Book cover of “Infinite Paths: The Raging Phoenix“ by ExSoldierLv99

Infinite Paths: The Raging Phoenix

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ExSoldierLv99
  • Uploaded by user372220
He lived a life of mediocrity, plagued by regret. Instead of pursuing his dream of becoming a pro boxer, he listened to others and became a corporate slave. When money went missing from the company's account, he was wrongly accused. He lost everything—his job, his friends, and even his family turned their backs on him. Eventually, he became homeles... 


At first, he felt warm and a bit wet, and then slowly, he woke up… it felt like he had just had the longest dream of his entire life. When he opened his eyes, everything was still dark, though.

"What happened… where am I?"

Memories of the dream began to flow in his mind. In his last moments, his mind replayed the scenes of his life, a series of choices and regrets. He saw himself as a young boy, full of dreams and ambition to become a pro boxer, but he listened to others who advised him differently. He ended up trapped in a corporate job, losing touch with his true passion.

The memory that haunted him the most was when money went missing from his company's account. Suddenly, he was blamed for the theft, and everything fell apart. His job vanished, friends turned their backs, and even his family doubted him. With nowhere to go, he found himself in a dark alley, trying to protect a homeless woman from an attacker.

In those final moments, he felt the weight of his mediocre existence and the remorse that came with it. He wished he had followed his dreams and not settled for a life of conformity. The pain of betrayal and isolation tore at his heart. But amidst the darkness, he also saw flickers of compassion and courage within himself.

"Oh yeah… I died… I died, didn't I?"

The memories were kind of foggy, but he could tell that he truly lived a full life like that; the regret he felt, the regret that he was feeling, they couldn't be just parts of a dream. He also saw himself bleeding a lot… the chances of survival were none.

"At least I didn't betray myself, that was the important part, and that is the only thing that I will never regret, not like I will have the chance to do so."

He decided to wait for his judgment; he could only imagine that he was about to enter the afterlife… it was the only explanation as to why he was still… thinking? He definitely wasn't alive. Come to think of it, he felt warm and wet; do souls feel that?

Despite the uncertainty that lay ahead, he found solace in the realization that he hadn't betrayed himself in the end. Lying there, he reflected on the choices he had made throughout his lifetime. While he acknowledged the mediocrity that had marked his existence and the remorse that had tinged his heart, he also found comfort in the knowledge that he had remained true to his core principles.

"I guess my biased opinion doesn't matter if I am good or evil. Anyway, the waiting line must be pretty long."

Before long, he could see the light ahead… it seemed that the line was moving without him walking on it. That was convenient… it was time to know if life was truly fair in the beyond. Eventually, the light engulfed and blinded him for a moment, and then a voice echoing in his mind woke him up.

(The Human Path was unlocked)

(You obtained the skill of Language.)


He wondered if there was something wrong with him… the voice seemed pretty mechanical; it was almost like he was in an airport. Maybe they used that kind of system as well.

Regardless, the light eventually vanished, and then he found himself seeing the massive head of a granny. The woman had more gray hair than black, so it was accurate to call her granny. The woman studied him for a while, and while he wanted to look back, he couldn't. His head and body felt strangely stiff. Now that he thought about it, he could feel himself being grabbed by the big hands of the giant granny.


The giant granny said something, but he didn't understand a single thing. Maybe she said that he didn't have enough meat on him; the giants that he knew had an interest in eating humans, even though they couldn't digest them. Still, unlike them, the granny didn't show any disturbing smiles… she looked as serious as an ice block.

Before long, he was moved to some bed and then noticed his surroundings. Everything was made of wood and seemed a bit archaic. He didn't want to think of that… It seemed too naive, but he was starting to think that he wasn't going to be judged. After blinking a few times, he began to think that he truly wouldn't when he saw something else.

Name: Rainendall

Level: 01

Current Path: Human (Lv 01)

Health: 10/10

Mana: 10/10

Stamina: 10/10

Strength: 01

Dexterity: 01

Intelligence: 01

Vitality: 01

Wisdom: 01

Endurance: 01

Luck: 01

Main Skills:

[Language Lv 01]

[Slot 2]

[Slot 3]

[Slot 4]

[Slot 5]

Support Skills:

[Slot 1]

[Slot 2]

[Slot 3]

[Slot 4]

[Slot 5]

"A game-like interface… What the hell is going on? Also, who is Rainendall? I can't be called that… I will call myself Rain. Wet and cold. It doesn't suit me at all."

Rain found that hard to believe, but it seemed that he had been reincarnated. Was that his prize for trying to help a woman that no one wanted to help because she was a homeless person? Either way, that was too convenient to be true. Reincarnation while retaining memories? Too convenient… there must be some trick in that situation.

While Rain was thinking about that, he suddenly felt the touch of someone nearby; before long, his body was rolled, and then he saw another big woman. One that was a lot younger than the granny.

Her radiant features were a symphony of elegance and allure. With her lustrous red hair cascading over her shoulders, framing a face adorned with sparkling blue eyes and a perfectly sculpted nose, she embodied the epitome of grace and charm. Her smile was like nothing he had seen before.

Rain found himself in awe as he gazed upon his own tiny hands. They were diminutive, innocent, and filled with the innocence of infancy. His chubby fingers grasped at the air, exploring the world around him with a sense of wonder.

"It seems that it is true… I have been Reincarnated," Rain thought. "This woman must be my mother, and while she gave me a terrible name to pronounce, she is quite the babe… thinking that objectively makes my karma points go down?"

Either way, Rain's new mother soon fell asleep, and the granny left the room. Truth be told, Rain didn't know how to feel about her, the memories of his past life and the fact that his family didn't believe him in the end, even though they never had any reason to doubt him in the first place… it was a difficult spot to be in.

The dimly lit medieval chamber emanated an air of antiquity, adorned with flickering candles casting dancing shadows on the weathered stone walls. Time-worn tapestries hung haphazardly around, depicting scenes of valor and ancient battles.

Rustic wooden furniture, worn by years of use, stood stoically amidst the room, while a sturdy oak table bore the weight of leather-bound tomes and quill pens. The lingering scent of aged parchment and musty books mingled with the subtle aroma of beeswax, evoking a nostalgic atmosphere of an old era.

"Either way… on my second life, I will remain true to my dreams and goals, and no one will make me deviate from my real path," Rain thought while swearing on his heart.

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