Book cover of “Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself“ by Qiaoqiao

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Qiaoqiao
  • Uploaded by user712037
Qiao Xi's life was a labyrinth of rumors and misconceptions. Known as the frail, sickly daughter of the Qiao family, she was thought to be a burden—both financially and physically. But those who thought they knew her were in for a shock. Fed up with the falsehoods and her shabby treatment, Qiao Xi decided to rewrite her story. Her frailty was just ... 

Make You Regret Coming Into This World

At the Qiao family's villa.

Qiao Xi put her identity card and household register into her backpack. Finally, she glanced at the empty attic before turning to leave.

"Sister, must you register your marriage with Brother Ling?"

Qiao Rou stood at the door, her delicate face full of sorrow. She pulled Qiao Xi's arm and begged softly, "Sister, the Gu family is a big family with strict rules. You just came back from the countryside and don't know anything. Brother Ling doesn't like you, so you won't be happy if you marry him."

Qiao Xi instinctively stopped walking.

She was only marrying Gu Moling for the sake of fulfilling Grandfather's wish. As for whether she would be happy or not, Qiao Xi had never considered it.

Before she could say anything, she heard Qiao Rou scream in shock. Her frail body slammed against the metal gate with a bang. She reflexively held her stomach and looked up in disbelief. "Sister, why did you… I know you're jealous of my relationship with Brother Ling, but you're about to marry him. I won't go near Brother Ling anymore. What I said just now was to remind you that the Gu family isn't that easy to enter. You didn't need to get angry and attack me…"

A distance away, Gu Moling ran over. After helping Qiao Rou up with heartache in his eyes, he slapped Qiao Xi without asking any questions. "B*tch, you actually dared to push Rou Rou?! Who gave you the guts?!"

His slap was too forceful and five red finger marks instantly appeared on Qiao Xi's fair cheeks.

The sharp pain penetrated her mind and awakened Qiao Xi's senses that had yet to recover.

"I didn't push her."

No one listened to Qiao Xi's explanation. Mr. Qiao, who came out as well, knew that Qiao Xi wanted to get a marriage certificate with Gu Moling. He barked out, "What marriage certificate? Moling and Rou Rou are childhood sweethearts and they share a good relationship with each other. As the elder sister, what reason do you have to snatch your younger sister's boyfriend? Moreover, the Gu family has high requirements. You, a country bumpkin, will only bring shame to our Qiao family if you marry into their family. We've already decided that Rou Rou will take your place in marrying into the Gu family."

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand and gestured for the servants to bring Qiao Xi into the villa so that she would not continue embarrassing herself at the entrance any longer.

"You're letting her take my place?"

Qiao Xi took a step back to avoid the servants' outstretched hands and her gaze landed on Mr. Qiao, Qiao Rou, and Gu Moling. The corners of her mouth were slightly raised. "So all of you had planned this out since a long time ago and had an ulterior motive while I was kept in the dark? In the end, I was played by all of you?"

Mr. Qiao was dissatisfied with her attitude. "What are you talking about? Rou Rou was raised and educated by the family since she was young. She has a noble character and an elegant temperament. She's known as a genius young lady in Li City. How can a country bumpkin like you compare to her? We brought you back from the remote countryside to let you enjoy a life of luxury that you otherwise would never have been able to enjoy. What else are you not satisfied with?"

Qiao Xi tilted her head. "Didn't you bring me back because of the shares in Grandpa's hands?"

Grandpa said that after she got married, she would have 65% of Qiao Corporation's shares and become the largest shareholder of Qiao Corporation.

"Let me guess. Not only do you not want me to marry Gu Moling but you also want me to never marry anyone in my life. That way, I'll forever be under your control, right?"

Mr. Qiao's expression changed slightly.

Gu Moling lowered his head, seemingly deep in thought. He thought that getting 65% of Qiao Corporation's shares by marrying Qiao Xi was just a rumor…

Qiao Rou had been staring at Gu Moling's expression. When she saw that he was deep in thought, her heart tightened. Suddenly, she cried out in surprise and held her stomach. "It hurts, my stomach hurts…"

A pool of blood slowly spread from her lower body.

Qiao Rou panicked when she saw the blood. She grabbed Gu Moling's shirt and begged, "Brother Moling, save me, save our child…"

When the word 'child' sounded, everyone was stunned!

Qiao Rou said in a sobbing tone, "I'm sorry, Brother Ling, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hide it from you, but my sister wanted to marry you. I didn't want to hurt my sister. I just wanted to give birth to the child alone. At the very least, the child could be a token to remember our years of relationship."

Hearing Qiao Rou's words, Gu Moling's heart ached even more. He bent down and pulled Qiao Rou into his arms. "Why are you so silly? Our relationship has lasted for so many years and can't be destroyed by some marriage contract. Besides, even though you treat a certain someone as your sister, she has never done the same!"

Gu Moling's sharp gaze landed on Qiao Xi as he threatened her sinisterly. "You'd better hope that the child in Rou Rou's stomach is fine. Otherwise, I'll make you regret coming into this world."

After he carried Qiao Rou and left, Mr. Qiao came back to his senses and hurriedly chased after her.

This farce ended so abruptly.

The sun was scorching in the sky. Qiao Xi stood at the entrance and pondered for a while before leaving.

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