Book cover of “Journey to Become a True God“ by DarkForces

Journey to Become a True God

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: DarkForces
  • Uploaded by user452680
Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, devoted to his simple life and his girlfriend. However, his world shattered when he discovered her affair with a wealthy second-generation heir. Heartbroken and seeking solace, Ye Chen decided to return to his hometown to find peace and clarity. On his journey home, fate intervened as he encountered a god ... 

Break up with girlfriends

My name is Ye Chen, this year I am 17 years old. Since I was a child, I have lived together with my grandfather in a remote village. My life is the same as boys in general, but my life began to change when my grandfather died.

because No one wants to take care of me I started to live independently and started to work, I started working so I could continue to live, because of my good grades I got a scholarship to go to school in the city to get a more decent education.

I currently study at Hexing School, After three months I studied there, I finally have a girlfriend, my girlfriend's name is Yu Ting She has shoulder-length hair, about 155cm tall and has a slim body, with a cute face, though not the most beautiful woman in school but Yu Ting can still be considered the ideal woman for most men.

We dated for 9 months, after we entered the second year and were placed in a different class, Yu Ting's attitude towards me began to change One hundred and eighty degrees.

This is my story.

Today is Sunday, Ye Chen's school and workplace is on vacation, yesterday Ye Chen is paying, today he intends to invite Yu Ting to go to Starbucks for lunch.

the salary from Ye Chen's part-time job was not too high. Every month Ye Chen had to eat ordinary food and sometimes eat leftovers at his part-time job, so that he could take Yu Ting to go to starbuck at the end of the month.

But today all the calls and messages sent by Ye Chen were ignored by Yu Ting, this was what made Ye Chen upset.

"Where's Tingting Going, Why does Tingting not want to answer calls from me" indeed in recent days Yu Ting often ignores calls from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the Clock on the cellphone that didn't look suitable for use, the digital clock was already showing at 12 noon, Ye Chen decided to go to look for food and drinks.

After leaving his rented house, Ye Chen went to a shopping center, Ye Chen headed to a simple-looking food stall, Ye Chen ordered food and drinks.

"Uncle please one fried noodles and one soda drink" after ordering food Ye Chen looked for a seat to wait for the food he ordered delivered.

Ye Chen saw the scene on the busy street "Rommm !!" A loud sound is the sound of a luxury car engine, a Bwm Sport with a price of hundreds of thousands of dollars through Ye Chen's view. Some people who are eating also pay attention to the arrival of this BMW car.

The BMW pulled over to the side of the road, when the door of the car opened, the figure of the woman Ye Chen knew came out of the car, it was Yu Ting his girlfriend.

A young man also got out of the BMW car, this handsome man with fashionable clothes and a cool hairstyle.

Yu Ting put her arm around the man's arm, and acted like lovers, Fools know what kind of relationship they have at the moment.

Seeing this, fire in Ye Chen's heart appeared, Ye Chen rose from his seat and approached Yu Ting and the strange man.

"Ting Ting! ! ! "When someone shouted her name Yu Ting turned around, seeing that the person who was shouting her name was Ye Chen, Yu Ting panicked a little.

Yu Ting immediately let go of her hand From the arm of a rich man "Ye Chen how can you be here" Yu Ting spoke with a little nervous.

Shouldn't I ask like that, who is this guy and why are you together with him" even though Ye Chen knew of Yu Ting's relationship with this man, but Ye Chen still hoped that his guess was wrong.

"Me. . . me. . , He is "Yu Ting Looks Nervous when Want to Answer the question from Ye Chen, Yu Ting does not know what to answer at this time.

"Ting Ting, who is he?" The man next to Asks Yu Ting.

"He, He" Yu Ting was a little hesitant to answer the rich man beside her.

"This person is my ex-boyfriend" Yu Ting had rounded her determination to follow this rich man and throw away Ye Chen who sincerely loved her.

When Yu Ting's words came out, the fire in Ye Chen's heart really exploded, Ye Chen was very angry at the words Yu Ting had just said to him.

"Oh so this is the Poor man you often tell me" The man beside Yu Ting looked at Ye Chen with an insulting look.

Ye Chen raised his hand and wanted to strike Yu Ting.

Seeing what Ye Chen would do, Yu Ting was afraid and closed her eyes.

Ye Chen really wanted to hit Yu Ting, but somehow he couldn't bear to do it.

