Book cover of “Immortality: My Cultivation Has No Bottleneck“ by The Old Chicken Eats Mushrooms

Immortality: My Cultivation Has No Bottleneck

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: The Old Chicken Eats Mushrooms
  • Uploaded by user767351
Liang Sheng transmigrated into an alternate world, starting off with the talent "Dull Cultivator." A "Dull Cultivator" referred to someone with a sincere heart, unyielding perseverance, and an extremely slow cultivation speed. Despite having no bottlenecks in his cultivation, the slow progress made everything seem difficult. However, upon reaching ... 

Chapter 1


Dayan Dynasty.

Jinzhou City, Liang Family's backyard.

At this time, the night was already quiet, but in one room, there was an aura of death that made it seem even more eerie.

A little bit of moonlight spilled in from the window, illuminating the room, only to reveal a pale-faced youth lying on the floor, his eyes tightly closed as he was unconscious.

Who knew how long had passed when the youth finally opened his eyes, a surprised expression on his face. Immediately after, a throbbing pain came from his brain.


Under the agonizing pain, Liang Sheng instinctively wanted to wail, but found that he couldn't even make a sound.

Immediately after, a flood of unfamiliar memories rushed directly into his mind, and it took him a good while to recover.

What the hell?

He had actually transmigrated, and it was a soul transmigration with the same name and surname? What a lack of creativity! No wonder he couldn't ignite himself!

It turned out that Liang Sheng was originally a failed web novel author in the Blue Star World. After three years of continuous failure and having more than a dozen books, he finally realized a truth under the guidance of his senior.

Updating web novels is the king, and one million can become a god.

So, late one night, after ten days of updating 30,000 words daily, Liang Sheng suddenly died and then transmigrated into this world. He became the eldest son of the Liang Family's Patriarch in Jinzhou City, a Martial Arts family.

With the memories in his mind, he also knew that this world was a highly martial world, where Martial Artists could scale walls, smash mountains and rocks with ease.

Not to mention that there were legends in this world that Martial Artists could break through their shackles and cultivate immortality, plucking stars and slashing star rivers with their swords. Although these legends were unverifiable, and his predecessor had never witnessed them firsthand.

However, this was a fact as solid as nails that this high martial world was similar to the ancient Huaxia of the Blue Star.

And the Liang Family was the top Martial Arts family in Jinzhou City, standing tall in Jinzhou for hundreds of years, and the Liang Family's younger generation was considered the cream of the crop in Jinzhou City.

At this point, Liang Sheng had completely absorbed all the memories of his original body, and for a short while, he was only excited. After all, he had experience with this kind of thing. Although he himself had no experience, which of his failed transmigration tales didn't end up becoming masters, carefree and unfettered?

Although the final memory of the original body wasn't very good, he didn't worry at all at this moment. After all, which starting point failed transmigration story would not have a Golden Finger?

As expected, after a few experiments controlling his body to move, he immediately found his Golden Finger.

He had an Attribute Panel.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 18

Talent: Innocent Foolishness (Top grade)

Techniques: Golden Dragon Technique (Second Layer)

Realm: Second Level of Post-Natal Realm (70%)

Under the talent, there was an additional line of explanation -

Innocent Foolishness: Born with a sincere heart, cultivation will be unyielding, although cultivation speed will be extremely slow, there will be no bottlenecks to all the techniques in the world.

But so what if there was no bottleneck for all the techniques in the world? Since the cultivation speed was extremely slow, it was simply a garbage talent. How could this panel be considered a top-grade talent?

Why did the original owner fall into madness, allowing himself to take over? He was the eldest son of the Liang Family's Patriarch, consuming countless resources, yet his cultivation level was still only at the Second Level of Post-Natal Realm. How could he not be anxious?

Martial Arts family, strength is supreme!

Not to mention the rumors of him being unworthy of his position, the family considered letting him take charge of the Outer Sect Tavern and become a businessman. How could he be willing to settle for that?

And now, he doesn't seem to be much better off. He seems to have received the Golden Finger, but his talent is Innocent Foolishness, which is destined to make his cultivation extremely slow. What's different from his past life?

At this moment, Liang Sheng felt a bit bitter about his fate and studied the Attribute Panel for a long time before finally giving in to despair.

Wasn't the panel supposed to have addition signs?

Why does his own Golden Finger seem to be just a panel with no extra functions?

This Golden Finger is utterly useless. Let alone calling this trash talent of Innocent Foolishness a top-grade talent, it's clearly a product of low quality!

After a long while, Liang Sheng finally calmed down. Since there is no hope for cultivation in this life, he might as well enjoy it.

After all, he was still the legitimate eldest son of the Liang Family, and since he was assigned to manage the Liang Family's business, as long as he didn't mess things up, he would definitely have a much happier life than when he was down and out in his previous life.

Fortunately, for the past eighteen years, since the original body had failed in his martial arts cultivation, although he was the legitimate eldest son, he had kept an extremely low profile and had not accumulated much cause and effect.

At the moment when Liang Sheng had almost figured out how to live his new life, the sound of someone patrolling came from outside the courtyard. It was already midnight.

Liang Sheng hurriedly washed up and prepared to go to bed. The sudden death in his previous life was a lesson, and since he had decided to live a leisurely and wealthy life, he needed to have a healthy body.

After all, with no hope for cultivation in the future, perhaps he could only spend his days idly: listening to music at brothels, and living a repetitive life.

Liang Sheng lay in bed with a bitter smile, then closed his eyes.

With such ambitions, perhaps he was the most useless transmigrator in history, a disgrace to those of his kind!

Well, this world is prosperous in martial arts. Even though his own talent is not good, if he practiced some health cultivation methods, he should be able to enjoy a few more years, right?


Early the next morning, Liang Sheng got up early, prepared to take a good walk around Jinzhou City.

Although he had inherited the memories of the original body, it was not easy to adjust to this life without taking a closer look. Unfortunately, before he could even step out, he was stopped by someone.

"Young Master, the Patriarch asked for you to see him."

Liang Sheng was startled but quickly recovered his wits, nodding his head slightly without saying a word. The servant didn't mind, as their young master had always been like this.

Following the servant, Liang Sheng couldn't help but wonder why the Liang Family's Patriarch was looking for him. In his daily life, his father, the head of their household, seldom saw him after he deemed him a hopeless martial artist.

At this moment, the servant led Liang Sheng past the martial arts training ground, where the Liang Family's instructors were leading the disciples in practice and none of them paid attention to him.

After a while, Liang Sheng felt something was off, as they had now passed the main residence of the Liang Family's Patriarch.

And then, after turning a corner, Liang Sheng looked at the towering structures in front of him, and his nerves immediately tightened.

The Liang Family Ancestral Hall!

Liang Sheng instantly realized that the news of him becoming the Manager of the Outer Sect Tavern wasn't just a baseless rumor. Even though he was the legitimate eldest son, he ultimately lacked strength!

At this time, the Ancestral Hall's main gate was tightly shut, but there were already many people in the courtyard, including the younger generation of the Liang Family's various branches.

When they saw Liang Sheng, their expressions were somewhat strange, and some even couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Eldest son of the Liang Family?

He was nothing more than a useless person born early.

And starting today, he would become the Manager of the Outer Sect Tavern, no longer one of their peers.

At this moment, Liang Sheng also felt the strange atmosphere in the courtyard, but he remained expressionless, silently standing in a corner and closing his eyes to rest.

His demeanor, whether intentional or not, seemed to irritate some of the Liang Family's disciples who wanted to see him humiliated. Someone suddenly whispered:

"Eldest son? He's nothing but a useless fool born early!"

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