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Imposter Young Master

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Pocket
  • Uploaded by user921367
Yang Gang accidentally became the imposter heir to a wealthy family, a twist of fate that placed him amidst luxury and intrigue. At home, he found himself surrounded by a beautiful older sister and a twin younger sister, each with their own unique personalities and secrets. Navigating this new life wasn't easy. Yang Gang had to maintain his facade,... 

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Sir, your total consumption is 800 yuan. Are you going to pay by card or cash?" The pretty receptionist smiled at Yang Gang.

Yang Gang pulled out a bank card, boldly declared, "Card!"

A few moments later.

"Sir, your balance is insufficient." The receptionist smiled again.

"What?!" Yang Gang had a bad feeling, seeing the "Insufficient balance" displayed on the POS machine, his face instantly darkened.

"That money chaser didn't transfer money to me! She even swallowed my bounty again!! Damn it! When she falls into my hands next time, I will definitely teach her a lesson!" Yang Gang gritted his teeth, face full of resentment.

"Sir, would you like to pay in cash?" The receptionist has noticed something amiss, although she was still smiling, it was obviously a forced one.

Yang Gang came back to his senses from his resentment, reached into his pocket, had less than five hundred yuan left, he hesitated slightly, and said calmly, "I say beauty, your KTV charges too expensive, right? I sang for two hours, you're charging 800 yuan?"

The receptionist grimaced at Yang Gang, "Sir, our Silver Moon KTV is the largest KTV chain in Hangcheng, with transparent prices, no tricks. Your 800 yuan fee includes room rental for two hours: 100 yuan, snacks and drinks: 100 yuan, singing partner fee: 600 yuan. Is there something wrong?"

"Your charging is clearly unreasonable. A singing partner for two hours, charging 600 yuan, isn't this a rip-off?" Yang Gang said stubbornly.

He wanted a discount.

Yang Gang only had a little over four hundred yuan on him, still more than a hundred yuan off the target. No matter what, he had to try, otherwise, if he didn't have enough money to pay the bill, it would be a great disgrace.

The receptionist had no mood to smile, her face slightly turned cold, "Sir, the singing partner you ordered happens to be a fresh college girl graduated from a prestigious university, it's her first day at work. She was well-known and popular on campus, countless rich young masters failed to court her, yet you got to take advantage of her without any worries. Two hours, six hundred yuan, not worth it?"

"If I didn't take advantage, can the charge be less?" Yang Gang asked weakly.

The receptionist was surprised. Bloody hell, is this kid still innocent?

Wait, that's not right—the main task at hand is 'debt collection'. Plus, taking less advantage of a singing partner leads to less charge? What kind of logic is that?!

The receptionist composed herself, her face looking colder, "Sir, please pay."

Yang Gang gulped, asked weakly, "Miss, can I get an IOU?"

The receptionist's face dropped, "Sir, you wouldn't want to dodge the bill, would you?"

"Of course not! I just…"

"Sir, let me tell you a story." At this moment, a woman wearing a skimpy dress and black stockings walked over. She was quite pretty, but her heavy makeup was distasteful. She chuckled at Yang Gang, "Once, a man didn't pay after singing Karaoke at KTV, and ended up having both legs broken."

The new woman's attitude was quite heinous.

Yang Gang narrowed his eyes, "Hm…so my two legs are only worth eight hundred yuan? Isn't that a bit cheap?"

The previous receptionist quickly intervened, "Liu Cui, this man is different from the last one who dodged the bill, at least he didn't want to step out on the bill. Don't call Dawei right away."

"Hm." The woman named Liu Cui arrogantly glanced at the receptionist, "Lin Yueyao, don't tell me your heart is fluttering because this man is somewhat handsome?"

Lin Yueyao blushed, "I'm not! I'm just…"

Liu Cui glanced at Lin Yueyao, scoffed coldly, and made a call immediately, "Hey, Dawei? Someone is trying to dodge the bill at the reception, can you come to handle it?"

Lin Yueyao turned pale, "Liu Cui, you know very well how ruthless Dawei is. The last guy only dodged a bill of two hundred yuan, yet Dawei broke his two legs. You…"

She gritted her teeth, "Or else, I'll cover the money this person owes."

Lin Yueyao was not interested in Yang Gang, but she still clearly remembered the man who had his legs broken for dodging a bill last time. She was inherently kind-hearted, and she didn't want Yang Gang to get his legs broken over eight hundred yuan.

Liu Cui sneered at Lin Yueyao, "Lin Yueyao, what do you mean by this? Trying to play Guanyin Bodhisattva? Save it!"

