Book cover of “It All Too Late“ by Alexagarby

It All Too Late

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Alexagarby
  • Uploaded by user652821
In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, two lovers defied all odds to prove their undying love for each other. Their story is one of passion, resilience, and unyielding commitment. Rose and Jack came from different worlds. Despite their differences, their love blossomed, a testament to the power of the heart over the mind. Their journe... 


Good evening Honey, you are welcome, so how did the day go? Flair asked her husband, Jack who just Walked in. The weather had just turned bright after a heavy snow fall.

Fine dear, please get my food am famished, Jack replied, sitting in the couch. It had been a very hard day at work and he had so much to do.

His mind was throwing him into recollection and foe the umpteenth time, he thought of her. It had been four years now, then he had been a freshman at the college where he studied medical science. It was then that he had met her. Her name was Rose a fresher also in nurse department.

It had been during screening for new students, People were moving about to get there fees paid. He has sighted her sitting in the balcony of the school resting. Her beauty had struck him. He went to her, ''hello, He said in a low tone, she turned to see who it was and she smiled.

''Hi, she said calmly and turned away. "Sorry for the intrusion. I'm jack, jack Dickson and you are? "

"Rose Robinson", she replied.

"If you don't mind can i keep you company", she looked at him again and smiled and said "yes i don't". And they stayed there for some while chatting. the next day, "am off for lectures. Please, if anyone calls, let him drop a message", Rose roommate, Sasha told Noami another of their room mate and left.

"Lectures indeed Rose said laughing. "Rose please am confused about the guys am dating, they both profess their love and i don't know who to choose between them". "Choose the one your heart wants". "You have jack at your beck and call and he is a good guy"said Naomi. "I know but i cant tell for now replied Rose am also off to lectures are you later best"and she left.

"There is a party at the karaoke bar down the road, so girls how is it going to be Sasha asked her roommates, Rose and Naomi later that day. "Party girl, replied Rose you can't stay a weekend without partying, Jack would be coming around later so i can't Rose said". "We'll go together maybe I might find someone to hook up with" said Naomi. "You are rotten Sasha said and they all laughed and they left leaving Rose only.

"How is my love doing today, "Paul asked as he entered Rose room. "I'm fine and you? She answered.

"Well I gave something for you, "he said. "What is it?"she asked. "A surprise, a very big surprise! Let's go out", Jack said. "Alright give me some minutes to change and wait outside while i dress", she said pushing him outside. "What are you hiding"he asked laughing. "Do you want to go blind", Rose said as she turned to dress up. They went to a hotel and took their orders after eating they went to there room. "Is this the big surprise you have got for me? "Rose said as she sat on the bed. "Hold on he said, opening the drinks and food. "Rose, my life has a meaning now ever since I met you, without you now in my life I would be empty" he said with a very sweet voice. "As for the surprise, its here. I want us to have a good and quiet time together today. "Meaning what Rose" asked smiling.

"I want to make love to you. Our first love making will mean so much to me, he finally said. He reached her and tried to remove her clothes. "Wait, Rose said. "Jack,promise me you would love and cherish our relationship she said". "Rose, I promise to never love or make love with any other woman and I will mare you after we graduate". Rose smiled and the had a good time that might and slept in each others arms.

The following day as Jack was walking into the lecture room Mrs Jenkins who taught them science course stopped him. He was very late for the class. "Go out"she yelled at him "and don't you ever come to my class a minute late again".

She was a harsh lecturer and students don't like her because of that. "Please lend me your notebook"Jack said to his best fiend Andrew, "see the way i was embarrassed by that lecturer". "Where went you man, I came to look for you yesterday at your hostel but you were nowhere to be found, am sure it has to do with Rose" and they both laughed.

"You don't look too well, what's wrong? " Sasha asked Rose who was lying on the bed. "This last paper was tough. I doubt if I get a C, "Rose said with worries written on her face.

Just then Jack walked in. "Angel, how are you today? "He inquired when she did not reply he turned to her friend. "Is she alright? He asked as Sasha rose to leave.

"Jack, today's paper was tough, "Rose told him. "Don't worry, it'll be fine. Am sorry i couldn't spay a day to check on you my love", he said as he kissed her on the cheeks.

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