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Leveling Up with My Pet

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Akiii365
  • Uploaded by user122423
Step into the extraordinary world of Liu Yong, where transmigration and leveling up collide unexpectedly. Imagine waking up one day to find yourself in someone else's body but with a remarkable companion. Liu Yong's mutant snapping turtle possesses the power to level up its features, unlocking incredible abilities that enhance Liu Yong's life beyon... 


"Unlock the power to change the world by stepping into someone else's shoes - literally! With the skill I gained from my leveling up pet, I discovered that by inhabiting another's body, you can transform both their world and yours. It's an experience that will leave you awestruck and empowered to make a difference."

The world here is called Huwa, constantly being invaded by different people moving and creating a lively atmosphere. There is also a presence of the classes, such as low, middle, and high, for everyone has different ways of living.

Liu Yong is a middle-class man who has embarked on a journey through time, retaining his name. Still, his soul transmigrated to someone's body in this world, and he identified himself as a recent university graduate who has been out of university for less than a year.

The individual body he currently occupied was dismissed ten days ago due to some error committed at work, and he had been actively searching for employment for a couple of weeks.

Liu Yong has only been in this location for a few hours, where he could acquire some memories of his current body or "Predecessor," whereby he has a little understanding of the world around him.

The current world of Huahai is somewhat similar to that of the world "Earth" from which Liu Yong originated. Numerically, the world is 80% to 90% identical to Earth's.

It features most things found on Earth, including familiar characters, though many countries have different names and borders.

For instance, Huahai City, where Liu Yong is situated, is considered a first-tier metropolitan area in the Yan Kingdom, one of the major nations on this planet.

"Come on! you will be able to apply Successfully."

Liu Yong said to himself as it had passed several attempts!

Unfortunately, Liu Yong's interview didn't go well, leading to feelings of frustration.

" OK! I still got the next chance !!'

To boost his morale, he silently encouraged himself and remained optimistic about a successful outcome in his upcoming interview.

Basically, Liu Yong aspires to secure a more satisfactory job opportunity in the future.

" Time travel is the main focus. Why does everyone else have cheats but not me? "

Liu Yong contemplated this problem for a long time after walking for a long time.

He has no golden fingers; nothing is successful whether he recites aloud, prays, or practices heart-centred meditation.

Golden fingers refer to some skills or talent in this world

" Perhaps there isn't a cheat at all! " - - - - Liu Yong remarkably exclaimed.

Liu Yong had no choice but to accept reality and walked along the street. He abruptly stopped as there was someone who also stopped.

"How about I sell you this snapping turtle, young man?"

Someone questioned him abruptly.

For the moment, Liu Yong remained in chaos, thinking,

" What the **** "

However, Liu Yong knelt and turned to face the snapping turtle because the man's clothing was in tatters and appeared somewhat pathetic. The man was indeed older than him.

To Liu Yong's surprise,

The snapping turtle was not gigantic but half the size of a palm.

After looking at it, Liu Yong said:

"Master, the snapping turtle is an invasive species, so you can't keep it."

" The assertion that raising a snapping turtle is impossible is incorrect. It is easy to grow, but be cautious when feeding it due to its tendency to exhibit aggressive behavior. "

The older man responded instantly.

Liu Yong looked at the man and then at the tiny little turtle with a confused expression.

" I am uncertain about the duration of his street squatting and whether he has ever sold a snapping turtle."

He thought in his mind.

Since Liu Yong understands the situation of every low-class and middle-class people's life, unlike the rich ones, he, with human thought, decided to buy a turtle from a man.

With some keen interest, Liu Yong asked:

" Master, how much is this snapping turtle? ".

The man replied: "My boy, just pay 30 yuan."

It was neither expensive nor cheap for 30 yuan in Liu Yongs' life.

Considering his advanced age, Liu Yong decided not to haggle and purchased the snapping turtle for 30 yuan.

He then placed it in a sturdy net bag.

Holding the snapping turtle in his hand and evaluating its weight, Liu Yong reflected that it likely weighed less than half a kilogram. He decided to keep it in a bucket when they returned home.

Liu Yong has not considered releasing the animal directly as he knows it is an exotic species and would harm the local ecosystem.

After taking a few bus stops, Liu Yong returned to his rental house.

Liu Yong placed the snapping turtle in a plastic bucket and checked his wallet.

He found that all his possessions were worth less than 200 yuan, and his mobile phone had more than 1000 yuan.

