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King of Chaos

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: RazaKarim
  • Uploaded by user386513
In the vast and boundless sky called Chaos, countless universes exist. Ye Xiao, who once rose from one of these universes, finds himself reborn in the mystical Land of Morning Stars. Blessed by the Morning Stars, Ye Xiao ascends to power once more and unravels the enigma of the Lotus of Chaos, an extraordinary entity concealing an entire universe w... 

Ch 1

It is the void, an endless dark void.

Everything was too calm here, so calm that it looked terrifyingly cold and gloomy. No one would want to stay in the void even for a minute.

But this is how the void is. A Void is called void because there is nothing here. It is an unwritten rule of the vast starry sky.

However, this rule was broken when a golden light suddenly flashed in the distance. This golden light seemed to be speeding in a certain direction at an extremely fast speed, so fast that it traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in an instant, and disappeared.

The golden light seems to have a fixed destination. It seemed to be going somewhere.


In the endless darkness, there was a huge piece of land.

Although it is called a piece of land, it was larger than any world out there in space.

There seemed to be an invisible layer of the barrier surrounding this piece of land, protecting it from the invasion of berserk Chaos Energy present in the void.

This piece of land is called the Land of Morning Stars. It was named like this because, in the entire Chaos, this is the only land where stars could be seen during the daytime.

Now there is a fun fact.

Beyond the Land of Morning Stars, there is nothing other than an endless dark void filled with berserk chaos energy. Nevertheless, for some mysterious reason, not only stars could be seen from this land, but they could also be seen during the daytime.

There are many empires, kingdoms, and countries in this piece of land, and there exist countless powerful forces.

However, the strongest of the forces in this land is called Illusionary Spirit Gate. This is a force that rules the Land of Morning Stars. Although this force never bothers to look at weaker forces or empires, there is no doubt those forces would pee in their pants if they even hear the three words "Illusionary Spirit Gate".


╠ Illusionary Spirit Gate ╣

The entire Illusionary Spirit Gate was decorated very profoundly, but the atmosphere of the entire Illusionary Spirit Gate was a bit gloomy.

However, there were also expressions of expectation, hope, and excitement on everyone's faces.

Every single member of Illusionary Spirit Gate knows the reason why though.

It is because the lady Ye Lihua was about to give birth to a child.

The Leader of the Illusionary Spirit Gate is a powerful person named Ling Wei Long. He has only one son, the future leader of Illusionary Spirit Gate, Ling Cheng.

Lady Ye Lihua is the wife of Ling Cheng. And now, she was about to give birth.

How could the Illusionary Spirit Gate not be happy? How could the Illusionary Spirit Gate not dance in excitement? How could the Illusionary Spirit Gate not celebrate such an auspicious event?

All they were waiting for was for Lady Ye Lihua to give birth.

It was at this moment dark clouds appeared in the sky, darkening the entire Land of Morning Stars.


It hasn't been even one minute before a giant golden hole suddenly appeared in dark clouds, causing the appearance of destructive golden lightning which crackled so loudly that caused the entire land to shake. A majestic stream of pure yet violent energy swept over.

The entire Land of Morning Stars was shocked. No one knew what was happening. Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky, fearing that something terrifying was about to happen.

In the Illusionary Spirit Gate, in a garden, a few people were gathered and happily conversing when the entire sky changed suddenly. Then a golden hole appeared and the dark clouds started rumbling with destructive golden lightning.

Leader Ling Wei Long, a middle-aged man who had mixed white and black hair, had a domineering aura exuding from his body. He seemed to be the type of person whose every movement was enough to tell others how shockingly powerful he is.

He raised his head high, looked at the dark sky rumbling with golden lightning that seemed to be capable of destroying the entire Land of Morning Stars, and spoke in a low voice: "Elder Mo, what do you think is happening? Don't tell me it is related to…"

Leader Ling Wei Long no longer spoke, but all the people gathered beside him immediately understood what he wanted to say.

