Book cover of “Legend of the White Haired Cultivator“ by Dumpling_Aunt

Legend of the White Haired Cultivator

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dumpling_Aunt
  • Uploaded by user630045
In a world where the advancement of science and technology has reached its zenith, who truly believes in things beyond science? Lim Su Ren, an ordinary university student, always held a belief in the existence of magic. One night, she encountered a strange bright star that changed her life forever. She discovered that her soul is millennia old, car... 

Chapter 1 Strange Bright Star

The mysteries of the world are countless which cannot be explained by science. There are so many stories about legendary figures and heroes in this world. We read it on storybooks and some are passed down to us from our grandparents orally from generation to generation, but how many of us belief in those myths and magics? Only a few belief in the existence of magic and things beyond science. Our main character belongs to that few populations who believe in magic and legends.

As a girl who believes in magic, Lim Su Ren spends most of her time reading fantasy genre Novels. When she was a kid she would spend most of her time pestering her Grandparents and other old people to tell her short fantasy stories.

It was a sunny day with clear blue sky, a young lady with her bright eyes was staring at the mountains from the small window. She was wearing a fiery red dress with a black coat draped on her shoulder.

Lim Su Ren," I wonder what lies beyond those mountains. If I have a flying sword like those main characters from the novel I would have already flown up there...uh..."

She sighed shaking her head and just when she was about to continue imagining flying on a sword, she heard someone calling her.

That was her cousin DaZi.

DaZi," Sis Su, where is the detergent powder?"

Lim Su Ren was rolling her eyes and shouted back, "I m about to go to church now why are asking me Detergent powder now, do I look like a shopkeeper of some retail shop."

She was angry because her imagination about flying on a sword was ruined by Detergent powder. (-_-)

Da Zi was dumbfounded and argue back," Sister, you were the last one to wash the clothes "

Lim Su Ren realized that she had used up the detergent powder so she took out some money from her purse and gave it to her cousin," okay..okay... don't shout just go and buy back one"

After chasing away DaZi, she also left for church.



Lim Su Ren was currently inside the church, she looked like she was listening attentively to the preaching but inside her mind, she was thinking....

' I will be completing my university life the next month and will be officially joining the unemployment category of the country's population. What should I do???'

She was currently so stressed about where to find a decent job. She will be turning 25 soon this year and had no idea how to be independent financially.

Lim Su Ren,' I just want to keep rolling on the bed and read a lot of Cultivation novels with no stress'

But she also knew that there is no free lunch in this world.

That night she didn't sleep well. After tossing around for some hours, she went out to watch the stars.

Lim Su Ren," Ah... the stars are so pretty, I wonder what lies beyond the vast and boundless sky.."

Just as she was taking her good time enjoying the stars, suddenly some new stars appear out of nowhere in the north sky and started to shine brightly forming a straight line.

Lim Su Ren, who was seating on a chair stood up immediately and started muttering, "What is this? what is happening? Don't tell me I m witnessing something magical...."

When she was in the middle of muttering those sentences, those eight bright new stars in the sky suddenly started to attract each other and formed a single bright star.

It started descending towards the north but the star abruptly started struggling as if it doesn't want to go down there but instead it shot out towards Lim Su Ren's directions.

Lim Su Ren was so shocked that her mouth was in a big O shape.

That bright star was coming towards her direction with great speed and within a blink of an eye, it reached her and shot straight into her glabella. All Lim Su Ren know was her vision turned white and her body felt cold as ice and soon she passed out.

In a different time and space.

An old man who had his eyes closed tightly for who knows how long suddenly shooked his body and opened his eyes wide as if he had witnessed something great and coughed out a mouthful of blood.


Lim Su Ren who had passed out after her strange encounter with the bright star started to regain her consciousness.

At this moment, all she could see were countless bright stars amid the darkness. And she was flying past those stars at a great speed.

To be exact it is her soul that was passing through time and space and not her physical body. After traveling through time and space for who knows how long, her consciousness started to fade again and soon she was unconscious again.


Azure Continent

Inside a luxurious manor, a weak girl with a small round pale face and hair white as snow was lying on an expensive wooden bed. Her skin was white as snow and although she looked to be around 12 years, with one look, anyone can say that she will grow up to become an exceptional beauty.

She was knitting her brows and was frowning as if experiencing something painful. She seemed to be struggling from inside and was sweating profusely.

After an hour, the girl slowly opened her pretty round eyes. Her body was drenched from sweating a lot but she doesn't seem to be aware of it.

She sat up and muttered, "Where am I ?"

That pale-looking little girl turned out to be Lim Su Ren. She was now in a different time and space. All thanks to that Strange Bright star.

Lim Su Ren looked around and found that she was now inside an ancient styled room. It looked luxurious and spacious. ' Where is this? Why everything here looked so ancient? '

So many Question marks started to pop up around her head. ?_?

At this moment, she suddenly started to feel dizzy as if the whole world was spinning. Something was going on inside her head, waves and waves of memories that don't belong to her started to fill her head.

After an hour of dizziness, Lim Su Ren was now sitting on the bed with both her arms hugging the bedpost with a lifeless face "_". She now had a clear grasp of what was happening. It turned out that she was now in a different time and space. She was no longer on Earth but was on the Eastern wind empire, Azure Continent. She was now inside the body of a sickly young girl who was the only daughter of the Marquis of the Eastern Wind empire. One thing they had in common was their name, both of them were called Lim Su Ren.

After sorting out all the information, she started to look around the familiar and at the same time not so familiar room of hers. Soon she found a bronze mirror on the dressing table.

Lim Su Ren picked up the bronze mirror and look at the pale face and said to herself," This face is not bad, it looked a little bit similar to my previous face. By the way, why do I feel like something is not right "

Soon she realized what was not right. Lim Su Ren Cursed out," Fudge !!! My hair, why is it Silver in color? According to the memory of this body, I don't recall having Silver hair. "

" What should I do? how can I explain this to my current family? "

"Is it because of my soul??? Damn !! that fudging strange star, this is all because of that fudging thing."

While she was cursing her heart out, a strange voice was heard out of nowhere.

" Hehe, you are correct. It's because of me"

Lim Su Ren, who was in the middle of cursing was stunned and started to look around and shouted," who are you? where are you hiding? come out this instant"

That strange voice calmly responded

" Host, why are you angry? I am currently inside your body"

Lim Su Ren Was dumbfounded, " What? inside my body! "

This is my first novel and I know I have a long way to go. So please support my work and corrections are always welcome because I m not perfect in English and in many other things.

Feel free to comment down your thoughts.

Thank you

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