Book cover of “Journey of an Overpowered Transmigrated Wizard“ by AidenCanis

Journey of an Overpowered Transmigrated Wizard

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: AidenCanis
  • Uploaded by user108456
Meet Aiden Canis, an overpowered wizard who, at the end of his natural lifespan, chose to transmigrate to a new world brimming with mystery and magic. Renowned for his unmatched abilities and wisdom, Aiden was a legend in his former world. But rather than embracing the peace of oblivion, he sought a fresh start, driven by an insatiable curiosity an... 

Chapter 1

My name is Aiden Canis and I am the strongest wizard alive. Or at least I was. You see I was the strongest wizard for many decades but I after living for around 160 years, my body has started to decline and I could feel that my time is coming to an end. Though normally wizards don't live for so long, I was able to because of my physical strength and abundance of my magical power. Sadly my wife was not as powerful as me, she died of old age more than five decades ago. Even my children have grown old and have grandchildren of their own.

Seeing as my life was coming to an end, I decided to build a ritual to transmigrate my soul to another world. I know you're thinking that I am going insane because of old age and wasting my time by chasing after something impossible like transmigration. But, the truth is, I am someone who has done it before. I was not born in this world but transmigrated from another world by accident. So, if I can do it before even though it was by accident, why can't I do it again, now that I have more than 150 years of magical knowledge. I don't mean to brag, but I was not the strongest wizard for nearly one and a half century for nothing. No one alive has more magical knowledge than me in this world.

So, I said my goodbyes to all of my loved ones and isolated myself in my lab to research and develop a ritual to transmigrate myself.

Despite my abundance of Magical knowledge, it still took me more than one year to finally make a ritual to transmigrate myself.

Building a ritual to just randomly transmigrate myself was not hard. I developed it in just over a month. The hard part was the additional conditions for the transmigration.

Randomly transmigrating was a big no in my book. Who knows where I might transmigrate by accident. I could transmigrate in a world without magic or in someone's body who was also old and at the end of his natural life span. Or worst, I could transmigrate in a female body. If that were to happen, I might just commit suicide myself.

No, there were conditions needed to meet for my transmigration like I must be transmigrated in a world with magic, in someone's body who was younger than 20, someone whose body is compatible with my magic and soul and most importantly, it must be a male body.

So, keeping all those conditions in mind and building a customized version of the ritual was not an easy task and it took me more than a year to finally make it.

Though the materials required for this ritual were not cheap, I was more than rich enough to easily procure them.

Ritual circle was also very complex and it took many days to just draw it slowly, but I didn't mind because, any mistake in the Ritual circle could have drastic repercussions.

At last, I was finally ready with all of my preparation and was ready for my new adventure in my next life.

But, since I don't know the situation of the world I am going to transmigrate to, I need something I can depend on to survive initial time period when I am going to be at my weakest. For this, I have decided to bring my magic with me. But, since only my soul can transmigrate, I broke my crystal core and temporarily stored my magic in my soul. Though it's not possible to do so for a long period, it should be fine since I will take it out after my transmigration. Though breaking my crystal core is fatal, it won't matter to me as I am going to leave my old body behind in less than a minute anyway.

So, after I was ready, I didn't rethink and started the Ritual right away.

The Ritual went smoothly and I blacked out.

Open to suggestions, if anyone has better name for this novel.

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