Book cover of “Inevitable Road to Divinity“ by InsanelyParanoid

Inevitable Road to Divinity

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: InsanelyParanoid
  • Uploaded by user796066
After a catastrophic event on Earth, he awakens in an unfamiliar world. To uncover the truth about himself, he must embark on a perilous journey. This is the story of a modern young man who possesses the Sex God Divinity and the memories of his past selves. Thrown into a realm where ancient magic and mythical creatures reign, he must navigate treac... 

Another World

A room was full of white. No matter where the young man looked, he could only see the white walls, but that wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing was that the young man, whose body was floating around, couldn't move or do anything. It felt like floating was the only thing he could do. Patiently waiting in the tranquil place, he suddenly felt something entering his body.

Then, after a while, another mysterious power awakened deep inside his body. This time he clearly understood what it was as he remembered her words. Two different yet the same powers were currently running through his body slowly as if they were getting familiar with every part of the young man's body.

And so, the young man spent his time boringly, but patiently. Soon, his vision blurred, and his own body's control came back, but he still couldn't help but close his eyes due to that sudden event.

The event that changed his life.

After a while, the young man opened his eyes once again and found himself in a strange forest. The trees were multi-colored, and so it leaves. A sun poured its sunshine at him through gaps between leaves, which made him a little annoyed. But soon, that annoyance disappeared completely as though it never existed.

The reason was obvious.

A young man finally felt like an alive person, like a human being. He slowly stood up and looked around.

"Why didn't it teleport me to some kind of city..."

He grumbled to himself while moving in a random direction. Looking at the unfamiliar environment, the young man's mind forced him to reminisce about The Earth and its catastrophe...

[Earth, 2050]

Ding! Ding! Ding! An annoying sound of an alarm clock resounded throughout the room. The young man who was sleeping peacefully woke up angrily once more, shouted 'I said five minutes more!' and glanced at the clock with one of his eyes that quickly went wide...


Realizing that he overslept by 2 hours, the young man woke up fully and sighed to himself.

"And I just promised for class president that I would behave and attend school properly! Well, whatever. Me, going to school regularly for a whole month is already big progress!"

He had quickly made an excuse for tomorrow as he stood up from the bed vigorously.

"Free days are always the best. So much time, so much to do!"


As if answering to his words, an enormous earthquake reverberated! But, at the same time, his heart also started beating furiously. It was the first time for him ever to feel such a loud heartbeat. Falling onto his knees, the young man grasped his chest as his breathing became a little too irregular.

Looking at the floor with his eyes filled with water and body full of sweat, the young man thought to himself...

'Is that how am I going to die? I, Xue Ren, will die in such a lame way?'

Earthquakes that were way too louder than usual earthquakes had lasted for ten minutes, just like Xue Ren's symptoms. Immediately after those had stopped, Xue Ren felt an indescribable happiness.

Xue Ren just felt way better than he had ever felt. As if his body got stronger and mind became clearer with the utmost focus. His morning headache had already disappeared, but because everything happened during earthquakes, Xue Ren swore loudly!

"Fucking earthquakes! If I had to choose between a headache or a heart attack, of course, I would choose a headache! Goddamnit!"

With angry steps, Xue Ren went to look over the window. He knew that because of an earthquake, at least half of his house's stuff fell all over the place. The moment he got to the window, Xue Ren immediately became dumbstruck.

"A b-black hole..."

Yes, in the sky, an enormous black hole had appeared. Soon, black dots began leaving off that black hole, spreading their color all over the sky.

Of course, Xue Ren, who was a normal human, had no way to know that those were all living beings. Because of his fear, Xue Ren looked down and noticed his neighbor, and so with a shaking voice, he asked.

"Mister Yan! Aren't you scared?! What the hell is this?! Don't tell me that you don't-"

Before Xue Ren could talk longer, the angry look of his neighbor made him stop talking.

"Stupid brat, why are you crying over such thing? It was just a bit louder than a normal earthquake... Stupid brat! Why aren't you in the school anyway, huh?!"

After getting such a response, Xue Ren became flabbergasted!

'This old man can't see such a big hole in the sky?! There is no way he is faking this, so... Why can I see it? What is going on?'

Of course, no one could hear his thoughts or even answer them...

One hour later, Xue Ren was sitting on his bed rather not comfortably. His body was shaking way too much, and his mind was in turmoil. Ever since he had noticed a black hole, his eyes never left it as he was looking at it with a conflicted expression.

And because of that, he realized the true identity of black dots...


Sometimes he saw the beasts; sometimes he saw monsters, sometimes even humans... But humans who could fly through the sky, were they really the humans? What do they want from The Earth? With such thoughts, Xue Ren was waiting for something to happen. Of course, he tried to think positively, that maybe they had come here with peaceful intentions and such thoughts lingered in his mind.