"Yu Ting why are you doing this to me, say the reason you prefer him over me?" Ye Chen asked.

"You really want to know the reason, let me say, I'm tired of living poor with you, you can't buy me expensive clothes, jewelry and even expensive cellphones, but he" While pointing at the man next to her, "he can give what you can't give it to me ".

"But Tingting I have love for you, is that not enough for you," Ye Chen said.

"Nonsense, can love be eaten, can love buy me what I want? Yu Ting insulted Ye Chen with her words.

All the words Yu Ting stabbed Ye Chen into the deepest part of the heart, indeed Ye Chen was poor but Ye Chen always worked hard so that one day his life could change for the better.

"Good good, I will remember your words, I am Ye Chen is blind because I love a girl like you, from today our relationship ends, and never look for me again" Without waiting for an answer from Yu Ting, Ye Chen immediately left and left Yu Ting and her affair .

Seeing Ye Chen's figure disappear, there was a slight sense of loss in Yu Ting's heart, but it was only for an instant, Yu Ting immediately put her hand back on the arm of this rich man and walked towards the shopping center.

After leaving the department store, Ye Chen went under an old bridge on the outskirts of downtown, this place was Ye Chen's favorite place, Ye Chen often went here when his mood was sad or having a lot of trouble.

Listening to the sound of the flowing river water made Ye Chen feel calm.

Ye Chen began to ponder what happened today. His first love story had to fail. In this way, the woman Ye Chen loved turned out to prefer money over him.

Ye Chen closed his eyes and fell asleep, when Ye Chen woke up the sky It was Afternoon, Ye Chen began to accept what was happening today, Ye Chen decided to forget the memories with Yu Ting forever.

Ye Chen reached into his shirt, Ye Chen pulled out a necklace like Jade with complicated patterns and a red color like blood.

This is a legacy from his grandfather, said his grandfather is a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Ye Chen still didn't know the usefulness of this necklace and what secrets it contained, Ye Chen put the necklace into his shirt again.

Ye Chen hadn't visited Grandpa's grave for a long time, Ye Chen wanted to go home to his hometown, other than to visit his grandfather's grave Ye Chen wanted to relax the mind there.

Fortunately, the distance to the bus station wasn't too far, in just 5 minutes Ye Chen made it there.

"Cruuuuuuukkk ..." Ye Chen's bowels thundered "I forgot I haven't eaten anything from this morning" Ye Chen rubbed his starving little stomach.

Ye Chen went to buy some steamed buns and mineral water to accompany the trip.

Ye Chen sent a message to the homeroom teacher to ask for school leave for the next few days.

Ye Chen managed to arrive on time, the bus would leave immediately.

There are already many people on the bus, the bus will also pass through several other places and villages.

Because of the Little Boring Trip Ye Chen played the old school game on his cellphone.

Not feel The journey is almost at the final destination that is Ye Chen Village, at this time the only remaining passengers are only Ye Chen.

In a few kilometers the bus will reach Ye Chen village, but suddenly the bus is a little out of control, the bus driver is forced to pull aside his vehicle.

"What's wrong uncle? Ye Chen immediately asked

"I do not know, let me check what happened to this bus", the driver immediately went down and then checked what was wrong with his bus.

"How?" Ye Chen asked.

"Sorry, young man, the tires are flat and I can't continue the journey, I can only wait for someone to fix them tomorrow morning." The bus driver immediately apologized to Ye Chen with regret.

"You Can Sleep on the bus tonight if you want," the bus driver's uncle offered Ye Chen to sleep on the bus until tomorrow morning.

It's okay my uncle can walk, a few more Kilometers is the village where I live.

Ye Chen paid the fare of the trip and dropped off the bus, Ye Chen walked towards the village where Ye Chen lived, the road conditions were quite dark considering it was midnight, the lighting here was very minimal, very different from the city that Ye Chen lived in for 1 year.

Luckily, Ye Chen didn't carry a bag, so Ye Chen could run without fear of exhaustion.

Ye Chen ran for a few minutes. Suddenly the sky appeared. The figure of the old man was floating, the old man was wearing white clothes, all the white hair that the old man was wearing was all white.

Ye Chen was a Modern person and did not believe in ghosts, but seeing an Old Man floating above the sky naturally made Ye Chen afraid.

The figure in the sky suddenly approached towards Ye Chen, Ye Chen who saw this was very scared and ran as hard as he could.

This is my new book if there are any words that are wrong. Please let me know in the comments

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