama, I guess.

The fact that the author is a pervert makes me want to die, but I can not. I literally can not die unless he wants me to. To this day, I am still alive in the story thanks to my role as an insignificant mob in the main storyline. That is perhaps one of the only redemption aspect out of my existence. As far as I know, if I do not mess anything up, all will be fine.

In addition to the current heroines, the author keeps releasing updates, making the story even harder to complete with a good ending. I personally feel like my creator is trying to kill off the main character at this point. Not that I care about the main character, but sometimes I feel sorry for what he has to endure.

To complete the game at a one hundred percent rate, Han Som must have sexual intercourse with the five female leads and survive the final confrontation. That is the most basic ending, not the best ending. Only by completing the achievement of 'King of the Gigolos' by impregnating every female character in the game could Han achieve the best Harem Ending. And to this day, I have never seen it once.

On the other hand, I have seen the corpses of Han. His bloody carcass is not very nice. No.

The thing is, every single female lead character in this eroge is a psychopath. They do not just have screws loose in their heads. They have the entire engines busted open! Those...yanderes...they scare me...Their eyes are closer to beasts than humans.

If Han Som is found out having sex with someone else...well... Let's say that is a bad ending. I do not like gore that much, so I will not say much about it. The only thing I can tell you is that it is exceptionally bloody and messy. The most insignificant death would be decapitation. While the worst I have seen until now is having his dick chopped off, sashimi'ed, and fed to himself while his body is sliced one piece at a time.

Honestly, landmines are everywhere in this eroge game. But the worse is not just that.

Remember Han's ridiculous fortune? Yeah, the main reason for his demise is, for some reason, it too. Because the protagonist has extreme luck with women, he always always gets into a situation where a sex scene will occur. Imagine dropping your pants down to pee, but somehow your member stands up, and one girl trips and falls directly onto your penis.

After everything is said and done, the female leads would burst the door open and kill you on the spot for cheating on them.

It is that kind of luck. Does it need any logic? No. But does it make sense, though?

Also no.

The authority is so weak in my world that you do not have to consider their existence. Still, society is the same as you would have in modern days. They would still talk about morals, like how brothers and sisters or parents and children should not have sex. Yet they will do it anyway. All of that to give the female leads more chances to kill the protagonist as soon as possible.

This vicious cycle is why Han has never been able to complete the story with the best ending. It would always be virgin Han, then sex, then drama, then death. No other way.

I do not know what would happen if Han finally reached the end. However, I guess the game would reset, and my memories would be set free.

I would rather die than look at this disgusting drama again and again and again a million times.

Haaaaaaaa, I'm tired.

Trying something new!

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