Book cover of “I Was Reborn with All Max-Leveled Classes of Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and Healer!“ by Flavored Lollipop

I Was Reborn with All Max-Leveled Classes of Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and Healer!

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Flavored Lollipop
  • Uploaded by user103623
In a mass ambush at the Battle of the Gods, the four major guilds, with all their armies, surrounded one man alone: McRae, known by all players as the God of War. But even the God of War could not survive against hundreds of attackers. Yet, when McRae opened his eyes again, he found himself back at the first-day launch of the game, [Divine Domain]—... 

Battle of the Gods! Battle of the Gods Ends!

"All members of the Guild of Light, listen up! Take down McRae!"

"All members of the Guild of Darkness, listen up! Take down McRae!"

"All members of the Seele Guild, listen up! Take down McRae!"

"All members of the Sapphire Guild, listen up! Kill McRae!"

Black Shattered Valley.

The rarely seen land was extremely lively at the moment. The areas within a few kilometers were occupied by various people from different places, among them countless powerful people who have gathered together.

Of the four four big guilds were people of different paths, and they arrived one after another, with even the God of War present.

They had all gone there for the one singular purpose.

The Battle of the Gods!

The impact of the battle this time was vast. Apart from the four big guilds that were usually roaming the world, there were also many more solo players who were quite involved with the event as well.

And the one who received the most attention was the God of War, McRae.


"McRae, you won't be able to escape today!"

Suddenly, a figure standing halfway up the mountain had a fierce expression on his face. He roared violently.

Upon seeing that familiar face and the astonishing aura that erupted, everyone's eyes lit up with surprise. They had clearly recognized this person's identity.

It was none other than the president of the Seele Guildl!

"McRae, how dare you take on the Demon King Boss for yourself! Today, our four big guilds promise you this, God of War: You shall fall!"

At the very top of the Black Shattered Valley stood a firm figure. There was no change in emotion on his hard face, only that fierce gaze revealing the anger within his heart..

"Four big guilds!"

Looking at the numerous strong figures in front of him, McRae frowned.

He did not expect the usually arrogant and independent four big guilds to actually join forces to deal with him.

Although he was confident in his strength, he also felt extremely pressured facing the siege of this many strong opponents.


As a God of War, it was impossible for him to admit defeat just like that.

In the next moment, looking at the few figures in front of him, McRae's eyes had a profound look to him. He directly snorted and said, "Why the nonsense? Fight me if that's what you want!"

At the foot of the mountain, countless players were watching.

"The four big guilds are usually in constant conflicts. Why are they joining forces today?"

"Yes, yes. And they only joined forces to deal with one person?"

"Hmph, why don't you guys take a look at who they're facing?! McRae is the publicly acknowledged number one battle power War God in the Divine Realm!"

"Although the battle power of McRae the God of War is unparalleled, he has never joined any forces, right? Today, the four big guilds came prepared, bringing all the elite experts."

"Damn, even the great god McRae will have a hard time with this many powerful enemies!"

Just as everyone was discussing,

The battle between the four big guilds and McRae broke out in one instant.

Suddenly, everyone felt the whole Black Shattered Valley shake.

Suddenly, an astonishing energy wave erupted. The scorching light produced by the energy wave seemed to be a second sun in everyone's eyes.




After a loud sound, the dust landed on the ground. The entire Black Shattered Valley was directly cut in half by the violent collision of energy.

How powerful were the four great guilds!

They were an overwhelming force that dominated the entire Divine Realm, and apart from controlling most resources, they even had many experts under them.

McRae was known as the God of War, and so it was true that he was powerful.

On the other hand, on the side of the big guilds, their president's personal strength was inferior to McRae…

But they had the advantage in numbers.

Facing the joint attack of hundreds and thousands of experts, even the God of War was helpless. He was instantly surrounded and attacked.

This battle was one that shook the skies.

Together with the Black Shattered Valley, under the joint efforts of many experts, it was inevitable that many would still perish..

After an unknown amount of time…

The smoke dispersed, and the battle finally came to an end.

The four great guilds paid a painful price, and countless experts died, losing half of their previous strength.

But most importantly, the God of War, McRae, had fallen just like that. It was a pity.

After an unknown period of time, in a rental house in Linhai City, a handsome young man struggled to open his eyes. It was McRae!

"This is?"

McRae, who had just woken up, kept having many memory fragments flash across his mind. The huge amount of information gave him a splitting headache.

McRae rubbed his temples with great effort to clear his head a little.

McRaei stood up and looked at the slightly tender face in the mirror, becoming even more confused.

What was going on?

Didn't I get ambushed by the four big guilds and die in a sea of enemies?

McRae still vaguely remembered the feeling he had when his health bar was emptied. It was the despair of his life withering.

McRae pinched himself hard. He felt pain. He wasn't hallucinating or dreaming. Could it be that everything that happened to him in the Divine Realm was just a dream?

Why were both memories so real?

Which was a dream and which was real?

McRae looked around suspiciously.

The dripping water tap, the window with the broken curtains, the bathroom with a nauseating smell, everything gave him a familiar unfamiliar feeling.

Wasn't this his rental house from years ago?!

Memories were like a movie, slowly playing in his mind.

The piercing sunlight passed through the broken curtains and shot straight into McRae's eyes. This dazzling sunlight made him narrow his eyes tightly, though it was also this piercing light that gave him an incomparably real feeling.

I'm still alive?!

McRae spread his pale hands and scratched his head. His memory became completely clear.

Am I reborn?

Could everything really start over?

With a hint of nervousness and surprise, McRae slowly pulled open the curtains. The hot sunlight told him that this wasn't a dream, but a real world!

McRae thought he was dead, but he didn't expect God to play a joke on him and let him be reborn.

After accepting reality, McRae's eyes were no longer confused, but was instead replaced by an indescribable determination and indifference. After a simple wash, McRae changed his clothes and decided to go out to take a look. Just as he finished packing and was about to go out, his gaze suddenly landed on the announcement in front of the computer screen, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

"Announcement! The server [Divine Domain] is officially opened at 12 o'clock today! Welcome to the global player trial!"

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