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Immortal in the Magic World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Blue And White Ocean
  • Uploaded by user439747
Eli was transmigrated to a world of magic and became immortal. With endless life and the inability to die, his approach to challenges was unlike any other. "Huh? I'm talentless? Then I'll just train for as long as I need, even if it takes 1,000 years. That should be enough for me to become strong." "The skill is hard to learn? Then I'll take a few ... 

Not Too Bad of a Start

It hurt!

Darkness came like a tide, and Eli's soul felt as if it was being pierced by countless needles. It was abnormally painful.

Suddenly, a bit of light appeared. He rushed towards the light with all his might. Finally, with a plop, as if breaking out of the water, Eli finally opened his eyes.


Eli woke up from his sleep and found himself lying on a wooden bed, and he was in a very unfamiliar room.

This was a dilapidated, narrow wooden house. The house was very small, only about ten square meters. Other than the tattered wooden bed that he was lying on, there seemed to be nothing else in the entire room.

Where was this place?

A second ago, he was still staying up late to work overtime, and the next second, he was here.

Had he transmigrated?

'That can't be. Granted, I was working overtime until midnight for one and a half months. Is it true that it's easier to transmigrate by staying up late and working overtime?'

Eli was a little stunned, looking at the unfamiliar face in front of him in disbelief.

He slowly sat up, and suddenly, a wave of strange yet familiar memories surged into his brain, causing him to let out a soft hiss!

A servant of a noble... A mysterious book... Sacrifice... His soul was taken away.

Fragments of memories surged into Eli's brain like a tide, and he instantly understood his situation.

A year ago, Eli was still a slave of a noble family. In the end, an accident had allowed Eli to escape from the noble family. After that, he ran all the way and arrived in the capital city of the kingdom of Byrne half a month ago. Relying on his literacy, he entered the Imperial Library and became the lowest-ranked librarian.

A few days ago, the host happened to see a hidden book in the library. Then, he secretly brought it back and opened it. Then, a strange wave attacked him.

He felt very uncomfortable and had a terrible headache. So, he lay on the bed and lost his life!


This was what it felt like to browse through the memories of the original host.

A book had cost a person his life.

After looking through the memories of the original host, he also understood that he had indeed transmigrated.

Because in this world, there existed true extraordinary powers.

The reason why the host secretly took the book was that he thought the book possessed a secret knight's breathing technique.

"Knights? You must be joking!" The corner of Eli's mouth twitched.

The path of a knight. A knight was someone who focused their strength on fighting in combat, but how did the host die?

Just because he had taken a look at the book, he had died.

And the book contained the secret knight's breathing technique?

This was impossible. This was absolutely impossible.

"Calm down!" Eli rubbed his slightly dizzy head and began to think about his current situation.

The transcendent world... Knight's strength... There were also mysterious books.

'Wait... Books?'

It was as if he suddenly realized something, and he turned his head to look into the distance.

A few meters away, there was a small table. On the table, there was an open book. The table was in the corner, so Eli did not see it earlier.

The book was wrapped in a hard, dark green cover and silver edges. The inside was written in the common language of the Byrne Empire.

This was the book that caused the death of the original host.

However, it seemed that the soul of the original body had already satisfied this evil book. Even if Eli opened it now, it did not seem to cause him any harm.

"How could the host be so careless?" Eli patted his head.

He subconsciously glanced at the book that had been sneaked out of the library.

If it weren't for the fact that the book was already satisfied with one sacrifice, Eli would have died again. It would be quite funny.

Eli sat up on the bed and walked towards the book.

A few meters away, Eli stopped and looked at the book from a distance as if he was facing an evil creature.

Thanks to the fact that this world had yet to be plagued by electronic devices, Eli's vision was excellent, so he could clearly see the contents of the book.

My dear friend:

As you can see, although I don't know who you are, you must remember that before you, there was a poor human who lost his life because of this.

This is a truly extraordinary book. The extraordinary secrets mentioned here do not refer to the inferior, foolish, and weak techniques of the knights but the secrets of the transcendents who had come into contact with the origin of this world.

This is one of my early Magus notes. In addition to a basic meditation technique, there are also many interesting minor spells. Of course, their levels are not very high.

Learning them might require some talent, but since you can browse them normally without feeling dizzy, you should have a talent for wizardry.

That's all. I don't even know if I found "it" in the end.

It was signed by Saleen Metatrin.

This was the complete content of the first page. Eli stood where he was, the corners of his mouth twitching.

It seemed that this world was not as simple as he had thought.

It seemed that there were other studies other than knighthood.

Besides, it had to be said that the host was really unlucky. Even though he obtained this treasured book, he died because of the original owner's little prank and ended up benefiting the transmigrated Eli.

It had to be said that everything was fated.

After probing a few more times and making sure that the book wasn't dangerous, Eli gave it a simple look.

A tick of an hourglass later, Eli slowly closed the book.

Just as the title page said, there was a meditation technique recorded in the book, as well as some spells that even Eli thought were extraordinary and a large number of notes.

It was basically a book on how to start a wizard.

"This is not a bad start!" Putting the notebook aside, Eli felt that his luck was pretty good.

Other transmigrators would either start off with some kind of puny monster, have low status, or lack ways to get stronger. However, not only did he have a job as a librarian, but he also had books that could give him great power. On top of all that, he had cheats.

That's right, Eli also had a cheat.

It was just that he was too surprised just now, so he didn't realize it. It was only just now that he reacted.

Eli closed his eyes, and his consciousness began to sink deep into his body.

A spot of light appeared before Eli's eyes.

As his consciousness got closer, the dot of light became bigger and bigger.

His consciousness came into contact with the light, and in the next moment, a terrifying scene appeared before his eyes.

In the pitch-black boundless space, an endless river of time ran through the void.

Through it, fragments of time appeared in Eli's eyes.

There was a terrifying snake that was ten thousand meters long swaying its huge body in the void.

There were terrifying creatures with grayish-white eyes that could reach many worlds.

There were worlds that gave birth to life and then gradually headed toward destruction.

There were powerful creatures walking in the endless void.

The images were all random, and Eli couldn't control them.

This process lasted for about ten seconds, and then there was an explosion.

The seemingly endless river of time suddenly compressed and began to shrink. A few seconds later, the river disappeared, leaving behind only a huge spiritual light pillar within Eli's body.

As for this beam of light, Eli vaguely remembered that he seemed to have seen the white light in his daze during his long overtime.

He thought it was an illusion due to his dry eyes, but he didn't expect it to follow him here.

But that wasn't for certain. Perhaps it was this pillar of light that brought Eli here.

Eli looked at the light pillar, and the ability that the light pillar had given him subconsciously appeared in his mind.

Eternal life.

After reaching a certain age, his body's essence would no longer change.

To be more precise, his lifespan would not change, but he would still bleed when he was injured and die when he was killed.

It was basically a buff that gave Eli immortality.

So, Eli was an immortal in a magical world...

Welcome to a new journey with me

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