Book cover of “Innocent CEO's Stripper“ by Rooh

Innocent CEO's Stripper

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rooh
Step into the world of a young girl who has been through the worst and survived against all odds. Abandoned on the streets to die, she had to start a new life with a new name and a new identity as a stripper, hiding from those who wanted to harm her. But then, a chance encounter with a mysterious billionaire starts to unravel the walls she had buil... 

Chapter 1

Groans and moans can be heard on my way to the dressing room, where all the girls, including me, change into our outfits and do makeup. Our outfit only consists of a bikini and bodysuits. 

Many of the girls nodded to me along the way to the dressing room, and I just nodded at them with a neutral face, not showing my emotions to any of them. I hate being here. It’s not like I hate the profession. I’m just not cut to it, but I have no choice but to be a stripper with a fake identity. 

Slowly, the thoughts of my past and the incidents that I had locked away crept into my head, making me lose the facade for a second that I had successfully maintained for two years.

“Hi, Selene! How are you doing?” One of the bartenders called out and winked at me suggestively, making me roll my eyes at him. 

“I am doing great, Joey.” I gave him my cold smirk, which I gave everyone, and strutted toward the dressing room. 

“Hey, girl! You seem late!” Molly, one of my best friends, yelled out to me from the end of the room, tying her bikini top. I have no idea what would happen to me that day if she didn’t find me in the ditch, and I am always grateful to her and our other friend Gina. 

“I woke up late, and you know me, I want a heck of a time to get my ass out of the house.” I gave her a genuine smirk which converted into a smile on her ‘duh’ look. 

No one talks in the room; everyone runs along, putting on their outfits and doing their hair and makeup. We are like bees buzzing around.  

“You have a show with me, Selene.” Molly came toward me and stood beside me, all dolled up. 

“Damn! I guess I don’t have much time to get ready, right?” I cursed inwardly at her nod before removing my jean shorts and tank top, which I was wearing. I took out my lingerie from my bag and started replacing them with my normal bra and panties. We, strippers, don’t shy away from nudity, so it is not a big problem for us to change in front of everyone. In the beginning, I was timid and nervous even to remove my tank top with a bra on, but now I don’t care anymore. 

“I already have makeup on, so we won’t be late.” 

“Yes, if we are a second late on the stage, the manager will flip the shit.” 

Our manager is very strict with timings and all, and he doesn’t spare anyone.

Molly and I walked through the familiar way I had been taking since the day I started working here. We finally reached the back of the stage and stood there. The announcer will call our names, and we have to make a dramatic entry.

“I am going to call our tonight’s beauties and goddesses — Molly and Roseee!” He dragged my stage name, making me cringe. I know choosing Rose for my stage name is simple and plain, but I don’t want to get any attention or anything because my main focus is to survive. That’s it.

I took a deep breath and turned toward Molly to see her doing the same thing. I have to switch off everything the second I step foot onto the stage. When I first started, I was a nervous wreck and had been conscious of everything. But survival and hunger will make you do anything.

We both stepped onto the stage at the same time. We had big wings on our backs. Mine was black, and Molly had a white one. We were going for the angel and the devil theme. 

‘Side to Side’ by Ariana Grande started to play, and we took our places on the stage and started moving our bodies to the music. 

I switched off everything in my head and only focused on the song. Lights were dim on the stage and in the audience area. I couldn’t see the faces of the men who sat hungrily watching our bodies.

Some of them were wearing masks to hide their identities. 

I started roaming my hands from my neck slowly to my breast and again from down to up. I love dancing, so I know how to make dance so sensual, and that’s what I always do and get more tips.

I slowly got on my knees, bent my body, lifted my butt into the air, and started crawling on the floor slowly. I could hear whistles from the men, which boosted my confidence. Sometimes all we need is encouragement to do hard things.

Molly and I had sensual and sexy choreography. I could guarantee that every man in the room had a hard-on in their pants.

Getting on my feet, I took steps toward Molly and stood behind her. I placed my finger on her face and started dragging her down, and my other hand circled her waist. This is our thing; most men in the bar request us for our unique performance, which is touching each other.

We don’t feel anything while touching each other, but we do it for the huge tips.

“We are going to get huge tips today,” Molly squealed, still playing her part, to which I just hummed.

Her hands were in my hair, and my hands were roaming around her body. We only had 10 more seconds till our performance ended. Our bodies were moving in sync, making everyone in the room go crazy.

My eyes roamed around the room with hooded eyes, making eye contact with everyone. No one ever caught my eye. But suddenly, my eyes got stuck, and my body stilled the second my eyes made eye contact with deep green ones, which were twisting into my soul.

My knees buckled, and my heart started beating rapidly. His eyes were stuck on my face, and he was looking into my eyes like he wanted to know everything about me. He had a black mask on, but I could see the other features on his face — his kissable plump pink lips, sharp jaw, and light hair.

Unconsciously my eyes moved downwards, and my breath hitched. He had broad shoulders and long legs, and I could easily tell he was over six feet tall. He radiated dominance and authority.

I have never been attracted to anyone like this. He has set my body on fire.

I was still stuck in the same place, not moving even an inch. No one was breaking the spell cast upon us, and I was not ready to break the contact.

My body jerked forward when Molly pulled me backstage, but I turned my head back to see the man who sparked my interest after a very long time, and he awakened the feelings I had buried deep down.

I had to find out who he was and how it felt to have his hands all over my body. Thinking about it made my lady parts gush with excitement.

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