Book cover of “I Was Reborn as a Commoner, Stopping World Problems“ by HouseOfLee

I Was Reborn as a Commoner, Stopping World Problems

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: HouseOfLee
  • Uploaded by user317299
Akira Sajuri, an average citizen of Japan working as a novel editor, meets a terrible fate and perishes at the hands of a burglar. Later, he realizes that he has been reincarnated into a different world, growing up in a small town populated by commoners and named Godfrey. In this new world, commoners are treated harshly and receive no aid from Atla... 

Death and Renewal

It was an ordinary life without much to truly talk about.

My name is Akira Sajuri, I grew up in a small neighborhood, graduated from university, and entered a paramount company within western Japan, currently living at the age of 25, so I was pretty young.

My family was always poor, we had no money since my mother relied on the government most of the time to aid us, but I wasn't one who particularly liked the government, so I decided to start working at an early age and provide food and shelter for my family.

Ever since my father died when I was around 6 years old my mother has never been the same, always depressed, smoking, drinking, yelling, and showing attitude towards everyone who talked to her, honestly it was quite heartbreaking to me, but I endured all the harsh name-calling, and abuse through the course of my life.

I'm not tryna make this sound depressing you know? It's great to always vent your problems out to people whenever you get the chance, rather than bottling it all up.

Anyways, I was walking into a Sushi shop opening the door, and noticing the fresh smell of Tempura.

It was a strong smell that made my stomach growl after the scent teased my nose, I couldn't help but quickly find a seat, carrying a crossbody bag around my shoulder, and sitting down in front of the chef who was making sushi up close and personal for the customers.

["Akira you made it! I was wondering when you'll be coming around, did they work you to death?"]

The Chef who spoke to me was named 'Tamaki' a friend of mine who I visit ordinarily since this is my go-to restaurant in western Japan. The sushi here was delicious, and so was the tempura shrimp. Taking out my phone, I placed it on the table and grabbed the menu next to me.

["Yeah, they worked me till my legs felt like jello, it's not fair that everyone relies on me to do most the work"]

Tamaki chuckled at my comment as he wiped the table with a cleaning cloth.

["You have an incredible talent, Akira, you can work nonstop without complaining about it, and keep your head high. Not many around your age can do that, you're reliable and trustworthy out of many. I'm sure with that type of attitude, anyone would be willing to rely on you for help."]

I looked at Tamaki and slightly smirked.

["Thanks Tamaki-San, it's good to hear a compliment once in a while."]

Considering my job was being an editor for novels in Japan, other editors contact me in Gmail, asking me for help and tips while also paying me to do some of their work on other novels, but it's not like I'm complaining, it's extra money after all.

["So, what will you like today? Same old, same old?"] Tamaki asked while wiping the last spot with the cleaning cloth.

["Yeah, I'll just have shrimp tempura with your famous honey mustard dipping sauce."]

["Hahaha, I expected that reply from you, that's why I already pre-made it before you walked through the door, but it's pretty cold since I didn't expect you to arrive so late."]

I smiled in satisfaction while Tamaki-San made his way to the back kitchen, bringing a plate of food, with a cup of dipping sauce on the side. He was honestly a great man, how can anyone hate him?

["Aaah~! You're the best Tamaki-San, I don't have to wait half an hour!"]

I didn't waste any time and decided to grab the first tempura shrimp, dipping it in the mustard sauce right next to me, and closing my eyes in contentment.

'The sweet and tangy mustard sauce, with the crunchy, seasoned shrimp... it's the best in the whole world! If I was rich, I would create my own tempura shrimp company!'

I grabbed another shrimp after finishing the first one, chowing it down after a few dips in the mustard sauce.

["Baahahaha, every time you eat my food, Akira, it puts a smile on my face!"]

["Oh yeah? How do you think I feel when I'm munching down on it?"]

My phone began to ring on the table, distracting me from my conversation with Tamaki-San, but before I could answer;

["Don't move, everyone stay on the ground now!"]

The door to the restaurant had been kicked open, and a masked man walked inside holding a gun.

["Where's the manager of the restaurant? Bring him out here now! You got to the count of ten, and if I don't see him, I'll start killing people! Do you hear me? I'll blow every last one of their brains out!"]

What the hell was happening? First I was having a delicious meal after work, and now someone is stealing from the place.