She paused for a moment, then sneered again, "You know why you have been working here for five years and still only serve at the reception? Because you pretend to be noble and innocent. Listen, if women in the workplace want to get promoted quickly, capability and responsibility are not important. A young and beautiful body is the biggest capital! Understand?"

Lin Yueyao stayed silent. Everything Liu Cui had said was true.

She had been working at Silver Moon for five years. During that time, many superiors hinted that if she was willing to get in bed with them, she would be promoted. But she refused them all. Because she believed that gold will always shine.

However, five years had passed, and she was still buried in the sand pile.

Liu Cui, on the other hand, had only been in the company for half a year, but was already the front desk team leader of the Silver Moon KTV's second branch and rumour has it that she was about to move to Silver Moon's headquarters soon.

The secret to her rapid rise was that she had slept with one of Silver Moon's high-ranking members…

Lin Yueyao wondered, had she really made a mistake? Should she, while still young, trade her body for a future?

She apparently wavered.

Liu Cui watched Lin Yueyao's reaction and smirked inwardly, "Let's see how long you'll pretend to be a saint".

Yang Gang quietly watched the scene, his expression calm and detached, who knows what he was thinking.

Just then, the sound of hefty footsteps echoed. Yang Gang turned to see a tattooed young man, about twenty-four, walking towards the front desk. His muscular body radiated a cruel aura.

"Liu Cui, should I…" Lin Yueyao looked a bit worried when she saw the young man.

"Shut up!" Liu Cui scolded harshly.

She then turned to Yang Gang and sneered, "Hey, kid, I'm giving you one last chance. Settle your bill within ten minutes. Otherwise…"

She glanced at Yang Gang's legs and laughed coldly.

"Otherwise what? Otherwise, would I have to pleasure you? Although it's 'technically' feasible, however…" Yang Gang paused slightly, showing a sarcastic smile, "Sorry, don't judge me by my appearance, I'm very choosy. Inferior merchandise... I disdain it."

Liu Cui was taken aback, she was already expecting to 'enjoy' Yang Gang begging for mercy, but instead she got such brazen mockery.

"You!" Liu Cui was so infuriated her chest heaved, "You are asking for death!"

She immediately looked at the tattooed young man, "Dawei, teach him a lesson."

Looking at Yang Gang, Dawei licked his lips, "You dare to welch much? You appear fragile - one punch and there'll be a rain of blood."

Yang Gang glanced at Dawei, sighed lightly and tauntingly, "Are you sure you want to take me on one-on-one? Why not bring a few more folks?"

Dawei paused and with reddened face bellowed, "Damn! I am absolutely sure! I could crush you with one hand!"

With that, Dawei lunged at Yang Gang, like a falcon attacking its prey.

Dawei, whilst possessing a robust physique, was not slow, and the ferocious aura he exuded was extremely imposing.

Dawei charged at Yang Gang, his fist aimed squarely at Yang Gang's head, the fist continually enlarging in Yang Gang's eyeview...

Liu Cui watched and laughed coldly, she seemed to have already visualised Yang Gang's bloodied and beaten figure.

The beautiful receptionist covered her face, seemingly unable to bear watching the upcoming scene.

However, after a pause, there was no commotion. She peaked through her fingers and was dumbfounded.

Dawei's punch, just 20cm from Yang Gang's forehead, was abruptly blocked by Yang Gang's hand.

Liu Cui and the surrounding people were somewhat confused.

What was happening?

Yang Gang, calm and collected, stood in his place, glancing at Dawei who was sweating profusely, he shook his head, "Too weak."

With that, he casually kicked Dawei. Dawei flew several meters away, his back heavily hitting the wall. He yelped in pain, unable to stand up again.

The crowd was completely dumbfounded.

Dawei was nearly 1.8 meters tall, weighing close to 200 pounds!!

After a while, Liu Cui finally came back to her senses. She moved back a few meters before glaring fiercely at Yang Gang, "Don't get cocky, just because you beat one. I don't believe you can defeat ten!"

Having said this, she dialed a number.

Soon, a large group of tattooed young men surrounded Yang Gang.

Yang Gang was annoyed. When would it end? Was it worth all this just for 800 yuan?

He thought of the root of all his troubles and inwardly raged.

"Su Xiaoxi! After swindling my money, I swear I won't let you live!"


Character Introduction:

Su Xiaoxi, female, 23, Yang Gang's 'senior sister' and 'child bride'. With stunning looks, she is money-obsessed, splurging money, sly and conspiratorial. Her current whereabouts are unknown, she is inexplicably missing.

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