"Father!" Ling Cheng looked at his father with a worried face but knew it was not his place to voice anything.

At this time, an old man stepped forward and observed the sky carefully. This old man was bald but had a long white beard. This made him look really strange. But the most noticeable thing about this old man was his pair of eyes. He actually didn't have pupils at all. His eyes were completely white. But even so, he seemed to be able to see everything.

After carefully observing the dark clouds rumbling with golden lightning in the sky, he started calculating something on his hand. After a while, a shocked expression appeared on his face, he said: "Leader Wei Long, it is as you have expected. It really is related to the child Lady Ye Lihua is about to give birth to. But it is not a bad thing. I have calculated that Lady Ye Lihua is going to give birth to a son blessed by Morning Stars. If he can mature, he will surely achieve something big, so big that the entire Chaos will admire him."

When Ling Wei Long heard these words, a smile bloomed on his previously serious face.

Blessed by Morning Stars… What does it mean?

Morning Stars is the name of their Land. Every Being of Chaos knows that every single Land in Chaos is sentient. There have been many people born in Chaos blessed by the will of the Land they were born in. They rose to prominence and became a mark for the people of their corresponding land, a mark that resides in their hearts, a mark that makes them feel proud, and a mark that makes their corresponding Land known in the entire Chaos.

And now, Ling Wei Long's grandson is going to be born with the blessing of Morning Stars.

How could he not be happy?

How could the entire Illusionary Spirit Gate not celebrate this day?

At this time, no one in the Morning Stars noticed a huge flower blooming beyond the golden hole in the sky.

It was the Lotus of Chaos, a flower that only exists in the legend and myth of Chaos.

Legend says Chaos was born from a humongous lotus that later was called the Lotus of Chaos. When Chaos was born, the lotus withered completely, but one of its seeds still fell in the Chaos.

However, this is only a legend. No one was able to find that seed. And as time passed, people's belief in this legend slowly became weaker and weaker.

Nowadays, only a few people believe in this legend.

No one noticed Lotus of Chaos blooming beyond the sky of Morning Stars, however, Morning Stars suddenly trembled. It was as if it sensed the presence of a terrifying existence, shuddering in fear.

Every single person in the Land of Morning Stars faced the greatest earthquake of their life at this moment.

Fortunately, everything was only for a few seconds. Morning Stars soon calmed down.

But its previous tremble caused Ling Wei Long and others to believe that the Land of Morning Stars was reacting to the birth of Ling Cheng's son who is about to be born.


The sky rumbled with the thunderous sound of golden lightning that produced many snake-like bolts which traveled far wide.

The Lotus of Chaos slowly started shrinking and very soon, it transformed into a small ball of light that shot at an extremely fast speed toward the huge mansion inside Illusionary Spirit Gate where Lady Ye Lihua was crying in pain, for she was in the process of giving birth.

Not everyone, but all the strongest people in the Land of Morning Stars noticed this ball of light shooting towards the Illusionary Spirit Gate. They were surprised and didn't know what happened, but they decided to know about it. Thus, all the powerful beings in the Land of Morning Stars immediately left their dwellings and flew towards the Illusionary Spirit Gate.

Leader Ling Wei Long, Elder Mo, Ling Cheng, and many other powerful elders of Illusionary Spirit Gate also noticed this ball of light falling from the sky and shooting toward the mansion where Lady Ye Lihua was located.

An excited expression appeared on their faces, for they thought this was the blessing of Morning Stars. A star fell from the sky and shot towards Lady Lihua's direction, causing them to misunderstand.

All the elders hurried over to the mansion.

No one noticed the huge golden hole closing in the sky. When the golden hole disappeared, the destructive golden lightning also disappeared and the clouds scattered away. The sky became clear once again.

It was as if the golden hole was a huge dimensional gate, opened especially for the Lotus of Chaos to enter the Land of Morning Stars. When the Lotus of Chaos entered, the purpose of the dimensional gate was fulfilled and so it disappeared.

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