["One... two... three... four... five!"] The man's hand began to shake aggressively as if he was nervous. ["Six... seven..."]

["Alright alright! I'll get him, I'll get the manager... just please no more counting, I'll bring him here!"] Tamaki-San shouted while fear was apparent in his eyes.

["Tamaki-San... what's going on?"]

I asked him, but he looked down as if he was ashamed, walking to the back kitchen, and making his way to the manager's office. Everyone had stopped eating while some were hiding under their tables in fear. I was still sitting in my seat, scared shitless, not knowing what to do.

["Where the hell is he? Hurry up you fat bastard, I don't have time to waste here!"] The robber grew impatient, which scared everyone inside the restaurant even more.

My phone was still ringing on the table, and as I looked down I could see it was my mom, she called me at the worst time possible.

["Hey you, turn off that damn phone if you're calling the cops then don't bother, I'll blast you through the fuckin' head, you hear me?"]

I hastily grabbed my phone, repeatedly shaking my head. ["Y-Yes, I'm sorry!"] Pressing decline on the phone call, I turned off the ringer and sat it to the side.

["Freeze, put your hands up in the air!"]

All of a sudden a man spoke from behind me, pulling out his pistol, and aiming it at the robber at the front entrance.

["I'm an undercover cop, I called back up long ago, there's nowhere for you to run. Drop your weapon and put your hands behind your head!"]

The robber glanced at the undercover cop who stood six feet and had a muscular build. ["D-Damnit the cops, in here out of all places!"] The robber looked at me and swiftly grabbed me, placing his arm around my neck, and the gun against my head. ["You drop your weapon, or I'll blow this pretty boy's head off! Do you hear me? I'll end him right here and now!"]

Just my luck, I was forced to become a hostage, and struggling won't work at all; he was larger and taller than me, and he also had a gun pointed right against my head. I had a 90% chance of dying if someone made a mistake.

["P-Please let me go, please! I don't wanna die, I can't die! I need to provide for my family... and my siblings-"] Before I could finish my sentence, the robber slammed his gun against my head, saying;

["Shut up you shithead, cooperate with me and be a good hostage, and maybe I won't have to kill you!"]

The undercover cop had a nervous sweat, leaving him with no choice but to slowly drop his gun to the ground, holding up his arms.

["Alright... I disarmed myself, let the man go."]

The burglar scoffed as he pushed me forward on my face, holding out his gun at me.

["I change my mind, you'll just be a sacrifice needed to show these damn fools that I'm serious about my commands."]

The Cops face lit up in despair, as did mine.

["N-No please, you can't kill me!"]

No no no! I couldn't die like this, not like this! Why must I die at the hands of a criminal? I wanted to live until I was old, get a wife, have grandchildren, and lose my virginity especially.


The sound of a gunshot echoed in the restaurant.


Where am I? It's all dark... it's pitch darkness... am I dead? Did he shoot me? Oh god, am I going to hell? I did well all my life, so I should at least go to heaven, right?

Maybe I'm overthinking things, maybe I'm just unconscious at the moment... but then again; I did hear the gunshot go off, and everything just went black. It feels like I'm floating through a void of nothingness.

Wait, I can see something! It's a small light at the bottom of this darkness, and it's glowing! It feels like I'm swimming into it!

I'm almost there, I can make it! This must be heaven. I'm going to heaven!

["Keep pushing! He's almost there, one more push, Emma!"]

["God it hurts... it hurts! Kyaaaaaa!!"]

["I see his head, he's slowly coming out!"]

I finally made it! I'm in heaven! Wait... what's happening? What the hell? Where am I?

I was being pulled into someone's arms, wrapped up in a blanket, and having this uncontrollable urge to just cry. Looking around me I could see a worn-down house made of wood, the windows had tattered sheets covering them, and it was ice cold!

Does this mean... I've been reborn?

["Look at him Emma, he's so cute."]

["Ha...ha...ha.."] I turned my head to glance at the panting lady on the bed, realizing what was going on. ["He's so cute, my baby boy! My first baby boy, I can't believe it...!"] The woman holding me would hand me to the lady on the bed, as she covered my legs with the blanket. ["Your name is Godfrey, that is who you're. You will grow up to be a wonderful young man, and you'll make plenty of friends... perhaps you can even get into Atlantis City!"]

My name is Godfrey. Atlantis city? With all these new terms, I must be in a different world—



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