Another hour passed, and finally, something happened.

Xue Ren could hear multiple screams, and so he screamed within his own heart.

'Shit! Shit! Shit! Don't tell me they attacked our world!'

Xue Ren rushed once again to his window only to see his neighbor being eaten alive by some kind of wolf. Atop that wolf was sitting a little green creature proudly, and Xue Ren, who was rather knowledgable about fantasy, muttered to himself.


It held a sword in its small hand and soon used it to pierce the old man's heart, which stopped his screams. Looking at the human's dead body, its smile grew even wider, but it looked even more grotesque to the young man. Xue Ren, who was looking at the scene from afar, surprisingly wasn't that scared. Of course, he had imagined such a situation on his bed, thinking that he might puke or faint! He had negative thoughts, but now seeing it with his own eyes, Xue Ren didn't really have any horrifying feelings...

He had confidence out of nowhere, which made him perplexed. It was as if such death was bound to happen.

After looking around, Xue Ren knew that an army of the wolfs and goblins attacked humanity. The sight of blood caused something deep within his body to beat violently. He immediately had become scared once again and placed his hand on his chest, which was regularly beating to his surprise.

'What is this? A soul?'

Xue Ren guessed quietly while his eyes were watching every bloodstain on humans unconsciously. But, the worst thing that Xue Ren feared the most had yet to come...


Monsters had attacked the Earth... All over the place, various monsters were attacking the humans incessantly. But the monsters appearing out of nowhere wasn't the only thing that happened to humanity. Heroes were born, or that's how everyone called them. They were people that during an earthquake, became stronger.

Such a thing happened to the class president of Xue Ren's class. If he didn't oversleep, he would be just like her, standing in front of the students and holding barricades that had been made with the tables and other various school stuff.

The only difference between them was that she didn't get a heart attack or anything like that. She just became stronger as if something had awakened inside her. Looking heroically, Yan Yuri stood bravely in the face of the disaster. If she knew that her old man had just died, would she be able to keep it up? Of course, she was worried about her home, but there was also another person. Her neighbor and a classmate who was both annoying and lazy...

Just thinking about him made her more worried and annoyed! Such feelings gave Yan Yuri another boost of power as she strongly threw the pair of scissors at the monsters...

On the other side, the person that lingered on the young lady's mind was currently running through the streets somewhat leisurely. A ferocious wolfs couldn't catch up to him, and he didn't get exhausted.

'Ever since that earthquakes, something definitely has changed within me.'

When Xue Ren first rushed out of his house, he jumped down from the first floor. Back then, he thought that jumping down will not only make him injured, but also led him to death. He hadn't had expected otherwise. However, deep inside, Xue Ren was worried about his parents and friends...

He imagined a lot of different scenarios, only to make himself even more worried. Xue Ren just hoped that they also became stronger just like him! His destination was towards his school, but soon, Xue Ren changed his destination, only because of the army that had gathered to chase him. Whether he wanted or not, Xue Ren got all the surrounding wolfs and goblins' attention when he ran. They had stopped eating and attacking their victims only to chase after him. It was as if Xue Ren was the most delicious human. Humans who saw that looked at Xue Ren with the most grateful expressions as they quietly muttered 'Hero'.

But Xue Ren didn't care about that; his only focus was on monsters whose numbers gradually grew. He knew that he would be surrounded by them sooner or later, so he tried to detour and lose even a bit of them. Nevertheless, his efforts ended in a vain as he got even more monsters on his tail.

And after thirty minutes, Xue Ren got entirely surrounded by obnoxious monsters...


It's mature and R-18 rated novel. If you are under 18, then leave! You have been warned.

*IRTD has plot with borderline INCEST(Later in the story the plot twists and MC is actually not related, but you know how it is.)! It's one of many R-18 elements that hadn't been developed much(It's just a few chaps of incest relationship, less than 20 I believe), but if you are sensitive then stop reading. Author just fulfilled the wishes of his dear readers.*

*IRTD's MC STEPS ON BOTH GOOD AND BAD PATH WHEN IT COMES TO HIS DIVINITY, R-18(sex). It's rare but such R-18 content sometimes happen throughout the story. You will be able to tell I believe. If you are against it, then please leave. It's really rare. (Yes, I could've written it in the way 'He did XXX' then go over it, but I wanted word count. You know, blank mind, writer's block etc).*

Hi all new brothers! I know it's hard to read, but that's the beginnings of my writing journey! I believe that you will find my progress good and nice as you read further! Stay strong! I love ya.

Is it incest or not? Well, well! You could say it's incest yet it isn't! This is the power of fantasy! So if you are too sensitive, then leave~~

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