It would be best if you found a job. With such a small amount of money, you can stay in a big city like Huahai for at most ten days. In addition, you will have to pay the rent in ten days.

" I have XX. Others have golden fingers in time travel. Why don't I have anything? It's so hard."

Liu Yong said to himself.

As Liu Yong was thinking indignantly, he was suddenly brought back to reality by movement in the plastic bucket.

The snapping turtle was stirring, and Liu Yong was unsure if it was trying to escape or simply expressing hunger.

Liu Yong glanced around his cramped living space, equipped with a bed, a closet, a table, and a stool, and whispered to himself :

" Is this creature hungry? "

" Snapping turtles are omnivores, sometimes incorporating vegetation into their diet, but generally prefer a meat-based diet. "

Liu Yong thought in his heart to go down and buy meat, fish, and shrimp for it.

The bucket was sufficiently deep to prevent the snapping turtle from escaping.

Liu Yong stepped out and noticed a nearby vegetable market. He desired to purchase meat but found it too costly, at around 30 yuan per catty.

" Something is better than nothing! "

With this being said, he bought a dozen small fish.

As Liu Yong gazed at the small fish in the plastic bag, he pondered whether he had purchased too much.

It could only last him a few days. He had only intended to buy half, but the vendor had caught only a dozen, and it was only a few dollars, so he got all of them.

" I have heard that snapping turtles also consume carrion. I imagine this fish will have a different flavor after a few days, and the turtle shouldn't object,"

Liu Yong thought as he returned home with the small fish.

Upon arriving home, Liu Yong had intended to cut a portion of the fish into smaller pieces for the turtle's meal, as he was concerned about its ability to eat whole fish.

However, he realized he didn't even own a fruit knife, let alone a kitchen knife, to carry out his plan.

The fish Probably smelled, and the snapping turtle was a little uneasy again, stretching its neck long.

" Don't worry, I will give you fish immediately. "

Liu Yong soon chuckled to himself. He realized he was talking to some creature who didn't even speak and comprehend his language.

Liu Yong picked up a small fish and threw it into the bucket. The snapping turtle immediately revealed its voracious nature and swallowed the small fish in one bite.

" OH! WHAT THE ***k "

Soon, Liu Yong was a little dumbfounded.

"Wow, is this a snapping turtle?" "Is there such a fierce one?"

So many questions were raised in his mind.

The snapping turtle devoured the small fish in just a few bites, leaving Liu Yong surprised at its ferocity.

Although the fish weighed only about 30 grams, the turtle weighed less than 300 grams.

After being shocked, he saw the snapping turtle stretching its neck to express that it wanted to eat again.

Liu Yong chose a slightly bigger fish and threw it into the bucket.

The situation is still the same as the snapping turtle is like a reincarnation of a starving ghost, spitting and eating the little fish in just a few mouthfuls.


Liu Yong had never raised a snapping turtle, but he could know this snapping turtle was a little too fierce.

After feeding the two small fish, the snapping turtle stretched its neck again, indicating it still wanted to eat.

" What, you still want to eat!. Your body is not significant. Do you have such a big appetite? "

Liu Yong surprisingly said to it.

Looking at the small fish in the plastic bag, Liu Yong took another one and threw it into the bucket. The snapping turtle behaved as usual.

" Very vigorous "

Two, three, four, five...…..

The snapping turtle keeps on eating and eating.

After consuming five small fish successfully, the snapping turtle indicated it was satisfied and stuffed.

It no longer stretched out its neck for food, expressing that it was no longer hungry.

Liu Yong, who had been observing the turtle, was taken aback by its sudden change in behaviour.

He looked at the remaining eight to nine fish that he had intended to feed the turtle with disbelief state.

Liu Yong couldn't believe that the turtle had consumed so much food in such a short amount of time.

He stood there for a while, still in shock, unable to process what had just happened.

The sudden change in the turtle's behaviour caught him off guard, leaving him to reflect on the unexpected event.


" I shouldn't have bought this snapping turtle. It's so edible. The economy, which could be better off, will get worse.

Sloppy, really sloppy! "

Liu Yong couldn't help but keep on thinking about this matter.

Continue feeding in the afternoon after putting the remaining fish aside momentarily. On average, it will continue to eat throughout the afternoon.

There used to be some water in the bucket, but now the water is dirty, full of fish blood and some residues. So clean water has to replace it.

Liu Yong reached in, ready to grab the snapping turtle.



Liu Yong Cried out so loudly that it echoed through the entire room.


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